Blockading the truth
Anav Silverman
Published: 20.01.10, 00:15
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1. I was reading the Amnesty and UN crisis reports...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.20.10)
...and instead of recapping their findings I am just sad. I am sad that Israel has become so broken that it could brainwash citizens into believe that Israel is doing it's part in Gaza. It is so so sad to see the claims of aid when the rights groups who actually provide it, and the United Nations provides 80% of the food aid, they are reporting enormous problems with Israel simply refusing to let aid come into Gaza in the amounts that they were PRIOR to the siege, not the cooking of the numbers that the IDF propaganda office provides. The Goldstone Report outlined the policy of collective punishment that Israel has inflicted on the Gazans since it began the vile siege, and one day the veil will come off, the denial in Israel of the truth will be penetrated, and people like Anav Silverman will be mortified that they supported pure evil. It is pure evil to starve Palestinians to elicit a political concession in favor of a brutal occupier. It is a crime against humanity. When I read through those reports I was sickened, but not nearly as much as I am by those in these pages who defend the indefensible. Is basic research into the facts beyond you people? Why are your claims contradicted by every objective human rights groups on the planet? Why are you lying to the world? Why are you starving the Gazans?
2. Blockading the Truth
Sarah Leah Lawent ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.20.10)
BS"D Bless Anav Silverman for exposing and revealing the blockade and the manipulation of these anti-Semitic dolts by the Arabs and the leftist leaning, INTERNATIONAL, press. One of the problems is, though, that folks want to read Haaretz and Ydiot, and the Huffington Post, and NYT, and LAT, etc - they want to puff up and ignore what happened and why it did. How do we solve that one? How can we force people to remove blinders?
3. no one criticizes muslims for being vicious
because they don't expect anything more from them. from Jews they are expected to be perfect, not to have any flaw, because they've 'been there' on the other side of things, so every little thing becomes an issue.
4. IL public relations has failed
Jhan   (01.20.10)
Dear Grape, public relations has failed - it doesn't matter what's on ynet or the jpost or even 'arutzsheva' - what matters is the mainstream media around the world, the lying BBC's of this world - most people just go by what they are told by these lying mainstream media. So they are unaware of the rocket attacks. Israel was so hapless under retard Olmert and imbecile Livni, and now we still have doddering idiots Peres and Barak, it's a disaster, these folks cannot communicate their way out of a paper bag.
5. Sarah Leah, you are commenting on "Ydiot"...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.20.10)
...no one involved in reasoned peace activism in the Israeli-Arab conflict that I can discern is being antisemitic, you are just making that up. The siege of Gaza is a terrible moral stain upon Israel. It is the Warsaw Ghetto without the trains. Can you not see that? If you read the history, and you know it, how you can you still post wrongly here? What happened to Never Again? Does this *really* only extend to just *certain* people? And not those dratted Ayrabs...?
6. The hatred in number three talkback...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.20.10)
...I gotta say, it's just so sad that Israel is at about 1948 still in real life terms. The racism is Strom Thurmond and Jessie Helms through and through. Grow up before it is too late. In fact, it might be too late already.
7. Hamas routinely diverts humanitarian aid.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (01.20.10)
After rebuking Israel for preventing humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza, UN officials were forced to cancel deliveries of aid into the Hamas-controlled territory after terrorists broke into a UN Relief and Works Agency warehouse and made off with 800 tons of blankets, food and other basic commodities to sell them to the highest bidders. Israeli officials have been saying all along that Hamas routinely diverts humanitarian aid. Fuel trucks destined for UNRWA warehouses were overtaken. A few month ago, It was reported that Hamas gunmen had hijacked more than 10 trucks destined for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society full of food and medical supplies. More at : http://xrl.us/beifk5
8. Talk to a brick wall
Sagi   (01.20.10)
it may even respond with a modicum of reason and logic.
