France says UN must take tough action against Iran
Published: 22.01.10, 23:05
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1. iran
alexi   (01.23.10)
france talks tough but is weak, and has no real clout alone. Obama is well intended, and has divided the moslem world by his overtures, yet is jimmy carter like in his thinking. Like he just realized that both sides not ready for peace. Even the 2 state as it was pushed by olmert and livni will not work as arabs have not reconciled to a european market trading arrangement. Arabs want to destroy israel and then after words who cares.They could live like dirtbags, they do not mind. They want israel down.,Erdogan is with them on this with Turkey as the caliphate ruler. US will do little with iran. Russian is helping iran and double dealing as they did with hitler. Israel 1)should not sell sophisticated drones to russia 2)use mossad to really explode iran 3) Get ready in case they have to hit. In the meantime, israel should proceed steadily and not make any more concessions which are a waste of time and invite the other side to be more recalcitrant. An effort should be made to purchase a piece of the sinai as well as negotiate a piece of jordan for the west bankers.
2. Iran, enough diversion
Eran ,   Singapore   (01.23.10)
The clock is ticking for sanctions and more to come. A-nejad, brace yourself.
3. Time has come for action.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (01.23.10)
An Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear installations will rebuild Israel's eroded deterrent posture and put paid the notion that Israel is no longer a military power to be reckoned with. And the destruction of Iran's nuclear capacity will weaken Iran's military posture throughout the region and so weaken its terror proxies from Iraq to Lebanon to Gaza to Afghanistan. In short, a successful Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear installations will demonstrate to real rather than fake realists that a strong Israel is indispensible to regional stability and international security. Without any doubts, it will help the democrats in Iran as explained at :
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