Anti-Semitic video against Israel team in Haiti
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.01.10, 00:35
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1. soon we will lose america too.
yacov ,   israel   (01.20.10)
we are cursed.
2. i can only pray that noone even sees fit to add a talkback t
oferdesade ,   israel   (01.20.10)
3. Sue him for what little he's got
Meir   (01.20.10)
Yair Lapid said this should happen. I'm sure there are a ton of lawyers in the U.S. who would take the case pro bono.
4. Boy Arab Propaganda Money Knows No Bounds!
E ,   United States   (01.20.10)
5. Damned if you do damned if you dont
Al   (01.20.10)
You are dealing with sub human anti-semites. Whatever you do will never ever satisfy this dreck. We seem to believe that if we are good then surely everyone is good. Well guess what its not so.
6. loseing america
Leonard ,   la.usa   (01.20.10)
This may be true since we have a black president who says this is no longer a Christian nation and said Israel is an occupyer nation. But rest assure there are many Christians who love the people of Israel and will stand by them.
7. Ok. Take it easy
Paul ,   Florida   (01.20.10)
Settle down. The man is a publicity seeking jackass. No serious poster will have anything positive to say about it. Yacov, it will take a lot more than this to lose you America. But WAKE UP, Israel must stop taking American support (including Jews) for granted. Israel's actions speak louder than words.
8. Why?
Aryeh G. ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.20.10)
Ironically, Ynetnews's publication of this article has provided this uneducated fool with more publicity.
9. Blood libel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.20.10)
Nothing new under the sun. Leave it to the trash to spew garbage. The Jewish people have heard "I have nothing against Israel; I have a lot against Zionism" too many times to count. The Jewish people continue to thrive, Israel continues to thrive. We continue to rake in Nobel prizes; Israel continues to lead the way in so many technological, medical and other developments. Israel is here to stay. Eat your hearts out, Jew haters and Israel haters. Am Israel chai v'kayyam.
10. Idiot!
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (01.20.10)
Once they get the organs what are they doing with them? Putting them in coolers and flying them out? From what airport? What a freakin idiot!
11. yacov, you're already losing Americans...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.20.10)
...the problem in this case is that there are far to many instances that are true as compared to instances that are not true. When Israel refuses to honestly, transparently, and non-militarily, investigate things like shooting civilians carrying white flags, shooting white phosphorous shelters, the IDF using human shields, destroying practically irreplaceable civilian infrastructure and many other breeches of international law, people with their own agendas will be able to exploit Israel. Israel could mitigate the occurrence of these types of stories, and certainly ignore them, if it simply lived up to its obligations under international law. When people do a Web search, they will come across many legitimate groups that are truly involved in peace activism in the Israeli-Arab conflict, and they catalog Israel's very real and widely reported actions. And now in those results yet one more baseless accusation - yet it will be among thousands of valid, documented events. Sadly, because Israel does not conform to international law, nor are its IDF "investigations" taken seriously at all, the PR image that the world sees winds up adopting these as well. Why not choose peace instead?
12. Why Y NET gives platform to any Jackass who hates israel?
Robin   (01.20.10)
13. prostitute seeks arab money
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (01.20.10)
He is probably being financed by saudis who finance most anti israeli blood libels. They have now bought fox news.
14. # 1 yacov
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.20.10)
No Israeli s not cursed ,America is CURSED for assuming to carve up Israel and Jerusalem. Israel need God ,not America. And this evil devious liar West has brought a curse upon himself by libel,slander. Genesis 12:3 Israel is blessed,her foes are cursed by God . Someone should sue T. West .
15. Palestinian harvesting false?
Singer ,   NYC USA   (01.20.10)
While his approach is wrong, it's difficult to get support for Israel when the facts are that Israel already admitted to organ harvesting in the 90s "before there was any clear guidance" on the matter. This practice was later discontinued. In addition, the scandal in the USA didn't help either. Now any idiot can come along and accuse us of wrongdoing because in the past we were caught doing and then tried to cover it up.