9. Hedy Epstein
Alex Shilo ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.20.10)
As far as I read in the press, Hedy Epstein is NOT a holocaust survivor; she was in a children transport sent to England in 1938. Hedy Epstein spent WWII in England, the holocaust never reached her. My late friend John Melford, who reached the UK in similar circumstances and served later in the 1st British Airborne would never have dared call himself a Holocaust survivor. To me Hedy Epstein is no else than an impostor.
10. She is not a holocaust survivor ....she was never in a con
rachel ,   usa   (01.20.10)
concentration camp ...
11. Israel should have a real blockade
rachel ,   usa   (01.20.10)
...since they are accused of it anyway ...
12. #1 did the useful idiot say something meaningful ?
rachel ,   usa   (01.20.10)
13. to #6 yo American Palis r not a Race
ghostq   (01.20.10)
they don't even have collective history, they r British invention just like Pakistan. cause before 1948 jews were also called palestinians Israelis, and luckily Jews abandone this name cause It's a curse work. but I doubt it if you really follow the facts.
14. More obese kids than malnourished in Gaza
Maks ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.20.10)
According to a UN report about 1% of the kids in Gaza are underweight, while 16% are overweight. Actually, the situation improved compared to the last two years. http://unispal.un.org/UNISPAL.NSF/0/5E423F675C1CA8A28525761C00651777 Sure, life in Gaza isn't fun but this has nothing to do with the "Israeli blockade" but rather with Hamas' policy.
15. to #9 thank you for the info
ghostq   (01.20.10)
palis and lefties realy believe any nut case leftie who sell them lies.
16. bbsnews - PROVE it
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (01.20.10)
"Why are you lying to the world? Why are you starving the Gazans?" Humour us, SHOW all the IMAGES of "STARVING" gazans that SUPPORT your CLAIM. If you DARE. Or CAN. Or YOU are the LIAR.
17. #1- "United Nations...are reporting" (therein lies trouble)
That's your source?? If you believe anything that the UN is "reporting" is unbiased and evenhanded, then please do think again. In particular, I'm certain that it was the UN's Commission on Human Rights (the "new-and-improved" version of the UNHRC, now bought and paid for by the very powerful OIC -the Organization of Islamic Conference) that probably issued the report. Look it up. The OIC is a "permanent delegation" of this UN council. Human Rights Watch says that OIC has “fought" ('okay, you win') within the United Nations Human Rights Council to shield states from criticism, except when it comes to criticism of Israel. They have been well known to call emergency-sessions regarding Israel while turning a blind eye to the genocide of Darfur and many other of its member's states. Impartial source? I think not. Just because something looks official or reputable doesn't mean it is. No wonder your views are so skewed.
18. Note with interest that Michael Hess of
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.20.10)
BBSNews, has never once posted concern about the 8,000 plus missiles and rockets launched on Israel from Gaza between 2000-2008 nor has he ever expressed any concern about the thirty-seven deaths of Israelis caused by these attacks nor the wounded, some savagely, nor the considerable property damage nor the infliction of longterm PTSD on the civilian population including children. Michael Hess is all fired up by our surrounding of Gaza and by our defense of Israeli citizens, including the Bedouin who reside in southern Israel and were also targets of Hamas operatives. Michael Hess sure sounds passionate and concerned about the plight of Arabs in Gaza but has never shown any such compassion for Israelis. Comfortably ensconced in his little hobby farm in Monroe, North Carolina, residing with his partner, Kandy Ringer, and retired from his self-directed job as proprietor of (the former) BBSNews website, Michael, who has never even spent time in the mideast, is your "perfect" model of an armchair journalist and theoretical poster. Perhaps Michael would like to leave his comfort seat and volunteer for Haiti where he might really become effectual, even just loading and carrying water to those in need. Or, alternatively, he could volunteer for service in Gaza and see what the situation is really all about as did Amira Haas, reporter for Haaretz, before she was threatened by Hamas personnel and felt forced to escape, begging the IDF, whom she despised, to let her return to Israel on her way to her home in Ramallah.
