20 leftists arrested at Sheikh Jarrah rally
Ronen Medzini
Published: 22.01.10, 18:12
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1. Deport loony leftists to Gaza !!
student ,   bs   (01.22.10)
2. Let me get this..protesting Arab squatters on Jewish land?
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.22.10)
These were Jewish before Jordan Palestine removed the Jews. Now its going back to righful owners and leftists cant stand that. I think I get it. The protesters are against peace. Leftists just dont get it. Peace is not appeasement.
3. Nowhere
Resistor   (01.22.10)
Nowhere else in the free world does this happen. The cop looks SA apartheid.
4. In my yellow journalism experience this is called a setup
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.22.10)
that we arrange for the police to be attacked by demonstrators and the police to strike back and .......voila.....we have a story! Just that we report only the second part of the police brutality
5. ALL of Israel is Jewish land, let the arabs leave.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.22.10)
6. sarid makes Jews want to throw up!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.22.10)
When the cops are beating Jews, it is okay by him. When Jews are arrested for no reason,it is okay by him. All the protesters should have been arrested. Trying to break in to people's house should be met by extreme force. If burg is against it, then it is right. that Jews live there. burg is no friend of Israel and the Jews right to live here.
7. A bullet in the back of the head to all leftists
Ruri   (01.22.10)
That will solve the problem in short order - start with the journos
8. Why cant Jews live in Arab-Occupied East Jerusalem? Racism??
Jae ,   lynn usa   (01.22.10)
You cant have it both ways, where, according to you, Arabs can live in Israel but Jews cant live in Jeruslame or Judea (aka west bank). Thats racist, thats hypocrisy. It undermines any credibility for being an "honest broker" That, and the fact that the Jews are native to this land, and the Arabs arent, make this leftist ranting ludicrous.
9. We knew this was coming
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (01.22.10)
The more we put off declaring that Jerusalem is Israel's UNDIVIDED CAPITOL the more these types of uprising will occur. At the same time we must declare the West Bank to be Israel proper as well. It is time to end 62 years of conflict. The Arab Muslims have the option to live under the enlightened rule of Islam in Gaza. They no longer have any claims in Israel and I would not even acknowledge their existence.
10. Everywhere
Transistor   (01.22.10)
in the Arab world there are arrests of peaceful protesters every single day and no one cares
11. nowhere @7
do not compare this to iran!
stude ham   (01.22.10)
those who don't like the idea can take their leave... but we will never give jerusalem back to these foreign invaders.
13. Arrest Sarid now
David ,   USA ISRAEL   (01.22.10)
For calling Netanyahu and Nir Birkat scoundrels
14. Legalize Kach
USA   (01.22.10)
If an anti-zionist parties and arab parties are able to be in the knesset, how is it that a nationalist party like kach was banned? Because Israel was ran by criminals and were afraid of of Kahane more than Arafat or Assad or any enemy of the state. The only people who are real racists and extremists are the leftists. Leftists don't tolerate any ideas other then their twisted beliefs. It's not too long before a "mainstream" party like Likud will adopt Kach policies or face the fture of Meretz and Labor.
15. arrests
colin   (01.22.10)
The police are getting weak They arrested 19 protesters. They should have at least attempted to put another 19 into hospital with broken backs or split heads, When will the police stop these soft hand tactics. Why was this protest even allowed to start. Break the future rooten rubbish before they even have an opertunity to gather in a crowd STOP BEING SO WEAK WITH THESE FILTH OF ISRAEL
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (01.22.10)
THE BLATANT INJUSTICE IN JERUSALEM ( & IN THE OTHER CITIES ) MUST END. *** only an active America can solve these problems. LOOK LIKE OBAMA IS BALLOON. LOOK LIKE NETANYAHU IS TAKING HIS TIME TOO. HAMAS AND THE ARABS ARE NOT FOR PEACE TOO. *** leftists are always with poor people whoes rights taken by others forcely ? IF AMERIKA HAS NOT BEEN FOR THE PEACE, TODAY ! WHAT CAN THE LEFTISTS OR THE ARABS ! OR THE ISRAELI ONES DO ? *** so ! amerika amerika ! stop those blatant injustice for both people.
17.  Reply to the "Resistor" (sic!)
Gábor Fränkl   (01.22.10)
Hey "Resistor", big words, but meaningless and nothing but sheer lies! FYI, nowehere else in the civilized world Police lets previously UNANNOUNCED, do you hear me chap?, UNANNOUNCED AND violent demonstrations (correctly: riots) to go ahead uninterrupted. Nowhere. Not even in your darling South Africa. I hope you leant something here and now.
18. Democracies allow citizens to demonstrate
Witch ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.22.10)
Israel's regime is a racist regime. Its laws are intended to prefer one ethnic group over another. As such, it is not a legitimate regime.
19. If Israel is truly democratic...
Umm Einav ,   Jerusalem   (01.22.10)
then it will stop trying to silence its critics!
20. Arab nationalists squatting on Jewish lands? Its called rule
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.22.10)
of law. Something the Leftists dont get. Send these punks to Gaza, let them join up with their new "people". Idiots
21. Leftists assault police repeatedly= deserve maximum sentence
Jae ,   Lynn Us   (01.22.10)
6 months or 6 years in jail and a large hefty fine.
22. 18, and what about the Arab Republics of Syria and Egypt?
What rights do non-Arabs have there? Consider the fact that most Jewish Israelis have roots in Muslim countries- why is it that Arabs can never reap what they sow?
23. As a famous yellow journalist I have to tell you #18
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.22.10)
that only legal demonstrations are allowed in democracies for example in my state a demonstration must have a permit and be carried out according to permit, otherwise they would be arrested for any violation of the permit limits, exactly as it has happened in this case
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (01.22.10)
25. # 3
TERMINATOR   (01.22.10)
Be happy & enjoy: I vorgiv dein shortsightedness !
26. we need jewish defense league in israel !
stephane ,   france   (01.22.10)
i live in france, and here, like in all of eurabia, we have the JDL to help defend the jewish people against the cowards antisemits. but, day by day, i see that where we actually really need the JDL it's in... the jewish country ! we need to fight the most dangerous antisemits of the planet; i mean : some jews themselves! i mean : our leftists traitors ! these kind of jews, the " self hating jews " are a cancer in the jewish people! we have to fight them ! i don't say that we have to eliminate them like the IAF does for the terrorists, but i hope the the israeli leaders will call for once the police to break their bones ! i hope that ynet will publish my opinion... toda.
27. Breaking in in homes , where is this allowed ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.23.10)
Where is it allowed to throw stones at people and cause them injuries ? This was NOT a peacefull demonstration .
28. I was there
sef ,   jerusalem, israel   (01.24.10)
1.No on tried to break into any house. No one could try to break into any house, because the whole neighborhood is surrounded by a fence, and the police stood at the gate. 2.The protest is not only against the new settlement. it's against the planned (and already partly executed) eviction of 500 people from their homes. They have been living in these homes since the war of independence, when they lost their previous home. Unlike jewish property rights, Arabs who lost their homes in 48 cannot claim them back. 3.The claim (by some talkbacker) that the demonstration was violent and unannounced is outright silly. for over a month and a half, every friday at 15:00, there is the same demonstration. No permit is needed, because no speeches are given (that's the law). most of the arrests were done after 17:30, when the demonstration was coming to an end and people were leaving. Last week, the court ruled these arrests ILLEGAL, and ordered the immediate release.
29. well said & well done sef , jerusalem
observer   (01.24.10)
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