Norway university plans Israel boycott
Yaheli Moran Zelikovich
Published: 24.01.10, 00:25
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1. Israel needs to fire its own professors who pour gas on anti
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.24.10)
semitic fires! Tel Aviv University is the most guilt, followed closely be ben Gurion University. Definitely not giving money to those entities until their self hating , Jew hating, Israel hating professors are canned
2. UiB rector wants to boycott Iran, China?!? Oh, wait.
Zvi   (01.24.10)
He says: "In situations where the academic freedom of a country is so restricted that free technical cooperation or open academic debate is not possible or not meaningful, the academic boycott is considered an appropriate instrument." These words describe EVERY university in the Arab world, Iran and China. They DON'T describe Israeli universities, where academic freedom is rampant, debate is loud and diverse and every religious/ethnic group is represented. This incredible inversion of reality, and the attendant double standard, REEK of malice and anti-Semitism. Israeli universities, of course, don't try to coerce their staff to boycott anyone. They even try to work with Palestinian universities across the line, and researchers try to work with open-minded people from ALL countries, even countries that are trying to destroy Israel. Doesn't this whole travesty of a boycott process not constitute "restricting the academic freedom at a university (UiB) to the point where "free technical cooperation or open academic debate is not possible or not meaningful"? Perhaps universities around the world should boycott UiB? As for "meaningful technical cooperation", Israel's leading universities stand head, shoulders and torso above EVERY university in the middle east and China and most universities in Europe, including UiB. Hebrew U graduates alone received 6 Nobel prizes in last 7 years (UiB has never had one). Hebrew U is ranked #4 in Asia/Pacific in the SJTU ranking. ALL Israeli universities have Arab students and faculty as well as Jews; influential Arab and Druze MKs graduated from Hebrew U.
3. That was quick...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.24.10)
4. Boycott Norway
5. what's with those oil rich countries?
Boris ,   NY   (01.24.10)
Rolling in dough, filthy rich welfare state, surrounded by peaceful, civilized countries - they can't even begin to understand the problems Israel is facing every day. The only mortal danger they're facing is boredom... their "righteousness" is sickening.
6. Yes, and ban pork products from campus and make all females
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.24.10)
wear a burka and remove all bibles from the campus library. This far, far left nut job is asking for his school to be renamed the University of allah at Bergen.
7. Shame on you Norway!
En Jøde fra Norge ,   Oslo, Norway   (01.24.10)
I am a Jew from an Israeli background, currently living in Norway. This is the first country out of a number of others, in which I have lived, where I feel I have been forced into cultural and religious silence. Living here, made me realise enough, to conclude that Norway's past treatment of Jews and the more recent treatment of Israel, continues to be a disgrace. Anti-semitism, racism, anti-Israeli sentiments are a growing problem and must be stopped. While there are still some people in Norway who respect the Jewish people and Israel, their number is unjustifiably reducing. Norway seems to be reversing to those dark times when its constitution prohibited the entry of Jews and when its leaders cooperated with the Nazis. Shooting at the Oslo synagogue, publishing anti-semitic material, making jokes about the holocaust and calling for boycottes against Israel, have become more recent concerns. This is not to mention, that since Norway is behind Israel in various academic fields, the loss will be that of the Norwegians.
8.  Israeli Boycott Supporters - a sane voice from within
9. They have university in norway !!!!! woooh
fabrice ,   france   (01.24.10)
10. A good blog from Norway
Skaperen ,   Oslo   (01.24.10)
There is a good blog in Norway that comments on this issue (and other issues concerning Israel/Norway relations).
11. boycott
colin   (01.24.10)
So the university wants a bit of free advertising. Turn in an anti Israel story and WOOOOOWH you get your free media space. The University is loosing so many students they had to find a way to stop this outflow. Blameing Israel will keep a few lying leftests at the site for the year.
12. Let them. Who needs this University?
JO   (01.24.10)
it will not do them any good and will not harm Israel. Such Universities will suffer reverse boycotts in ways that will only harm them. But let them do what they want. Who cares?
13. Norway is a renowned whale-butcher.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.24.10)
And I've never heard of a single whale who detonated himself next to Norwegian ships, or fired rockets into Oslo and Bergen.
14. Norway university plans Israel boycott
Stephen ,   USA   (01.24.10)
Here we go again boycotts! From none other than Norway. Oh well,they all are trying it why not them too. The list goes on and on.SO LET'S CHALK UP ANOTHER. But wait,ddn't they begin threatening to do so a few weeks ago? Perhaps it was not reported here at Ynet.. Does it make any difference to Israel not a bit. Israel does very well because they pursue regardless of the ones who think they will gain some sort of favor from the US?would not surprise me.They are wasting their time I wager. As usual once they announce it,after a day IT ALL FIZZLES OUT. What fools they all are. Me thinks, will make a list and then present it for all the people who visit Ynet to enjoy their discomfiture at their pathetic stance. Good riddance to Norway who needs them,and what do they produce to make them proud the incompetent country.
15. #2
Chairman   (01.24.10)
Zvi (is that your real name?), what is your experience with Chinese universities? Be honest.
