Minister Edelstein: Goldstone Report anti-Semitic
Roni Sofer
Published: 25.01.10, 01:02
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1. Any objection to Israeli policy is antisemetic
Avi ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
This is just pathetic, any report that dosent agree with the fanatical right wing religgious is automatically labled AntiSemetic. Nice try but the Europeans dont buy that BS !
2. another ridiculous use of the "Anti-Semitic"
Paco ,   Canada   (01.25.10)
stamp. When Israel find itself weak and attacked by real FACTS.. they slam anybody with there "anti-Semitic" claim. nuts!!
3. Since when is the truth anti semitic?
Marco ,   Spain   (01.25.10)
4. Holocaust day most appropriate
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (01.25.10)
.. but not for the reasons you suggest.
5. Goldstone is a vile, filthy man.
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (01.25.10)
6. as if we didn't know
Jackson ,   Chicago   (01.25.10)
the UN is now a joke. criticizing Israel while ignoring real tragedies around the world. Goldstone is nothing but a puppet. I think we all know this by now.
7. Same old same old hasbara
Legal Eagle ,   USA   (01.25.10)
This is a very unimaginative tactic that has zero chance of succeeding.
8. The false conflation is a huge travesty...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.25.10)
...Israel will regret trying to tie the War on Gaza to the Holocaust. How utterly obscene, macabre, even evil. Do you really think diaspora Jews are going to be impressed with this truly unholy act? (And I'm an atheist but I recognize an unholy act when I see one). This could not a stupider move made; now the world will really want to know why the Goldstone Report is such a threat. It will wind up being more widely read, and adopted, then ever before after such a bone-headed and purely irreverent act.
9. Well, welcome to the harsh reality. The world hates Jews!
Frank ,   USA   (01.25.10)
Since shooting arrows at Jews is not fashionable they have replaced this word with Zionists or Israelis.
10. What else would you expect from the useless UN?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.25.10)
11. Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.25.10)
De-legitimizing the right of Jews to have their own homeland where they can live free from persecutions and threats, and defend themselves from aggressions - is attacking the very essence of Judaism, and the very right of Jews to exist. Of course it's not PC these days to be called an antisemite, so many neo-antisemites love to jump on the wagon of "anti-Zionism". This gives their hatred a legit facade. However scratching a tiny bit beyond this thin facade, reveals the same age-old bigotry, hatred and racism against the Jewish people. Some talkbackers here have demonstrated this quite well.
12. If they play the antisemitism card, they will loose
berlonski ,   berlin   (01.25.10)
Using the Holocaust Memorial Day and playing the antisemitism card against the Goldstone report will backfire (and will harm the Memorial Day). The world will see it as an Israeli manoeuvre to hide behind history and to fake the present. Peres, the government and the army should just bring counter-facts in order to disprove claims and judgements of Goldstone. Waving the antisemtism flag in this case is cowardly and quite dumb.
13. Is there anything which is not Antisemitic??
Max ,   Hamburg-Germany   (01.25.10)
How long are you going to play with this Antisemitic card??For ever??surely the world is waking up....Don't know if you've noticed,but there has been a huge rise in Antisemitism through out the world,and guess what,it's expanding.
14. Why not excommunicate goldstone?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.25.10)
And emmanuel, falk,axelrod,chomsky and finklestein. Along with anti Zionist, anti Jewish professors.
15. Good! new winds are blowing from Zion!
boutime   (01.25.10)
I'm happy to see we that we are not bowing our heads yet again to be bashed by the shameless hypocrites of the world. Let the counter bashing begin!!! BRAVO, Kol Hakvod Israel. Anyone can see that the current deligitimization of Israel is the same old anti-Semitism/ deligitimization of Jews wherever, whatever, whenever and however. Jews have been persecuted, massacred, denied, pogromed, holocausted, discriminated against, double-standerdized (my bad…English), for too long now, and it’s time to yank the brakes. Only when we stand up proud and fight back, others will back off and respect us. No one respects a floor mop. By stammering and apologizing, Israel has only invited contempt and disrespect. By giving up more and more land, Israel has been telling the world that Israel does not belong to the Jews, by making concessions, Israel has only brought on itself more and more pressure disdain and ridicule and terror.
16. to #8 sorry to inform you but palis connect their
ghostq   (01.25.10)
situation with the holocuast all the time, in reality they just whining, cause I don't recall microwaves and celebration during ww2 in the getto. so before you blame Israel go to the pali source, I personally go so manny hate letters with swastica by pro palis, and palis BTW many of them come from London.
