IDF set to counter Goldstone Report
Published: 23.01.10, 22:43
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1. Deny, deny, deny
Marlene n. ,   New York City/USA   (01.23.10)
i have no doubt that the IDF will deny and attack as a viscious lie anything in the Goldstone report. The only thing they will not be able to do is label Goldstone as an "anti-semite' much to their dismay I am sure.
2. defense loses
alan ,   texas   (01.23.10)
Hasbara, or explanation is a loser. Israel must go on the offensive and blame the arabs first. Get that to the media first. Explanation is for failure of offense.
3. #1
sorry to prove you wrong, but israel is not an idiot. it has videos from the air and ground to dispute all these vicious lies. everytime israeli idf and iaf operate in the area they collect visual video evidence to use in future claims. hameed aboughaze, iranian
4. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.23.10)
A Jew can be an anti-semite,.(if he so desires to be)
5. So Marlene, objective proof
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.23.10)
submitted by the Government of Israel will not alter your precondition that the Goldstone Report was indeed correct? That's called bias, in my book, or prejudice, or simple ignorance. Do you wish to be tagged with those labels, Marlene?
6. Vicious lie
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.24.10)
I hope all you Israel bashers will choke on this article. Its about time Israel defended herself against the Goldstone Report.
7. #1 Marlene
j solana ,   san diego   (01.24.10)
You are # 1 Marlene.
8. One year too late..
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.10)
As usual !
9. Marlin #1
JR ,   LA   (01.24.10)
was wondering if you guys were still around. I was beginning to think you were extinct. Guess not. What a shame.
10. if you didn't go after the infrastructure , it would be weak
Jhan   (01.24.10)
Olmert, Livni, Peres and Barak are spineless weaklings. They think by bowing the knee to the goyim that the goyim will love them. But all they've accomplished is encouraging the terror elements to re-arm even more. These clowns are directly responsible for the young Israelis who now must give their lives in the next war, because these imbeciles were unable to accomplish definitive victory in warfare due to a misplaced sense of compassion for the terrorist enemies.
11. #1 - When confronted with an enemy committed to our destruct
Umm El Kul Naqba   (01.24.10)
ion. The HAMAS Charter calls for the uncompromising Destruction of Israel and Annihilation of all Jews/Israelis. They were voted into power primarily by Gazans. With no compromise, peaceful coexistance option on the table, They murder their own Fatah brothers, kidnap journalists and foreign aid workers. Terror is their way of life. THIS US CARTE BLANCHE to do ANYTHING we damn well please to stop the terror. Our children are not being blown up in the Dolphinarium, Sbarros, Mikes Place Heb. University Cafeteria, or any of the buses. We have largely cut off the terrorists from their intended targets. The Gazans may be suffering from their self-inflicted imprisonment as a result of their terrorist actions but I am loving every minute that I see our children playing in public place without fear. The Terrorists of Gaza deserve every possible punishment bar none. They never ever had a govt or ruled in Israel during any time in history. They are foreign parasites who have no place here and we must exert every effort to put an end to the threat to ourselves and children. If there is no peaceful option, then they leave us with no choice but war and the obvious outcomes that it brings. If this is what they want, then so be it until the threat no longer exists, one way or another.
12. israel and goldstone
marcel   (01.24.10)
israel has done more huminarian work in africa than the whole of the arab world which essentially does nothing as demonstrated in haiti. they did nothing and this is who the erdogan loves and admires.Israel's latest good works in haiti are overlooked by the fisk israel haters including chinkin and goldstone, contrary to their pleadings. The idf arguably has exposed goldstone's report as off base and a vicious lie. Goldstone will not have seen the end of the story. If israel publically refutes goldstone, then goldstone has defamed israel and he will have to compensate israel in some way. What kind of facts are those without cross examination and hearing the other side. And goldstone's arab world friends did zero in haiti. They are zero and he and chinkin are zero.
13. Why bother responding to someone like poster #1
Esther ,   Ofarim   (01.24.10)
Their minds are made up, they're only here to spew their hatred and bias. Anyone with that kind of mindset wouldn't know or be interested in the truth if it hit them in the face. It's like trying to argue with a cockroach. Why bother?
14. After Israel debunks these very evil people with the truth
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.24.10)
...please,manage to show to the world who they really are and who Israel has been needing to deal with and who these “peace activists”have been defending. Please,after truth is exposed,make a big show with it.
15. #1 There are Jewish Antisemites. They are called KAPO Jews
Elly ,   Vienna, Austria   (01.24.10)
#1. You are wrong. There are Jewish antisemites. They are called KAPO Jews.
16. israel needs strong slander laws
david ,   new york   (01.24.10)
the best way to fight slander is to hit them where it hurts - the pocketbook. if a media outlet, NGO (or even the UN) slanders israel, israel should be able to sue them and the judgements should be allowed to be astronomical (in billions of dollars). israel then would be able to seize property to pay for the judgements.
17. Israeli innocence
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (01.24.10)
I wonder how Israel will dispute the photographic evidence of their use of white phosphorous on Palestinian civilians?