19. #1 Palestinians aren't starving
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.20.10)
Gazans continue to have large families and women elect not to work showing no concern for the shortage of food or water. With unemployment at 65%, I would like to know why Gazans aren't growing their own food and sustaining themselves? Greenhouses were purchased for them. They smuggled millions of dollars worth of weapons into Gaza to make war with Israel when they could have brought in supplies to grow crops and raise food. The humanitarian aid continued even during the War in Gaza. The border crossings close in direct response to Palestinian terror. If Gazans expect Israel to help them, they, should cooperate with Israel and stop terrorizing Israel. The fact that apologists for terror like BS News refuse to learn the facts on the ground is not Israel's fault.
20. #18 - Go Robert, go Robert, go-go go Robert! Yeah! Thanks.
21. BBSNews - learn how to read. Pals guilty of war crimes.
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.20.10)
Anybody can take a single report and slant it to their biased view. Here are 3 reports by Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and Goldstone. They of course support my personal biased view. They are all very clear, very exact, and very specific: Palestinians commit war crimes. A simply extrapolation shows they have been committing war crimes for decades. Read on: 1) Goldsstone "From the facts available, the Mission finds that the rocket and mortars attacks, launched by Palestinian armed groups in Gaza, have caused terror in the affected communities of southern Israel and in Israel as a whole. Furthermore, it is the Mission's view that the mortars and rockets are uncontrolled and uncontrollable, respectively. This indicates the commission of an indiscriminate attack on the civilian population of southern Israel, a war crime, and may amount to crimes against humanity." HUMAN RIGHTS IN PALESTINE AND OTHER OCCUPIED ARAB TERRITORIES Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict "... the report contains the clearest finding that Hamas and other militant Palestinian groups committed serious war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity. The acceptance of those findings by the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly has been ignored completely..." Richard Goldstone, Interviewed by Ha'aretz, Nov 13 2009 2) Human Rights Watch: Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups have frequently violated the laws of war by firing rockets from within populated areas. Leaders of Hamas and other armed groups have publicly expressed their intention to target Israeli civilians... Even assuming the rocket attacks were intended as reprisals for Israeli attacks that killed and injured civilians, they still are unlawful under the laws of war. Hamas and other armed groups have publicly taken responsibility for a large number of rocket attacks on civilians in Israel, including the three fatal attacks on Israeli civilians documented in this report. Leaders of Hamas and other armed groups have publicly expressed their intention to target Israeli civilians, seeking to justify their attacks as lawful reprisals for Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians. Hamas leaders have also claimed that rocket attacks against Israeli civilians are justified by the "right to resist" Israeli occupation. Such statements, in the context of deliberate or indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians documented in this report, are evidence of war crimes. Hamas authorities have not, to the knowledge of Human Rights Watch, held to account any members of Hamas or other armed groups in Gaza for unlawful rocket attacks against population centers in Israel. 3) Amnesty Intl: "Whether or not attacks actually result in civilian casualties, they are in violation of international law, which also prohibits attacks aimed at spreading terror among the civilian population. The patterns of attacks and statements by members and leaders of Palestinian groups also indicate that they have no qualms about launching attacks against civilians and that they in fact carry out such attacks intending to kill and injure Israeli civilians. Such attacks constitute war crimes." Amnesty International report:ISRAEL/GAZA OPERATION ‘CAST LEAD’:22 DAYS OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION
22. very good article
jonathan ,   usa   (01.20.10)
shows the perpetual flaws in the "palestinian cause."
23. Rachel, Kidertransport kids not Holocaust survivors?
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.20.10)
That's pretty damn disgusting of you to write. Same for the others denigrating Hedy. You should be deeply ashamed and you should issue an apology immediately to Hedy Epstein and ALL of the other Kindertransport kids. What kind of monstrous human being can you be to write such monstrous things about a Holocaust survivor who is doing the right thing? Hedy is worth ten thousand wingnuts. Do you know a damned thing about here history prior to and after the war? I am amazed at the ignorance.
