Ayalon: Hezbollah testing antiaircraft missiles
Roni Sofer
Published: 24.01.10, 17:27
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1. Really?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.10)
Are we going to wait to see the efficacy, or are we going to deal with the issue now, before a single Jewish life is sacrificed on the rather meaningless altar of "international reaction?" What the world thinks is entirely irrelevant. Do keep that in mind.
2. air-to-surface
Patrik ,   Sweden   (01.24.10)
I guess they mean surface-to-air missiles not air-to-surface ;)
3. NOR REALLY SO,SARAH?..............#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.24.10)
Of course Hezbollah is gradually acquiring sophisticated weapons and is definitely working on ground to air missiles and much more,for your information.Don't attempt to isolate yourself by wondering what the international community is doing.They know very well what your plans are,as well.
4. Speaking in loud voice
Pedro ,   Brazil   (01.24.10)
Israel need to speak to the world, in loud voice, that a big war in the region are coming.
5. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.10)
Silly you! Who care what the international community is thinking or doing? Israel is a sovereign state -- which Hizbollah is not, by the way -- and will take all steps necessary to defend its citizens. Does the international community know Israel's plans? Unless they are extremely stupid, of course they do. Do you see any country coming to the military aid of the terrorist rabble that is Hizbollah? Not in this -- or any other -- lifetime, bubbeleh. Not even their Iranian sponsors can save Hizbollah now.
6. #3, they had state of the art weaponry in 2006
Danny   (01.24.10)
Didn't help them much. Just like having state of the art weaponry didn't help Hamas in Gaza.
7. To: Pedro at No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.10)
It won't be all that big a war, dear. Israel can dispose of Hizbollah starting just after breakfast and be home comfortably in time for lunch. Particularly if Israel decides to take a page from NATO's book in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq and not worry about collateral damage. In that case, look for an operation that will last 45 minutes to an hour.
8. Lebanon starts, Israel nukes lebanon, iran and syria.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.24.10)
End of hostilities, a lesson learned by arabs.
9. :: Antiaircraft missiles?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (01.24.10)
Antiaircraft missiles are a splendid idea; hopefully this will stop the near daily violation of Res 1701 by Israel as it continues to invade Lebanon airspace. If I remember correctly the UNSC issued a report citing over 300+ cases where Israel violated Lebanese airspace Obviously it is the right of any country to defend itself and its sovereignty against such violations. It all makes perfect sense. Antiaircraft missiles coupled with the fact that Hizbollah has moved all its missiles away from the border and northwards near the Litani River this means that the IAF/IDF will have a much harder time attacking Lebanon in any future war
10. SarahB
Max ,   Hamburg-Germany   (01.24.10)
You guys cant even stand to see your enemies acquiring the means to battle you. Is this the 5th air force of the world??whats the matter,got used to having a free air space to roam in??? Last week it was said that hezbollah will be targeted in case they get those surface to air missiles. I don't see any other major power making such threats against its rivals. Though you might try to fool us,lets face it,the whole world saw how you guys were humiliated by a guerrilla group(and if it wasn't for your air force,I'm pretty god damn sure that you couldn't even move a muscle in lebanon. But fear not,this time,things will be different.)
11. # 9
Leo ,   Belgium   (01.24.10)
So, in your opinion Hizbullah can violate the UN resolution and continue rearming and we should just wait and see how they are doing so?))) of course we are going to monitor their activity and "give it to them" as we did in 2006...remember?))) 4 years of quite and Hizbullah "won"))) You arabs should deal with your insecurities first; the whole idea of Israel existing today is a victory for a Jewish people once and for all!
12. Hey Matty
Daniel90210   (01.24.10)
per 1701, IDF pulled out of Lebanon. Name ONE SINGLE PROVISION that your boy-band Hizbullah complied with. For that matter, any resolution ever.
13. Depraved bashers lusting for violence
Stephen in New York ,   New York   (01.24.10)
Depraved bashers lusting for violence like Max and Matty Groves do a grave disservice to those they ostensibly support.
14. #6 It seems totally the opposit Mr Danny.Who has the
Sami ,   Lebanon   (01.24.10)
state of the art weapons in the whole middle East is Israel .The best American weaponry are shipped to Israel after US army and only Israel, the rest of the NATO alliance goes after. Regardless, this didn't help in the 2006 war when Hizbollah was much weaker .So, you want war, we are waiting for you, all Lebanese this time will joins the fight not just Hizbollah , to add another humiliation chapter to the history of the Jewish state. Year 2000, 2006 aren’t enough? , will add another in 2010 where the future of Israel existence will be loomed badly.
15. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.10)
Oh Max, the Third Reich is over and done with, got it? This is 2010, not 1933. Humiliated? Who, Israel? Really? How so? How many rockets were fired into Israel by Hizbollah since 2006? The foregoing notwithstanding, what do you think the outcome would be were Israel to treat Lebanon the way the Allies treated Germany? How many millions of German civilians died in the merciless Allied nighly carpet bombing raids? Fear not, boychik, this time things will INDEED be different. Israel will take a page right out of the Allied book. Right out of NATO's book, for that matter. Let's clarify what it means to be humiliated. Humiliation is what the Soviets did to Germany at Stalingrad, and what a handful of Jews armed with pistols did to Germany in Warsaw. Tschuss, bubbeleh!