18. It's not in the Sat. Times
Elliot ,   Monsey NY   (01.24.10)
I read today's Times and did not find the artice, perhaps it's in Sunday's edition.
19. That's what I've been writing in my yellow journalism column
BBSNews 27:00:82 ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.24.10)
that I repent my sins on all accusations made before in front of the world and the Jewish people
20. A really great thing, potentially historic
David ,   La Mesa Calif   (01.24.10)
I am thrilled. I welcome this rebuttal. It will simply stir public attention and keep the intense scrutiny on IDF and Operation Cast Lead, for months ahead, instead of the subject succumbing to usual fading away with time. If indeed the IDF rebuttal succeeds against what will be withering world attention, this too will be welcome! It will finally substantiate what Israelis are always carping about day and night -- about how victimized they are and unfairly judged. And the rest of us must acknowledge the truth of what Israelis say, wherever it takes us. Then again, if the rebuttal fails, it will only sink Israel to a new nadir of global contempt. This, too, will be welcome. And it will be justice. It will be good for Jews, because maybe, at last, Israelis will somehow mature in their cognitive mental health about how things are, and will learn to see themselves without this historicaly hysterical monomaniacal self-adulation and narcissistic sense of victimhood, which all the world sees, except Israelis. Whatever happens, I will be absolutely thrilled. Hallelujah. Bring it on, baby!
21. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.10)
Given the tenor of your post, Marlene, no one really cares what you do or do not doubt. You have adequately telegraphed your sentiments and your responses are entirely predictable. Since this report took a year to compile -- as opposed to Goldston's rush to judgment and pre-ordained conclusions -- we can expect a meticulously compiled and credible account, replete with documented evidence. In other words, everuthing that the Goldstone Report was not. Unlike you, and contrary to your assumption, the IDF report does not seek to apply labels. The report seeks to publish the truth. What a shame that accuracy and truth have no role in the world according to Marlene. Then again, wind-up toys do not care about accuracy or truth.
22. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.10)
She sure is. Just not on any list that would include serious, intelligent and objective individuals. It does, however, include you, so you can take some comfort in that.
23. Excommunicate Goldstone and his family from Jewish Race.!!!
robin   (01.24.10)
Let the world and would be liers and informemets know that there is no place for them anmong our country.
24. To #3, #4, #5, #6
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (01.24.10)
Read my book, Israeli Terrorism. When Israel attacked Gaza I delayed finishing the book. I just collected the data from all the news reports and the IDF statements. Sorry, people, but the Goldstone report is only the top of the iceberg, a small fraction of the mayhem done, clearly deliberately, against civilians. In this attack Israel lost whatever humanity it had in relating to Palestinians. Barbarians will, however, try to look innocent.
25. O frabjous day!
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (01.24.10)
Calooh! Callay! What will the killers of 1,167 innocent civilians say today! (With apologies to Lewis Carroll)
26. What a snore, Israel attacked the flour factory...
BBSNews 01:32 ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.24.10)
...Israel two times warned the Hamada brothers and kept stringing them along until they attacked without warning, in the middle of the night, with a security guard on site and calling the Hamadan brothers... He reports an Apache helicopter continuing the fire for the next 60 to 90 minutes. The Hamada brothers have Israeli businessman cards, they don't just hand those out to everyone, Israel knew these guys were not Hamas, they knew they had guards, they had been contacted twice before over the telephoned warnings and told the Hamadan brothers they would not attack. The IDF is simply not credible. This is going to turn out very badly for Israel. This may even be the one huge PR disaster that Israel has been afraid of, because instead of actually conducting an transparent investigation, it is a military "investigation" whose soul aim is to exonerate the IDF. After this whitewash gets published, how will Israel ever gain any credibility back in the world community? Answer, it won't. P.S. The NYT only reported what Israel claimed, there was no independent reporting that showed Israel in a favorable light and implying so in the headline is misleading.
27. Don't confuse Marlene with facts or video, she has her mind
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.24.10)
made up and saying anything other than what she believes would only annoy her. The most blind people are those who WILL NOT SEE.
28. Golstone is a liar.
usa   (01.24.10)
And he was clearly set up by the UN
29. Israel and the United Nations
usa   (01.24.10)
I have yet to hear of one good reason for Israel to continue to be a member state of an organization which equated zionism with racism. An organization that provides a forum for one member state to deligitimize another member state. It is guranteed that no resolotion favorible to Israel will ever, ever come out of the UN. The United Nations isn't concerned with the motives of Israel going into Gaza, they do however have an interest in lumping Israel together with the likes of Hamas and state "both are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity" If I am an Israeli there is no greater insult than that. The goldstone report is a conspiracy against the state of Israel and I hope Israel descredits and gets to the bottom of this report and quit the UN.
30. To @6 Vicious lie
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.24.10)
Birdi before I go to bed (early hours could not sleep)I must remind to all here that this Marlene is well known for her anti-Israel Jews by attacking us at Haaretz for a long time. So don't be surprised to read her hataful posts.She is well known for her bitterness toward Israel. I sent one in hopes by tomorrow it will surface.To you too my dear. They are all coming here finding no recourse now at Haaretz just to bash MY ISRAEL.
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