24. anonymous, about the United Nations...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.20.10)
...feel free to dispute their reports all you want. Between them and the other NGO's and human rights groups, the verdict is unanimous when it comes to Israel's atrocities in the territories. But you would need facts to do so, and you don't have any. The world believes the United Nations, and the world knows that Israel routinely lies, it's called hasbara. Anonymous wingnuts who defend the indefensible are nothing more than infantile cowardly monsters.
25. The B.S.News troglodyte (#1) just doesn't get it.
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (01.20.10)
"I am sad that Israel has become so broken that it could brainwash citizens into believe that Israel is doing it's part in Gaza. " [B.S.News] What's really "sad", Michael, is your ignorance. Indeed, it is YOU who has "brainwashed" yourself into believing that there is any "siege" or "starvation" going on in Gaza, where there is none. "The Goldstone Report outlined the policy of collective punishment that Israel has inflicted on the Gazans since it began the vile siege, and one day the veil will come off, the denial in Israel of the truth will be penetrated, and people like Anav Silverman will be mortified that they supported pure evil. " [B.S.News] The Goldstone Report was/is a sham, and even our own State Department has recognized it as such. It, like you, is an insignificant piece of trash that is going nowhere. "When I read through those reports I was sickened, but not nearly as much as I am by those in these pages who defend the indefensible." [B.S.News] Sickened, are you? Now you know how WE feel when we read your anti-semitic garbage 50 times a day on a dozen different websites. By consistently attacking Israel in every blessed posting, without ever recognizing that Israel has been under attack by its 'wonderful, peaceful, tolerant' Arab neighbors since its very first day of Statehood, it is YOU who "defend the indefensible". Perhaps the reason you consistently side with the 'wonderful, peaceful, tolerant' so-called "Palestinians" is that you have so much in common with them. They, like you, are not interested in working or otherwise contributing to their own or society's welfare. They, like you, waste their lives away by languising in their hatred of Israel/Jews. P.S. You've been spewing your crap about how Obama will be soon be cracking down on Israel now that his Health Care agenda is essentially 'in the bag'. Have you been watching what's going on out there? Have you noticed what went on in Virginia, New Jersey and (just yesterday) in Mass.? The Health Care Bill is history, my Jew-hating troglodyte. And your much-adored 2-bit Muslim community organizer ain't far behind. I'll be very surprised if the putz is allowed to finish his one term.
26. Too bad we don't have a blockade going
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.20.10)
We should actually do since the 'world' pronounce us guilty regardless of the facts. We certainly can see where BS News gets his information - the UN and AI. Both of which have a LONG history of lying, just like BS News. The truth is blockades are legal, that is in the Geneva Convention. Go ahead and try and challenge that. The claims that we are 'occupying' Gaza is refuted by the Geneva Convention. The UN Charter gives us the right to decide if we supply anybody with anything. Those are the facts, but BS News ignores uncomfortable facts and laws when they actually apply.
27. :: Setting record straight
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (01.20.10)
This probably had something to do with the documented war crimes that Israel committed in Gaza. Lets see: 1) Israel controls the entire costal region 2) All the air space 3) All travel/entry points & into Israel/WB/etc 4) All imports & exports (including Humanitarian aid) into Gaza Sounds like a siege to me, nothing ‘supposed’ about it. The entire population of Gaza (half of whom are children) is being collectively punished (a War Crime) by Israel because Israel is targeting Hamas. And why, pray tell, do these rocket strikes take place?! Could it perchance have anything to do with the brutal occupation and suppression of the Palestinian people, their rights and their land by Israel? What is ‘absurd’ is that Silverman does not mention that the Palestinians did not need ‘humanitarian aid and goods’ before Israel started a decades long occupation and suppression of Palestinians and their land! <“The IDF invested major resources to enable the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip” stated Col. Moshe Levi> Clearly demonstrating that Israel controls all imports/exports/humanitarian aid/etc. Obviously Israel is not the ‘sole’ cause/factor behind the current situation regarding Gaza however Israel *is* responsible for the current siege of Gaza. Egypt is not controlling the air space over Gaza, nor