ZAKA mission to Haiti 'proudly desecrating Shabbat'
Amit Levy
Published: 17.01.10, 10:23
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1. A light to all nations
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.17.10)
ZAKA and the Israeli relief team show the beautiful face of Jewish tradition, of selflessly helping those in need, no matter what their religion is. Yeshar koah - you people bring great pride to Israel.
2. Haiti Zaka
Jacques Heller ,   Modiin, Israel   (01.17.10)
Kol Hakavod lahem! You make us proud of you and our being Jewish.
3. There is no Sabbath Violation
David ,   Jerusalem   (01.17.10)
Saving lives takes precedence over Sabbath observance. When one has an opportunity to save a life, and the deffinition is very broad, one is OBLIGATED to break the sabbath laws in order to do it. THis is Avodath Kodesh... Holy Work and those involved should be praised.
4. lol nice try ynet, you try to gett more readers
ghostq   (01.17.10)
shocking head line which not reflect the article so obvious, but the heart warming news about the efforts is very heart warming keep those news coming just drop the shoking jewish point if you want to shock the readers tell us about the sight and event that happend there like a father who holds his dead baby body cause she was crushed when the earth started to move, or the UN workers who lost their lives there. I know you can do better.
5. I'm so proud!!!
Jew ,   Israel   (01.17.10)
6. really nice story to read-so unlike YNET!
svietka ,   eli,shomron   (01.17.10)
7. Shocking
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.17.10)
I detect actual praise for the primitive, un-believing non-descendants of apes people in this article. Sending a single Torah believing Jew to do humanitarian work does more for Israel's image than all the 1000's of confused, pro-Arab Israelis Human rights activists pleading for the suffering pro-Jihad Arabs occupying Jewish land.
8. ZAKA and the team
mark ,   Israel   (01.17.10)
No language that I know of has the tools to adequately express the admiration and gratitude of everybody to these selfless, heroic and exemplary people. May you all be twice blessed and more.
9. True Judaism
That's the spirit!
10. Zaka should 've brought Kaporot Chickens to impress Haitians
Alan ,   SA   (01.17.10)
11. It's NOT desecrating Shabbat ! it's a SACRED duty
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.17.10)
Great JOB done by those FINE Israeli Jews .
12. We're proud of you, ZAKA.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (01.17.10)
Keep doing your holy work. And be proud of it - as you've said, human lives take precedence over Shabbat.
13. And THAT my friends is what Judaism is all about!
Talula ,   Israel   (01.17.10)
Religious men that went to Haiti to rescue distraught and desperate people, and who desecrated Shabbat to save lives, because they knew it was more important, no matter what religion or race. They are an awesome team who make us proud. It’s THEY who represent Judaism and everything it stands for. WOW! I have nothing but pure admiration and pride for those men. They bring tears to my eyes - I'm full of pride. Thank you!
14. Greatest Mitzwot Shabbat, in 39 hours…
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.17.10)
From initial notification of the earthquake disaster to 40 Israeli Tzah"l doctors treating the first patients--even giving their own blood--in the Tzah"l M.A.S.H.: pediatric unit, radiology, neo-natal unit, gynecology, ICU, operating room, lab, ER, etc. According to the commander, interviewed on Fox News, 15 hours to organize and get people & equipment on a plane + 16 hours flying + 8 hours constructing the M.A.S.H. and making it operational. That's a neis. America still hasn't been able to provide that kind of care (and certainly no other country). Kol ha-kavod. That's Torah at its best (and most highly respected by the entire world). Truly an Or la-goyim. Paqid Yirmeyahu Paqid 16, The Netzarim, Ra'anana, Israel Israeli Torah-reverer (& Orthodox Jew) Advocate for Logic as Hermeneutic Halakhic Authority
15. maybe they can make up for #14
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.17.10)
the lawsuit-threatening, gentile-hating, intolerance that people might confuse with judaism of such poseurs as the nutzarim. maybe it will give people a nice impression instead of the real, authentic historical judaism? we can only hope.
16. Bless YOU! And who's making sure this gets into
VK ,   Jerusalem   (01.17.10)
international press?!?
17. Torah law
Yonason Herschlag   (01.17.10)
According to the talmud and the Shulchan Auruch, desecrating the Shabbas in order to save lives is only permitted when saving lives of those who observe the Shabbas. And the reasoning put forth is that we desecrate one shabbas so that the saved person can heed many future Shabbasim.
18. May the Hand of G-d protect you and bring you strength to...
continue in your noble task! All honor to you!
19. Did you notice?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.17.10)
None of the international rescue teams speak Arabic
20. #4 You're a sad bitter LOSER
21. #11 to Charles the Catholic
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.17.10)
Ok,explain what is the meaning of Sacred.What do you mean by "SACRED duty". I want to listen the opinion of a so called "jew"about Jewish matters. What do you think is the meaning of consacrating Shabbat,and what is the meaning of desecrating it. You should know it as well as you know catholic matters,then we can tell you are an “objective”man.Otherwise,we will only aknowledge an schysophrenic prowling in this site.
22. A little humility needed
Resistor   (01.17.10)
Why can't ZAKA and the jews just quietly get on with the work that is needed, instead of shouting (typically) loudly, the fact that you are jewish. Who cares? As wasmentioned in the article "Why are you here?" As I mentioned yesterday, one of the principle reasons was to find other jews and give them Kosher food-can you believe that? So tell your propaganda department to get real, and if you can't behave like normal people, go back to Israel, and let the humans do the job that they are so capable of doing. Israel is a bad joke.
23. are ZAKA men observant to desecrete Shabat?
observer   (01.17.10)
If there is a choice between a Jew and a Gentile who are equally qualified, it is preferable that the Gentile provide the assistance. But if there is a choice between two Jews, it is preferable that the more observant of the Jews break the halakha for pikuach nefesh. of course, Zaka rescuers are more qualified and more observant. Ask the religious settlers for they are the ones who endanger Palestinian life, and usually do so on Shabat. But those are are mainly gentile blood and body parts which need to be collected.
24. Zaka 'proudly desecrating Shabbat'
David E Y Sarna ,   Teaneck, NJ USA   (01.17.10)
Zaka is NOT desecrating Shabbat. LeHalel is to make hol, everyday, rather than Shabbat which is "set-aside" for rest. Of course, this is according to the hala of pikuach nefesh and also of "mishum eva" and is sactioned by Rav Moshe Feinstein, of blessed memory. Also, to "obviate" is to "make unnecessary." Indeed, Zaka wanted to make it obvious that Israel was helping.
25. #15 mike
Israeli   (01.17.10)
Finally we have a good story here about Jews, there is no call to ruin it with sin'at hinam.
26. Rabbi Yeshua said it is lawful to do good on Shabbat...
Rivkah   (01.17.10)
Hospitals in Israel, police and the military as well as farmers who feed their animals do good on the Shabbat by working since harm would result otherwise.
27. 21
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.17.10)
so you listen to paqid about jewish matters, him being the chosen one for the jewish people? you're religious, so i would think you would listen to a tzaddik such as him, right?
28. Observer
Yaron ,   USA   (01.17.10)
You are disgusting Sir!
29. BBC features Israeli team in photos
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.17.10)
It was nice to see that BBC online news features an Israeli team in one of its pictures. We do this because this is the sort of thing we do, and because we are really good at it, but it's nice to get a bit of recognition.
30. ZAKA mission to Haiti
sol ,   ny ny   (01.17.10)
WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! desecrating Shabbat " with pride" ? next time they want your donation remember they are not a frum org. They are mechall shabos b’farhesya
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