16. It is new anti-somatic tactic and it is hate and jealousy
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (01.20.10)
Once they used to blame the Jew that they kidnapped young Muslim or Christian for to use their blood to make Matza for Passover and recently that story have become old and most of educated nations dose not believe on that ,and now the Arabs by the support of Sweden anti-somatic journalist have invented other tactic which is there were not any proof of that and, fortunately we are living in 21 century that we can bring every thing to the justices and it a time that U.S authority to arrest this guy and will be in the jail until he will proof that one Israeli solder have steal and human organs ,by the way the group that were selling in new jersey the human organs they were importing from China and that was absolutely not related . Ynet would you please stop your censorship.
17. Yakov @ 1, you will not lose friend.
leo ,   usa   (01.20.10)
Well, unless you consider anti-Semites to be your friends. No need to whine.
18. Yacov
Bryan ,   Vermont   (01.20.10)
Israel is not cursed. You are blessed. You are under the wings of God Almighty. This world turns against you and hates you because you belong to God. The fact that you exist proves that God exists. He is working out His will in you and no hand of man is going to be able to stop Him. You do not need America or any other nation on this earth. You are under the divine protection of the Creator of this universe.
19. # 1
Sonya ,   Houston, TX   (01.20.10)
No you won't. This guy is a loon!
20. get after his bastard with evrything we have not just poven
ralph   (01.20.10)
but get him in every which way including legal, financial, make a laughing stock of him hound him to the ground
21. Hardly surprised by that knucklehead in Seattle
Cameron ,   USA   (01.20.10)
As I've posted a couple of times before on YNET, the black community here in the States has, in a broad, general sense, truly turned it's face away from Jews. The old, traditional alliance of past decades is stone dead. The Jewish community is now seen as part of "the problem", and serving in the role of "the oppressor" by a great many blacks in the US. I kid thee not, and you would do well to take note.
22. Israelis stealing body organs
steve ,   Nanaimo, Canada   (01.20.10)
"T. West", is an obvious coward who is not using his real name to disguise his incindiary, racist, worthless rants. You abet his pathetic nonsense by giving him a forum!
24. how disgusting
rachel ,   usa   (01.20.10)
25. Seattle? No surprise here
Myron Ernst ,   usa   (01.20.10)
Though I do not live in Seattle, I have many Jewish relatives there, and have been there a number of times. I also keep up to date about what's happening there. It is important to understand that Seattle has lots of very rich people--more millionaires per capita than most (or any ) other American city. It is among the most Leftist, extreme Liberal cities in the US. Why, you ask? Answer: too much money, too much of the easy life (without much crime) a very large portion of the population lives in a dream world. Kooky extreme liberal activism is the name of the game in Seattle.
26. What A Bunch of Harmful Nonsense -
Christy ,   Boston, US   (01.20.10)
If you have a Youtube account - watch, rate, and comment. Don't allow what this man has posted to go unanswered.
27. Israel releives sufferring in Haiti
sheryl ,   edmonton canada   (01.20.10)
We should all go on You tube to have this digusting video taken off and refer people to this story by a respected news organization.
28. CNN Cohen the B****
Scott ,   Cleveland /ohio   (01.20.10)
she spend most of her time in Haiti in the IDF tent and she interviewed only the jewish doctors from the american missions .. she is making America looks very bad . she is making CNN look very Biased (Between her and larry king and wolf Blitzer ) Americans really started to ask the Big Question here .
29. #1 Yacov
mendy ,   Kiryat Gat   (01.20.10)
G-d forbid! We are not at all cursed, it is teh sons of Ham, Canaan, Yishmael and Eisav that are cursed. This is part of Hashem's plan to devoid America of any additional reward it may have earned for helping us. Moshiach is on his way, we are destined to stand alone while Gog and Magog surround us. America will pay for it's misdeeeds as well as the rest of the nations as they represent Edom the descendents of Eisav. Our prophet Yechezkel told us of the war between Edom and Yishmael in which they will both ne destroyed and Yisroel will be redeemed from out Galut! Trust in Hashem
30. m .l king
moshe ,   england   (01.20.10)
Tell him to read what the late black activist writes about people who claim they are not anti semitic, rather anti israel. He was a true leader who had brains and insight!
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