10 detained in Yitzhar over mosque arson
Efrat Weiss
Published: 18.01.10, 08:35
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1. Well done our security forces
Avi ,   Israel   (01.18.10)
About time Yitzhar this vipers nest of criminal settler thugs was raised to the ground it seems that this is the only language these people understand, Well done to out security forces in dealing with these thugs.
2. More false charges by Barak.
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (01.18.10)
Barak is at war with the settler movement which will only make them stronger & more determined. Barak must fo before he causes civil war.
3. here's hoping they got the right ones & that they r punished
2 full force of law!   (01.18.10)
4. I take it that the arrest of the Kahane child was a MISTAKE.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.18.10)
Will this also be?
5. what we know
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.10)
Perhaps the carpet in the mosque was burnt by Jews, perhaps by GSS agents. Perhaps the arrest of children in Izhar was related to some crime, and perhaps it was Ehud Barak's attempt to get people forget that he is an accused war criminal. We know that it is illegal that "police" arrest children in such a way. We know that it was illegal for the police to steal cameras. This is apparently democracy under Ehud Barak. No wonder Goldstone called him a war criminal.
6. @2 must fo?
er der   (01.18.10)
huh? Does foing prevent civil war? `_*
7. They falsely arrested someone else last week
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.10)
And it also made headlines. But when they released him due to his air-tight alibi and their own lack of evidence (and he was an orphan whose parents and grandfather were murdered by Arab terrorists), it was buried in the back pages.
8. To # 1 - Avi
Hesh ,   Bet Shemesh   (01.18.10)
Your hatred for settlers seems to exceed your judgment - there was not one shred of evidence in this article, what makes you so certain they did this? A few weeks back they arrested Rabbi Kahane's grandson for the same thing - every newspaper wrote viscious attacks on him, but he was released within hours with a sound alibi, and not one shred of evidence - any papers print an apology, no, of course not. Have you ever been to Yitzhar? Do yo know anyone there? You generalize and condemn an entire town for what? Even if these 9 people were involved, so what. So now all settlers are thugs? Is every secular tel-avivan a rapist , robber and murderer? There are good and bad people in every population in the world. Those who break the law should be dealt with, but without branding and condemning anyone who may have something else in common with them.
9. more like House of Blair
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (01.18.10)
Since, like Blair, the common belief is to have a religion, Tony has been in two, that usurps the Yehudim's morashah.
10. teens, adults are beyond bar mitzvah age
observer   (01.18.10)
if they fight back during "action" in Mosque, it is mandatory to kill them, not scare, nor capture nor disperse. That's Islam.
11. police were hiding their identities
chava ,   yerushalayim   (01.18.10)
I read elsewhere that the police had their faces covered, ie were not identifiable. If the police were doing their job, ie arresting suspects, & if they feared for their lives (?) it might make sense to enter with weapons drawn, as I also read elsewhere. But why did they have their faces covered? (I assume they also had no name tags, but I don't know this.) Were they ashamed of what they were doing? Did they fear retaliation for what they were doing? These are Israel's police, not some underworld gang. Why would they feel a need to hide their identity? ... unless they were doing something they knew they shouldn't be doing. (One person arrested lost consciousness. Was such violence necessary? Were drawn weapons necessary? Michael Ben-Ari (or any other MK worth his salt), why not introduce legislation to forbid police or other public servants from doing their job without a name tag readable from a distance of a meter and their face showing.
12. #11
There is no need for legislation, it is illegal for police to hide their name tags. For some unknown reason, AG Menny Mazuz decided to suspend this law and allow YSM stormtroopers to hide their identities when acting against Jews.
13. #11
Jaz   (01.18.10)
Maimonides, in Hilkhoth Akum (X, 1) says: "Do not have pity for them, for it is said (Deuter. VII, 2): Show no mercy unto them. Therefore, if you see an Akum in difficulty or drowning, do not go to his help. And if he is in danger of death, do not save him from death.
14. What's going on with the freeze?
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem   (01.18.10)
15. Ask not for whom the police state toils
Ruri   (01.18.10)
it toils against thee
16. If they would have burned a shul, then
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.18.10)
burak and his pogromists would have done nothing. When we get a new government of Jews, then we can arrest and try everyone involved with harassing Jews in our liberated territories. All those that plot against Jews should be tried and lose their citizenship.
17. Unidentifiable policemen! Assume they are terrorists!
netahnel ,   jerusalem   (01.18.10)
No Tags and masks?? Citiyen faced by those guys should first assume that there are terrorists/criminals and flee or hold them on gun-point until proven otherwise. Even uniforms and cars can be stolen or abused. There should be more hidden cameras so that everything will be on the records.
18. To # 13 Maimonides 10:1
yoni ,   tel aviv   (01.18.10)
You totally took that one out of context. Rambam clearly states the 7 cananite nations you decided to ignore that part. that is how the christians bring proof for their new testament by taking things totally out of context. How could you publish something like that to try to mislead so many people?
19. To Avi the 'good' German
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.18.10)
Spoken like a true fascist. Last time they made arrests they abused an orphan. This time they just did a little pogrom and randomly destroyed property. Funny that in order to arrest suspects thought guilty of violating a mosque they have do 10x the damage to a yeshiva.
20. Read Yoel Meltzer's article
David ,   Netanya   (01.18.10)
In light of these events, I suggest to everyone to read Yoel Meltzer's article a few days ago on this site.
21. To Jason White, Afula, do you want me to count?
m   (01.18.10)
There have been synagogues arsons in Haifa, Ako, Lod (all with Arab population). Did we see such a burst of police activity when Torah scrolls were burned? No way, we are our own enemies, we don't need help from outside.
22. Much easier to burn synagogues, no one arrested ever
m   (01.18.10)
Lod, Haifa, Ako ... where is the rage of Avi?
23. #19
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.18.10)
Name-calling (such as "fascist") is usually the last refuge for people with low IQ. I guess that the price tag that you and the settlers, openly admit to exacting, will now be x100
24. Call it 'truth in advertising'
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.18.10)
George Orwell had it completely right. There is no difference between the stalinist the fascist brownshirt. You are a perfect example of that. Certainly the expectation that the police will a) follow the laws about their activities and b) show some proportionality are concepts too democratic for you and yours.
25. update
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.10)
Already four of the children who were brutally arrested have been released. No news whether the police intend to pay for the damage they did to property, including theft of cellphones. No one in the police has explained why children were illegally interrogated without the presence of an adult. No one in the justice department has explained why it was necessary for the YSM stormtroopers to hide their faces or attack the children with drawn weapons. Michael #23. Now you and Avi rejoice when Barak uses his forces against Jews. What will you say when the attack Israeli Arabs like you? What will Avi say when they attack the GLBT community.
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