Leftists in Sheikh Jarrah: Police discriminate
Ronen Medzini
Published: 25.01.10, 09:10
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1. The leftists are traitors: The settlers and chareidim aren't
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (01.25.10)
Obviously the traitors should be treated more harshly.
2. lol the unautorized demonstration
ghostq   (01.25.10)
wasn't the issue :P left wingers knows only to demonstrate and to make troubles, so they get arrested not peacfull just troubled bunch of people with childhood personal reasons. the thing is they fool those palis making the impretion that they care but they don't, not really just want extra attention. so they get the wrong kind so they whine. if you don't want the police on your back don't go for unauthorized demonstrations DUH. notthe smartest bunch. it's like complaining that water wet. again DUH.
3. University staff and other
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.25.10)
leftist protesters have had it their own way for so long in Israel that they find it incomprehensible that they, too, should be held to account for their illegal activities and enterprises. It's called "justice", Folks and you'll just have to accept it. Your weeping and complaints move me not at all. You want to make a statement; in life, you must pay for it.
4. The charideem are traitors the leftists are heroes
Avi ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
Keep up the protests and the right wing fanatics and the charideem will be defeated, Evil never wins.
5. The police is a threat to Israeli democray
Amir ,   Jerusalem   (01.25.10)
6. Elitist, stalinit, antidemocratic
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (01.25.10)
I won't analyze the police actions, just the words of the leaders of the protest: 1) Avner Inbar - "the crowd is composed by professors from the Hebrew University" 2) Sarah Beningna - "the sheets were dirty" Specially Avner statement shows that for him left sided professors of the HU are worth more than simple citizens, they are of course illuminated and not vulgar ignoramus like common people. It shows that the democracy he admires is the democracy they had in Athens, that's to say equals were just who were considered and accepted as citizens (not very democratic towards minorities) Sarah's statement shows where this people come from, spoiled brats, with too much money and too much luxury. Is it worth while to continue analyzing?
7. Pathetic Leftist self-hating JewsThe depths they will sinkto
8. to #4 ha? boss they both don't serve the IDF
ghostq   (01.25.10)
they r both idiots who will cost the Israeli gov money send them to unemploiment office from advance. what is your point? yeah when you say evil never wind is that include communism? just wonder how left you can be and what idioligy support that, cause you boss will suffer directly from this. irony yes indeed.
9. Love the use of "anarchist" &"outlaw" to romanticize themsel
L ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
themselves. After all, aren't all of those lefty professors and kids legends in their own minds? This kind nonsense isn't altruistic at all. It's just a juvenile attempt to define a vapid existence with attention-seeking vanity....and the verbiage is just too cute in trying to recruit. -- "Hey, I could be an....(say this in a dangerous husky voice::) ANARCHIST!"
10. Avi- evil never wins
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (01.25.10)
This is why every election, the left gets fewer votes; because you allow and encourage evil, and the nation is sick of it.
11. Thanks Ricardo: With two illustrations
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.25.10)
and a few short words of explanation, you were able to illuminate what appears to be going on. Much appreciated.
12. #1
shu ,   uk   (01.25.10)
im with you 100%
13. Protesters Represent ...?
Christy ,   Boston   (01.25.10)
quote" ...the crowd here is mostly composed of professors from the Hebrew University and Jerusalemite teens who sing protest songs ..." Wonder what the classes they teach are like? Do they stick to their subjects or do they use their class time as an extension of their protests and force their students to listen?
14. Consolation
observer   (01.25.10)
I'm actually quite chuffed that the Leftist protesters have taken the time to compare their treatment to that of others. As if they even bothered to do anything more than press buttons on their remote TV controls to watch a few carefully censored news clips of police action against other groups, and smirk self-righteously, safe in the knowledge that they pay taxes and serve in the IDF - don't they? - and thus will be treated differently when they protest. Well, boys, you've got it wrong. If you'd taken the time to stand by and watch how the police react to other protesters, you'd see that it is not quite as civilised as the news clips make out. And you know what more? The Yasam and police have been practising on the Palestinians for years and carefully gauging national and international opinion. Having seen no reaction of substance, they are now trying exactly the same methods on Jews.
15. the leftists are agents for foreign terrorist governments!!!
Eradicate the left   (01.25.10)
follow the money!
16. claims
colin   (01.25.10)
The claim that the police treatment against protesters is harshest compared to the arabs and haridim.Hope with all my heart that this is true and request that the police stop using kid gloves with these rubbish and use triple more actions putting some into hospital Please police break the bones,split thier heads and cause absolute terror against these turds. Careful--shit splatters.
17. to #13 you right what will happened
ghostq   (01.25.10)
when the gov will stop funding them, because they abuse tax money that comes from the gov, I think cut backs will be in mind. and of course unemployment by akademic force will be long.
18. no4
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (01.25.10)
Avi,if you prefer being a dhimni(Muslim surrogate) then pack up and move out to Palestine/Jordan as i,m sure Jews like youself will be well looked after overthere ,lehitraoth.
