Minister Edelstein: Goldstone Report anti-Semitic
Roni Sofer
Published: 25.01.10, 01:02
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31. n. 13
aline ,   israel   (01.25.10)
You write: ".....I don't know if you noticed but antisemitism is on the rise...". What do you mean by that? We Jews are bringing antisemitism upon ourselves????? At least I know that YOU are an antisemite....
32. Moral Cowardice
Ian   (01.25.10)
Guess that's what you get from Zionists. Pure hypocrisy and moral cowardice. They will whine and moan and wail that everyone is anti-Semitic yet, when faced with condemning the criminality of a fellow Jew, they will excuse, approve and or absolve the Jew of any criminality. They will wail that it is unfair when others point out their hypocrisy. They will deny any collective responsibility for the criminal actions of their co-religionists and ask the 'goy' not to tar them with opprobrium. Then turn around and enthusiastically praise the most evil actions against said 'goys'. But quietly. Because you really don't want anyone not in the 'club' to know what amoral racists you really are.
33. Top number 13
Felicia Azut ,   Ashdod Israel   (01.25.10)
It is bast**ds like who started and perpetuated the Holocaust. Do you think we are scared of anti-Semitism! Anti Semitism has bee around as long as Christianity. Guess what we are still here after 6,000 years. Oh and by the way if you don't like Israel don't use your pc with an Intel chip, a cell phone, instant messaging, internet security to name a few. ALL ISREALI AND JEWISH INVENTIONS. Go to hell you German piece of crap!!!! The Jew of yesteryear is gone and in its place is a new Jew strong and not afraid! I moved to Israel from America because I am Jew first. A lesson learned all to well during the Holocaust.
34. #3 & #8 +all their ilk prove the point: Foaming at the mouth
L ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
to pounce on any article about Israel/Gaza and spew one-sided ill-informed and thoroughly transparent hatred. THAT is exactly the point of the article. Marco, BSNews and the rest: You are not fueled by justice but by hatred. Jew-hatred. Herein is Israel's worldwide media problem, as per Yates: "The best lack all conviction, while the worst. Are full of passionate intensity."
35. lies
solemnman ,   israel   (01.25.10)
#3 Marco The truth is that there is no lie about Israel that people like you will not believe-however absurd it is.
36. Jerrold Cohen (#29), a healthcare
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.25.10)
worker turned "researcher" on Israeli-Palestinian affairs in his dotage, who simply collects and selects newspaper and journal reports and then "assures" us of the veracity of his conclusions. He has written a self-published book on what he terms "Israeli terrorism". You can google it. Just as he writes in his post, as in his book, there appears to be no theoretical principle nor scholarly method in his repetoire, just conclusions against Israel which he appears to have come to even before he started his socalled "studies".
37. Israel should hunt down the mendacious mainstram journalists
Ran   (01.25.10)
They don't report on the rocket attacks, then report when Israel defends herself as if she were doing something mean and doing it for no reason. Hunt down these anti-semites and give them the bullet to the back of their head they deserve.
38. Thanks, Robert Haymond. You do good work. Truth-defender.
39. not Jewish money extorted, that's EU's taken in advance
observer   (01.25.10)
so, will Israel just keep Allowing food and cement into Gaza, those have been already paid for.
40. Definitely the wrong choice
eh-oop ,   UK   (01.25.10)
Those who are ill-disposed to Israel and the many who don't think too deeply about the methods of the UN , or anything else, will dismiss the bringing together of the issues as a stunt. Muslim organisations which routinely boycott Holocaust Day events on the false grounds that Jews are "hijacking it" and which claim that it ignores the Palestinian "holocaust", conveniently forgetting the constant participation of Armenians, Rwandans and others in memorial events, will have a more "credible" reason to give for their boycott and a better platform from which to attack or pervert Holocaust Day, itself. Since the world has learnt little from the Holocaust and pays little attention to Holocaust Day anyway, it would be better to hold this initiative one day later, in order to ram home the necessary lesson. The Goldstone Commission's mandate, composition and methods were so blatantly one-sided, its anti-semitism is not difficult to see. Just don't use Holocaust Day, itself. Using it will backfire.
41. #29 - Jerrold Cohen
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.25.10)
If you believe everything you read in the Palestinian papers, I never want you sitting on the bench for my divorce. Every conflict has three sides to the story, just like a divorce: His side, Her side and the truth (which lies somewhere in between the first two). Objective judges know this. Palestinian papers were also full of lurid stories, often very detailed, about the "Jenin Massacre" of 2002--the massacre that never happened. That event alone should be an indication of the truth rating of Palestinian papers. A very brave Italian journalist in Gaza wrote about his attempt to come up with a body count and proved that the Palestinian numbers "didn't add up". His story was squashed after one day, but his count was amazingly close to the "official" IDF count released after his story--which gave names, ages and affiliations of "fighters" and suspected "fighters".
42. to #36 that is what I said yesterday
ghostq   (01.25.10)
cause news media can bend the truth, apperentely he never saw Tomorrow never dies(James bond movie) some editores can drop cutrain facts that will chance the meaning of the evant, I have seen those type of articles, and sad to say but there is no obgective journalism at all the last one was in the 60's, some will publish anything to sell more news papers, as the reducing of printing word goes since the paper and ink become obseleat thing, the headlines will come even more shocking some to the fiction side to be graved in memory of people cause less and less people buy them and look for the nfo over digital means like the WWW, the articles r temporary so to get mass impact you can invent stuff. people already go for the conclution not to trust everything you read, and as I see it his book not only won't be a best seller cause he relay on journalists reports and not legal documantations.