the coastal region, nor travel between Gaza and the WB etc. In short the only country that is applying a siege on Gaza is Israel however it does have help from Egypt. The Gaza Freedom March convoy, which was delayed/attacked/etc by the Egypt Gov/police, spent days trying to enter Gaza. The Egypt Gov could not keep them out altogether and eventually they were suddenly allowed in at night/during the early hours hence most Palestinians were asleep. I agree. Gaza/Hamas does need to be reunited with the WB/Fatah. Hamas bears a clear responsibility to act for the greater Palestinian people (ie: in the WB/Diaspora). However any failing by Hamas (including committing war crimes) does not negate the fact that Israel is collectively punishing an entire population (a War Crime to remind people) as it continues its containment and war against Hamas. Anav Silverman does not spend effort disputing the Israeli siege of Gaza but rather focuses, at length, on an Aid Convey which was attacked and purposely delayed by Egypt for days before it could bring relief/aid to the people of Gaza. Regardless Israel is the prime instigator of the Gaza Siege/Ghetto and will be held accountable for its utter disrespect of basic human rights. Israel is no longer a tiny nation of Holocaust survivors menacingly outnumbered by hostile Arab nations but a nuclear armed belligerent occupying power who is committing an ongoing war crime by collectively punishing an entire populace for the crimes of a few.
28. :: Note of interest - Robert Haymond
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (01.20.10)
It is highly amusing to see Robert Haymond try and berate someone else for the very failures he himself embodies! Can anyone recall Robert Haymond expressing concern for the innocent victims of the brutal Israeli occupation or condemnation of the IDF for killing and maiming thousands of Palestinian civilians? No. Can anyone recall Robert Haymond acknowledging any of the many IDF war crimes? No. Can anyone recall Robert Haymond refusing for months to answer the following direct question: “Do you agree that the IDF have committed a War Crime by using Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields”? Yes. People like Robert have no substance; they cannot discuss matters directly, at best they can only try and defame other people they disagree with because they cannot acknowledge or discuss any matter that would burst their tiny bubble of self-ignorant reality. Unlike poor Robert BBSNews can discuss any matter, he can answer direct questions and above all, unlike Bob, BBSNews is objective and honest. Yes Bob these are all terrible acts of ‘terror’ and can be classed as war crimes. Bob 37 deaths (however tragic) over 8 years is pittance compared to the *thousands* of Palestinian civilians killed/maimed/traumatized/made homeless and destitute/collective punished and denied basic human rights over the same period. That’s right Bob any objective person looking at the conflict can clearly see that between the two sides (Israeli/Palestinians) the Palestinians have been the ones who have suffered the most, the side that has lost the most, the side with the greater death toll, the side that is occupied/oppressed and denied basic rights. However Bob you go ahead and ignore all this greater suffering/injustice/war crimes/etc, we understand why you cannot face reality and acknowledge the IDF war crimes. In fact I think most people here understand that you are incapable of objectivity and honest discussion. Of course if anyone is on doubt they just have to watch you ignore and refuse to answer the following question yet again: “Do you agree that the IDF have committed a War Crime by using Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields?”
29. Where's Gaza?
J ,   Tel Aviv   (01.20.10)
It's not in Israel, it's not Egypt...ask yourself: it's put things in perspective and allow to better understand the insecurity felt by the millions of stateless people in the occupied (for over 40yrs) territories. Something has to change: whatever happened before ISN'T WORKING!
30. BS News #24 LOL
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.20.10)
I dispute every single UN report. They are based upon lies. People like Falk lies, how often? Only every single statement he has ever made. Something that you have never managed to produce is one single legal Arab claim to any land west of the Jordan. Neither can the UN. And the fact is there is no such treaty or law. Those are facts - and your arrogant lies cannot refute that. The UN like you routinely lie. You routinely defend terrorist. By the way terrorism is a war-crime and every single mortar and rocket attack is a war-crime. So when is the US going to end it's occupation and embargo? Or are you going to continue to claim just because there are over 10,000 US troops in Cuba that you are not occupying Cuba again?
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