19. Conflict-Jerusalem
kevin j lee ,   Glasgow Scotland UK   (01.25.10)
Try to imagine 1948,the Arab Goverments havent instructed their Armies to Destroy the Jews and the birth of Israel,sure there would have been conflict between Israel & Palastinians,but I believe Peace would have been born after a few years,and today there would have been 2 states without barriers.After 1967 The Arab Goverments place was taken by all Countries who REFUSED to recognize Jerusalem as the rightfull Capital of Israel,and so the conflict continues.Israel must also bear some fault as she has conceded to demands eg Hevron,Gaza 2006/2009,using force to expel Israeli"s and Splitting Binyamin from Yehuda,never in the whole of the history (israel)has these 2 states been divided from each other.So the future is gloomy! Israel has conceded and her enemies believe she will assist in flushing herself into annihilation.Israel MUST draw the line in blood,and never concede. kjl.
20. Traitors are hung in many countries ..
Michael Peterson ,   lo   (01.25.10)
Imagine spying on your countrymen and reporting to newspapers that they moved a caravan. Or taking photographs at checkpoints of Israeli soldiers checking for suicide bombers and then saying that a suspected bomb carrier was treated overly harshly. These extreme leftists are sad lonely people with nothing much to offer society. The desperately seek attention and to get it, they band together and betray their country, and thereby get their names and pictures in the press. They are not 'bad' but do need psychiatric help. Michael
21. Leftists in Sheikh Jarrah: Police discriminate
Shoshannah ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.25.10)
hahahahaha - what a joke Let's see if we can count how many times Nadia Matar and other WIG members have been BEATEN by the police and thrown in jail simply for voicing their disagreement with government policies! You anti-Israel leftists can just shut up and go live somewhere else.
22. International Force
Resistor   (01.25.10)
badly needed
23. "leftists"
Simon ,   HCMC Vietnam   (01.25.10)
V. Ulianov (Lenin) qualified the leftist as: "Useful Idiots".
24. #22 resistor-ain't gonna happen.
Asaf ,   Jerusalem   (01.25.10)
25. Jewish Force
Transistor   (01.25.10)
will protect Jewish interests not only between the Jordan river and the sea but also in Greater Israel between the Nile and Euphrates rivers, and reconstitute the right of Jews to a little Empire of their own.
26. Leftists complain of strip-searches, dirty holding cell
William ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
But didn't seem to be devoid of nasty comments when young women from settlements were arrested during a protest and complained of the same thing. Infact, these women were called horrible names and accusations that they deserved it - from Leftist talkback posters here. Is this the level of "democracy" that Leftist claim to want - "free speech for me and my friends, but not my enemy"?
27. #4 - So this is more a protest against the religious?
William ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
This starts to make sense now - not interested in helping Israeli citizens or in justice, the Left appears to be focusing more on being anti-religious in order to push their own secular agenda. It sounds more to me like the Left wants a deomcracy that only includes those that they agree with. Is this the Chavez-style democracy or the Mullah-style democracy, Avi?
28. #9 - these are the same twits that protest WTO
William ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
These same twits who call themselves "anarchists" protest the WTO because they claim they don't give enough money to poorer countries, but end up costing the WTO/IMF millions of dollars in added security because of their retarded escapades. During an interview by The Daily Show of WTO protesters when in Seattle last year, not one protester had the same topic of protest. Most dressed as "anarchists" and came out just to be devisive, with no real purpose. Outside Boston, a local public-access FM radio station has a show called "Dissent" and it is 2 hours of college kids and fringe professors b*tching about the world, with such uber-Leftist language as "tea baggers" and "the facist Right", but no real topics or value.
29. Traitors, traitors, everywhere are traitors.
Gary Williams ,   Canada   (01.25.10)
This same hyper-simplified, black & white thinking has been heard around the world on virtually every subject. The RWA's (authoritarians) need for simplicity is the same whether it comes from an Israeli Jew or Palestinian Muslim. And a worldview that has us all divided into "Us vs Them" must invariably lead to the kinds of death and destruction that leads to war after war. RWAs are the traitors, as witnessed by both history and today's struggle in Palestine. Always the violence comes from those with overly simplified, thus right-wing ideologies. One culture's RWers become frightened and/or angered by the sounds of another cultures right-wingers, both urging war and terror against the other, nether having the intellectual capacity to see any way forward other than to war against the whole culture, both sides unable to see that it is a small minority within their own ranks who drive this never-ending cycle of fear and aggression. Thankfully, since WW2 there has been a lot of research into who it is that starts wars and actions that led to things like the Holocaust, and the science very clearly points to the RWA-SDO as the harbinger of war and terrorism. Search on those terms and learn who they are, what they have done and will continue to do unless we isolate them somehow.
30. Leftists as "idiots"?
Gary Williams ,   Canada   (01.25.10)
Considering Lenin was himself a leftist, it would take the hyper-simplified mind of the right-winger (RWA) to ignore a detail like that --- one that clearly points to missing context. But just in case your still confused, research clearlty shows that education and/or intelligence have a left-wing bias. Or, as one researcher put it: "Conservatism is not the doctrine of the intellectual elite or of the more intelligent segments of the population, but the reverse. By every measure available to us, conservative beliefs are found most frequently among the uninformed, the poorly educated, and the less intelligent" (p. 38). McClosky, H. . Conservatism and personality. American Political Science Review, 52, 27-45.
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