Livni says willing to face arrest over UK warrant
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 19.01.10, 08:09
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zionist forever   (01.19.10)
It will be the kindest thing the British could do for Israel. The amount of damage she & Olmert did to this country when they were in power she deserves to be sent to prison,
2. How hypocritical she cancelled a trip to the UK
jason ,   haifa israel   (01.19.10)
When it turned out Brown was out of the country adn she couldn't meet with him and get immunity she cancelled the trip for fear of arrest. So she isn't being honest hear because she cancelled the trip when it turned out she would have been arrested.
3. I can hardly wait
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (01.19.10)
I can hardly wait, although in this case, Olmert gave the orders.
4. over-optimistic about international "justice" system
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.19.10)
sure, she'd get a show trial hearing and present her case just before the predetermined guilty-because-israel verdict is issued. facts and morality will not be of any help because the blind hatred that drives liberal institutions these days.
5. Livni put your 'words' where ur mouth is.
Yunan Amram ,   Israel   (01.19.10)
If you mean what you say, then go to the U.K and surrender to authorities and let the truth come out.
6. Shame on you both, #! and #2
Steve ,   USA   (01.19.10)
Here is an Israeli Woman, a patriot and a high ranking member of the Israeli Gov. (You do not have to like her personally) ,willing to take this chance , if only to make a statement that Israelis are moral and humane people. It's time that this debacle that is Modern day Europe make a stand. The realization that they are cowering to their Arab populations instead of retaining their own Western and free identities. I am not a supporter of Kadima, I support the Likud Government in fact, but under no circumstances will I embarrass this woman in front of the rest of this world as you #! and #2 are doing, This column is read by many world wide and you two are embarrassments. When we go to war do you rally together and stand as one Jewish people? Grow up and realize that you are hurting our people when you make idiotic comments like you both have. I usually just shake my head when idiots speak here, but this is too much!
7. British courts have no jurisdiction over any Israeli
If any British judge has the nerve to arrest an Israeli based on political charges, that would be a hostile political move, and potentially an act of war.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (01.19.10)
Tzipi is full of hollow promises and hot air. I would love to see her get arrested.
9. #7- The law is very explicit in this regard
Ibrahim ,   Ankara, Turkey   (01.19.10)
When you are in a foreign sovereign country you are subject to their laws and jurisdiction. If you do not want to be, it's simple, don't enter their jurisdiction. Furthermore, any nation can arrest and try individuals accused [emphasis added] of crimes against humanity. This is part of International Treaty law and International Customary Law.
10. If Britain keeps this up we ought to put the
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.19.10)
whole island on a war crimes list. The British have systematically started wars all over the planet. Throw them in jail for all the atrocities they committed. Britain didn't exist until the people on the ships started throwing their garbage overboard into their backyards. The whole island just showed up after all the sh*t they did to other countries was thrown overboard in their backyard.
11. Right on baby, pink handcuffs are waiting
Tim ,   America   (01.19.10)
12. Not Only Livni
Steve ,   USA   (01.19.10)
All Israeli leaders, war criminals, like Netanyahu and the terrorist Avigdor Lieberman, Olmert, Peres, Ashkenazi, and every political and military leader involved in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians should be brought to justice. Occupation is a Crime aagainst humanity , settlements are war crimes
13.  I dont believe yu:(
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.19.10)
Be a real woman, and "Do it, Ms. Livni
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (01.19.10)
Livni would never put her money where her mouth is ."ALL MOUTH AND NO TROUSERS."
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katrina ,   US   (01.19.10)
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16. Not too late Livni....
Marco ,   Spain   (01.19.10)
You can still surrender to British authorities, and let the truth come out. That is if you are innocent and have nothing to fear.
17. #7 "British courts have no jurisdiction over any Israeli"
Marco ,   Spain   (01.19.10)
Sorry, but you are misinformed. Any court in the world has Jurisdiction to try war criminals. This Jurisdiction is given by the U.N.
18. Livni
nadia ,   Israel   (01.19.10)
#12. If you feel so strongly that occupation is a crime against humanity why aren't you out demonstating against Turkey's occupation and settlements in Northern Cyprus? Or did you just forget?
19. #18 nadia, Palestine
Marco ,   Spain   (01.19.10)
Sorry Nadia, but there are no Turkish settlements in Northern Cyprus. There was a civil war in Cyprus back in the seventies and the Island was divided as a result between its Greek and Turkish Cypriots. There are illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem that need to be dismantelled though!
20. as they say in Arabic
Marvin ,   Rehovot   (01.19.10)
Kulo kalb tiji yumo Every dog has it's day And it is the day for Olmert and Livni to be behind bars where they can no longer harm our State
21. #6- You support Likud?
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.19.10)
How, with a vote? Do have Israeli citizenship, and fly here for primaries and elections? Through donation? Anyway, you and Livni should both just shut up! No one over needs to hear your opinion or what you support, doofus.
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.19.10)
The many, many Members of the Turkish military in Cyprus are TURKISH, go do some reading, there might not be "settlements", but there are military bases full of Turkish troops, who are not in any way indigenous to Cyprus. Turkey invaded in 1974, Turkey currently has at least two divisions in Norther Cyprus, not to mention Air Force and Naval elements stationed there as well. The UN Security Council has called for Turkey to remove these forces. Marco, your just a sad Tb troll, and a dummy.
Alan ,   SA   (01.19.10)
There are no Tukisk settlements in North Cyprus BECAUSE the Turks invaded the whole place and kept the whole of North Cyprus and settled the lot.
24. Yes please, lock her up and throw away the key!!! Hope she
has a lengthy trial! ,   Ari, Israel   (01.19.10)
25. #21
Steve ,   USA   (01.19.10)
It's called, Gdud 202, hativah 35, Tzomet Nefach. Teranut bi Sanur 1975. VeEffo ata haita uz, tembel? Translated: 202nd Para battalion, 35 division stationed (among other places at Tzomet Nefach and Basic training at Sanur in 1975, where were you Idiot?
26. I am not Steve of #12
Steve ,   USA   (01.19.10)
I'm Steve of # 6 and Gdud 202. Not the idiot with "not only livni"
27. #25
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.20.10)
Yeah, yeah, I'm a war veteran too, so you still didn't answer my question, how do you support Likud? I was a US Marine, who served in Iraq than moved to Israel. I support Ichud Leumi, specificly the Hatikva Raising awareness, educating, attending the primary, voting, being involved with party events etc. You left, take your opinions with you, you don't support Likud or anything here, end of story, thanks for your service though. I do generally have the highest respect for Paratroopers or anyone who has served, but your just a loud mouth, ass of a former Israeli, a member of the great reverse Aliyah, you voted with your feet, bye.
28. #27 Brian
Steve ,   WI. USA   (01.20.10)
I'm an American Brian and I moved to Israel with my folks in 1972, they stayed, I came back when I finished the service. I drive a semi for a living and work very hard so that I can afford to visit Israel and my family once a year. I technically have dual citizenship. What I want to get across to some of you, is that when an Israeli steps out of the country or is viewed by people outside the country (Israel) We are one people, OK. When you let your hate get in the way of world perception, it does not help Israel. It helps the enemy. It tells them that we are like them. They all hate each other.
29. Why Talk to Amanpour?
Eric R. ,   NJ, USA   (05.03.10)
Nobody in the USA watches her (or CNN) for that matter. And now that the Iranian propagandist is going to ABC, nobody will watch her there, either.
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