43. to #29 if you want to talk about damage
ghostq   (01.25.10)
so go to the lack of income due to rockets along 9 years, would you like to shop in rocket area, I didn't think you would, so in other words, the bill that palis did to the Israeli side is far greater. and the pali media belong to the ledership, congra but that is the propeganda tool by Hamas or Fatach, it's not the news media in USA or other democratic countries. and if you relay on the pali fiction media than you will get laws suit on your hand for backing terror org such as Hamas. if you really go for report the dead civilian list that palis gave the UN contained Hamas militery soldiers the UN got the photos with the slogans and the weapons. go check it it will open your eyes.
44. Will the World not pay?
Brother Joe ,   Bensonhurst N.Y.   (01.25.10)
6 million Jews died in the second world war, but how many more gentiles? Are we not facing the exact same thing today? To harm the Jews is to harm yourselves. Fact of life. History always repeats itself and it will in this case. Can you say World War with nuclear weapons?
45. #19 Viking, you are correct.
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.25.10)
Your post is anti-semetic and you are a loser.
46. #28 are you Jew?, then take the opportunity
observer   (01.25.10)
his daughter admitted that Goldstone 'is a Zionist and loves Israel'. Daughter stands for Jewish maternal lineage and Goldstone is the same as Goldstein. Was Einstein Zionist to say that the Bible is a collection of primitive childish legends?
47. Jerrold Cohen disgraceful Jew?
Mike M. ,   Seattle Wa.   (01.25.10)
Reminds me of a guy I once worked with named Weinberg,one of the biggest anti-semites I ever came across. At least he had an excuse. His mother was gentile Maybe this is the case with Jerrold?
48. where Sderot is, there was a village called Najd
observer   (01.25.10)
Sderot is built on the lands of Najd, a Palestinian village ethnically cleansed by Jewish militia in 1948. It was home to about seven hundred people, most of them small farmers. Two days before the declaration of the State of Israel – that is, on May 13th – Haganah forces expelled the inhabitants. Its residents fled into the Gaza strip. why rocketing? two-day fraud doesn't expropriate the right of Gazans to resist.
49. Israel changes priorities: Golstone's, Iran, lastly rockets
observer   (01.25.10)
50. BBS an atheist? Sez everything !
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.25.10)
51. Empty Spaces
Owen Cohen   (01.25.10)
The little rockets only land in empty paddocks. Goldstone's report is factual. Why were the Israelis afraid to give evidence. I think the truth hurts already-oy vey!
52. to #46 no Goldstone isn't
ghostq   (01.25.10)
he have never been to Israel before the report only when someone payed him he managed somehow to come to gaza, and not to Israel, his daughter will say anything to protect her father but we all know from fact that the first chance he had he took his flight to Southafrica and you be surprised to know that Einstein was zionist he visited Israel and put the corner stone on Haifa Univercity. that is where the definition of who zionists is wrong by someone who try to bash jews in pretance of against zionism(as you just did) zionist is the love of Israel, not necicerily religious one, since many r seculars and some of the religions r chritians. so your point of jewish zionist only is wrong by it's core.
53. to #47 not neciserily it's fake name
ghostq   (01.25.10)
many writer started their way with pen name the Americans r famous for it, he used that name cause it's the so call jewish steriotype American name knowing it will be hard to lockat him, I am talking writer like Mark twain(his real name was Clemans) or O. Henry. my guess is he isn't even jewish just want to get famous by exploting easy target that geranty him quick leterary fame, but he forgot about something that call critisism, and that his lack ability to inovative thinking, cause y publish a book when you can go to the web to find those reports ourselvs, any how my main point is while those writer I mentioned wrote amazing fiction, his fiction is wast of paper.
54. no32
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (01.25.10)
Moral cowardice Ian is allowing the Muslim butcher of Sudan and his Muslim Janjaweed militia to perpetuate ethnic cleansing against the infidels of Darfur and not stop him,so you,re a bleeding hypocrite and nutcase ?
55. no23
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (01.25.10)
You,re 63 years to late Steve as the two state solution was mandated in May 1948,how stupid these proagandists are .
56. no13
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (01.25.10)
You actually meant a huge rise in Islamophobia ,which is good ,unless you are already a Muslim ,if not then you,re about to become a Dhimni ,dunmbhead.
57. no8
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (01.25.10)
I,m an atheist but i recognise an unholy act when i see one,you really have shot a bolt or two BBS ,but we alraedy knew that long time ago ,now go and pray to the sun or whatever you atheists do.
58. no1
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (01.25.10)
Which Europeans are you talking about Avi ,the Muslims as they don,t figure in this argument ?
59. Holocaust Day and Justice Goldstone
Donna Nevel ,   NYC USA   (01.25.10)
To launch an attack on the Goldstone Report on Holocaust Day shamefully exploits the memory of those who died in the Holocaust in order to avoid dealing with the substance of the Report. If we wish to honor the victims of the Holocaust, then we should renew our commitment to insuring that what happened then never happens to anyone ever again. The Goldstone Report investigated allegations of war crimes committed in Gaza as part of a fact-finding mission; its primary author is Justice Goldstone, an internationally respected jurist whose integrity is universally acknowledged. Rather than responding to the Goldstone report as it proposes to do on Holocaust Day and by continuing its relentless assault on Justice Goldstone personally, Israel should declare its support for an independent investigation of the charges made in the report-and for an end to the occupation and siege of Gaza. Making such a declaration on Holocaust Day would do great honor to the memory of those killed in the Holocaust.
60. # 59
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
Holocaust Day is 27,January.2010. The IDF are preparing a report in answer to the Goldstone Report with photos to prove everything. On Holocaust Day we remember the victims of the Holocaust & only that. The border with Gaza will remain closed as long as the Hamas hold Gilad Shalit, as long as they believe in armed resistance & practise terrorism & dont recognize Israel. Is that so difficult to understand ?
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