16. legal arming against illegal overflight
observer   (01.24.10)
no overflight, no anticraft
17. i thougt you had your lesson !
john paul ,   beirut - lebanon   (01.24.10)
well based on what i saw in 2006 , i thought you wont try to look north anymore . yes you destroyed villages , yes you wipped up bridges and buildings , but when it camed to real fighting , hezbolla had the upper hand i cant see what will change in 2010 , you will attack bomb , try to invade , you will lose couple of hundreds in the field , mothers of fallen soldiers and the left will hold a rally in tel aviv , and you will beg for a ceasfire till the last day you will stay under missle attacks and you wont be able to elliminate hezbolla be wise , tell your generals to stop threatning , and accept reality , hezbolla is here to stay and you cant do anything about this anymore , your socity cant handle real war !
18. Hezbollah has SA-2 & TOR-M1 Anti-aircraft Missiles
Paco ,   Canada   (01.24.10)
19. #7 Sarah B ,about the breaksat
Shady Sharara ,   South Lebanon   (01.24.10)
#7 .what? breakfast? Your guys were so scared in last 2006 war , they didn’t have time to open up their conserve cans to have breakfast honey!! .Personally I collected much of the left over food supplies were dumped behind to ease the carry off and flee the war zone. the Israeli soldiers are well being taken care off, they have stuffs never could think about it , even Rafaello chocolates…!!!..
20. To #17 John Paul in Lebanon
California Bear ,   Berkeley, CA   (01.25.10)
So "real war" is launching explosive projectiles at civilian population centers? Cool. If that's the way you feel want it, does this mean if Israel begins bombing Lebanon indiscriminately, the Lebanese will not whine and cry to the United Nations like you did in 2006 when your lunatic terror organization caused your civilian infrastructure to become a legitimate military target by launching rockets and then hiding behind women's skirts in the aftermath. The lesson was learned, that's why your great "super hero" Nasrallah is still hiding, why the border has been quiet for four years and why your chumps refuse to retaliate for the assassination of Mughdiyeh in Israel-proper.
21. #9 - Hiz didn't move rocekts N of Litani
William ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
You didn't read the paper the day a few weapons depots full of rockets blew up (mysteriously) SOUTH of the Litani in late 2009? Or maybe you truly believe the jive from Al-Manar that it was a metal fence factory, or hell - just say the Mossad built the warehouse, placed rockets inside, AND set them off in order to frame the innocent Nasrallah (depicted as Mad Magazines cover boy - "What, me worry?") That is more your disingenuous style.
22. #14,#17 - Aren't you out of touch with populist Lebanese?
William ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
The majority of Lebanese question even the existence of Hizbullah and are outraged at Nasrallah's unilateral war with Israel, and do not trust his intentions as his threatens the nation on his way to a govt post. For a country who claims they won the war, you guys sure have a lot of crap to clean up, include the 500+ dead hizbullah terrorists. Hopefully, the real Lebanon, who cares about their country pre-Shia invasion, will rise up and save it before let it become a cinder under Nasrallah's rule.
23. #16 - abide by UNR1701, no over flights
William ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
Your attempt at manipulation is novice at best. It's not surprising that Israel makes over flights considering: 1) after UNR1701, the UN did not mandate UNIFIL with the force to stop re-arming of S. Lebanon and Hizbullah, and 2) Hizbullah immediately stated that they will re-arm immediately, AFTER agreeing to UNR1701. No re-arming, no over flights.
24. #19 - Didn't IJ in Gaza claim the same thing
William ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
Islamic Jihad in Gaza during Cast Lead showed old tins and packages of Israeli IDF rations and claimed they kidnapped soldiers, killed them, etc. In reality, we just dumped our trash there because why should we care about taking it back while we were fighting a defensive war? Hell Shady - if you want Israeli trash, I can send you a bag every week, then you can claim to the Arab world how invincible you are. I just need your address.
25. take it easy
Syrian ,   wherever   (01.25.10)
guys, for your own safety, you better get used to this type of news. Things are chnaging while you are trying to convince yourself they are not. 20 years ago you were able to appoint a president in Beirut. 20 years later, it took you 5 days to take the first Lebanese village. 20 years from now, the crossing will be the other way around. So we are very relaxed and chilled and we have nothing to worry about. Try to do the same!!!
26. William, Israel
Elie ,   Lebanon   (01.25.10)
Oh really? who are you to talk about the people of lebanon. For you info, hezbollah are lebanese civilians before becoming part of the resistance. so stop ur trash-talk and spreading lies to everyone, u know nothing. And the lebanese people will stand behind there country, and even hezbollah -- and surely NOT israel. Lebanese people wont let Israel attack or invade there beloved country! Your not apt to talk about morality and overflights or not. Lebanon will retaliate to al the 100s of illegal overflights
27. censoring the truth again Ynet?
Marco ,   Spain   (01.25.10)
28. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.25.10)
Really? Great victory for Hizbollah? Which they have "celebrated" by not firing missiles into northern Israel and when one renegade offshoot did, scrambling to deny responsibility. Oh, yes. Great victory indeed. How long do you think it would take Israel to absolutely crush Hizbollah were Israel to completely disregard collateral damage -- you know, the way NATO ignored it in the Balkans and the way NATO continues to ignore it in Afghanistan, Iraq, Waziristan and Pakistan? Twenty minutes, maybe half an hour? How to you propose to counter Israel's cruise missiles? Which, mind you, can be launched from land, surface boat, submarine and the air. Hmmm -- on second thought, better make that ten, maybe fifteen minutes.
29. To: William at No. 24
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.25.10)
Congratulations -- absolutely the post of the day!
ABRAHAM ben JACOB ,   CANADA   (01.25.10)
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