17. to #1 the last time I heard fannatics exist
ghostq   (01.25.10)
for the left wing as well go look for violant riots and incoraging them, extreme left wingers also hate jews while religious chritions love jews, you just live in your own narro world and miss the general picture. as usually :)
18. to #13 yes there is
ghostq   (01.25.10)
you see critisism is "you sould have done this or that" or "I disagree with you" accusing is something else like using the words "you r guilty of this or that" or "you r the enemy" or Murder" so don't try to use your critisism card cause it's not critisism, if someone will blame you for being a killer and threat you with law suit knowing you r not guilty would you be so offended, don't be surprise cause that's normal to strick back when someone accuse you, but palying oh I am just critic is dead wrong cause it's like a feading fish freanzy some countries just jumpt on the oppertunity to bash at Israel. and when there is no more to bash people will realize the fatal error and say the historical sorry we hear so often when it come to jews, so befor you pull the I critic card ask yourself Y am I so eager to bash Israel and only Israel, y this sunject should even bother me cause some catastrophe r much larger scale and go unnoticed. some events just pass by you.
19. everything is anti- semetic
viking ,   dubai, uae   (01.25.10)
anti semetic this, anti semetic that, everyone and everything is anti semetic. Oh God, europeans are so sick of this anti semetic argument. Oh by the way this post is also anti semetic.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (01.25.10)
Pay Goldstone a "visit' and have a friendly word in his shell like..
21. to 12
..... ,   ....   (01.25.10)
yes ... if it is a cow her milk is finished ..pleae stop to squeese for more .. for the memory of the dead .silente is the best
22. You're an atheist, Michael Hess,
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.25.10)
BBSNews, and you call yourself a Cherokee. All true Native Americans are believers in, and knowledgeable about, the spirit world. You can say you're Cherokee when it's convenient, Michael, but you're a long long way from your Indian heritage. Another reason the Reader knows that you are a fake. You're really really quite pathetic, Michael!
23. Crying Wolf to Steal Land
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.25.10)
Genuflect when you say Jew. Only solution now is Palestine Israel, 2 States, 1 Country.
24. in conclusion: Goldstone Report, Zionists anti-Semitic
observer   (01.25.10)
25. #1,2,3 & 4
Ram ,   London   (01.25.10)
Well,well,well........the unlikely quartet strike first! For you guys to be first to pounce with your vitriol, I hate to say it but the issue of Israel seems to eat at your hearts. Could this be thee oerfect example of self administered justice? :-)
26. #13
Ram ,   London   (01.25.10)
Make up your mind! Does anti-semitism exist or not? You contradict your self; is your english poor or just your mind?
27. #13 Do you realize that you are an antisemite?
Israeli   (01.25.10)
If not, read your comment again and think about what you have said.
28. to #24 Goldstone isn't zionist
ghostq   (01.25.10)
most of his career was on the native southafricans backs Israelis warne people about this fool but Ireckon you like to learn things the hard way. so enjoy, cause he got nicly "payed" to make his reaport.
29. Edelstein doesn't know what he is talking about
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (01.25.10)
Every day throughout Operation Cast Lead I collected copious information on the operation from both Palestinian and Israeli online newspapers. The mayhem committed by Israel was far worse than that covered in Goldstone's report, and I dare say, Minister Edelstein has not read the report or the Palestinian newspaper accounts of the damage done. Those Israeli drones simply don't have the information collection capacity of people in the hospitals counting bodies, separated limbs, etc. Many atrocities not covered in the Goldstone report were reported in gory detail in the Palestinian media, and by activists who were in the Gaza Strip at the time. The Goldstone report was very moderate.
30. Remember Theresienstad Concentration Camp
Barry ,   London   (01.25.10)
The actions of the Red Cross at Theresienstad concentration camp show how willing an 'international body' can be to alow itself to be 'fooled'. Apparently the Red Cross representatives were easily fooled by the Germans as the tour was conducted by following a pre-determined path designated by a "red line" on a map. The hapless Red Cross apparently didn't attempt to divert from the "official" tour route as led by the Germans who also posed questions to the jewish residents along the way. If the Red Cross attempted to ask the residents questions directly, they were ignored and not answered. Despite this, the Red Cross still apparently formed a positive impression of the town. The hoax against the Red Cross was apparently so successful for the Nazis that they went on to make a propaganda film at Theresienstadt. Production of the film began on February 26, 1944. Directed by Jewish prisoner Kurt Gerron (a director, cabaret performer, and actor who appeared with Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel), it was meant to show how well the Jews lived under the "benevolent" protection of the Third Reich. The film, if taken on face value, positively documents the Jews of Theresienstad living a relatively comfortable existence within a thriving cultural centre, functioning successfully during the hardships of WW2. After the shooting of the film, most of the cast and even the filmmaker himself, were in fact deported to Auschwitz. The UN now is no better now then the Red Cross was then.
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