16. is rector stupid or what?
the university's rector said that "i am proud that my university doesn't maintain any connections or work with any university in israel..." so WHY BOYCOTT? if you don't already maintain any ties, what are you going to boycott? usually, when you boycott an academic institution, you try to disconnect any relationships you have presently have with the institution you lan to boycott. however, if the rector said that he is proud there is no relationship in academics between his university and the ones in israel, WHAT IS HE GOING TO BOYCOTT? are people over there so stupid ? and this is a university rector? excuse me, but i find his statement rediculous. hameed aboughaze, iranian
17. first fire our boycotters then tell this wingnut we downgrad
ralph   (01.24.10)
downd graded his play school.
18. # 7 is totally right
Skaperen ,   Oslo, Norway   (01.24.10)
I understand that you are feeling like you are forced into cultural and religious silence. Especially there's certain places in Oslo where you cannot express that you are Israeli or a jew, without risking getting a beating from the muslims that control parts of the city (and/or the leftwings that run the muslims errand.
19. Norway's university boycotting Israel
Spencer ,   Israel   (01.24.10)
The only loser will be Norway. Anyway, who would have expected anytrhing else from Norway who well on the way to becoming another Islamic State!
20. good that means no arab Israeli will travel
ghostq   (01.24.10)
on the state account cause they r really bad representative of Israel any way and since they learn in the Israeli Universities, it's about right :)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (01.24.10)
Boycott Israel .I BEG you to boycott us."I WILL BLESS THOSE WHO BLESS YOU AND CURSE THOSE WHO CURSE YOU." So promised the G-d of Israel .You will be the losers ,not us.May Hashem curse Norway until the end of time.
22. Norway will lose out - Not Israel
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (01.24.10)
Israel enjoys great support in the west from the USA, Canada, Australia and others in Europe. If Norway is 'uneducated' enough to belive the lie that is appartheid in Israel then they can do so, and the west will slowly lose intrest in them. Appartheid is when a minority poplulations hold a mojority at bay and away. Israel has no appartheid as this is a dispute between Pal & Israeli's ie, 2 diff states. Thus there is no Appartheid in Israel, furthermore, the remaining Arab population in Israel (18% of Israel)enjoy many freedom and have among the highest standards of living in the middle east. Norway may be anti semitic, but will come to their senses when they conclude that this boycot is not only null and void, but also hearting them more then Israel.
23. Except for Whale meat, what does Norway
Cid ,   Peace heaven   (01.24.10)
give to this world. Let them Boycott, even tho there is no Appartheid here in Israel, (its just another Pal Lie)... they can boycott till forever. cause i dont eat Whale meat, So only they gona lose out of this one LOL Norway sooo backward now
24. Norwegian university obscurantists,
No-way ,   Eurabia   (01.24.10)
Norway troops are fighting in Afghanistan what about to boycott your own brutal occupying country???
25. We ar not lambs to the slaughter.Norway
Roland Seener ,   London England   (01.24.10)
You biggetted so called Academics will cut your noses off to spite your face.You are creepers to Anti Semitism.and Kow- Towers to the fear of extreme Islam.In otherwords you have no backbone to stand up for yourselves and acknowledge the good that Israel proffers.There is no answer to the example that Israel has given to the people of Haiti.Your Country comes far down the line.If I was adiplomat I would break relationship with you.I am incenced at your deep hatred.You are permeated with evil .I hope that in the next world "G"d" will find no redeeming features in you and you will rot in hell.Where is the counter to your behaviour from your non-intellectuals,the ordinary citizens of Norwy?....None ! Please translate into Norwegian and send on.
26. # 23: Norway contributes to the world by..
Skaperen ,   Oslo, Norway   (01.24.10)
...creating an environmental catastrophe in the seas - thanx to Norways salmon farming. The same politicians that are supposed to monitor the salmon-farmers, have huge economical benefits from the same business they are monitoring. Norway also sells tons of weapons and components used in weapons to the world; we sold guns, ammo and weapon components for 3700 billion NKR last year - some peace prize, huh? The bigger the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan - the richer Norway get! :) And we contribute to the oil-industry. Our primeminister Jonas Gahr Store, went directly to the United Arab Emirates after visiting Israel. In Israel he critisized Israel for disrespecting the human rights, but he didn't open his mouth while he was in the United Arab Emirates... Double-standards? Or just greed?
27. Norwegian dolphin genocide
eddie ,   london UK   (01.24.10)
Dolphions ar the most intelligent species of animal, and have been given sentient beiungs rights by ehticists - however, Norway murders them for food. boycott norway!
28. Sigmund supports the boycott?
Jojo ,   PRTWASHNY   (01.24.10)
No 16, No he is not stupid. He is only a rector from a Norwegian U., standard issue; just attempting to make a name for himself and a few bucks. Being part of islamic hordes these days, is a badge of honor, much coveted. Still, I do wish that their sanitation dept. did a better job in cleaning their gutters .....!
29. to #sound very fishy to me :P
ghostq   (01.24.10)
but you failed in the peace issue over Natzi experiment children who demand their rights, I am not making this up even though they r swedish they turn to you for representation against the swidish gov for ongoing battle against descrimination, cause they r still considered bastareds and people really don't like them much. the legal battle still on.
30. Boycott Norway
mark ,   canada   (01.24.10)
Sounds kinda stupid to me. But par for the course of boffins and egg heads!
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