Leftists in Sheikh Jarrah: Police discriminate
Ronen Medzini
Published: 25.01.10, 09:10
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31. #29. #30 - Your post itself shows your biased nature
William ,   Israel   (01.25.10)
Claiming the Right-wingers are violent and intransigent ignores the fact that the majority of Left-wingers are as well. The idea that the Left feeds to themselves - that the Right is full of hateful, rich, violent nationalists who fear outsiders, and the Left is full of laborers who love peace, embrace the outsiders, and always work for the collective benefit - is pure b*llshit! The Left is anything BUT interested in collective benefits and justice, as seen in the many tactics they use to hurt Israel, and in turn damage the livelihood of thousands of "palestinian" laborers. One analyst in the US said the smartest thing I've heard in a long time - the Left and the Right are from the same mold, neither follow populist views, and both are just fighting over who controls the money, power. In other words - they follow the typical tribal elements we see among the "palestinians". Lenin and Chavez are Leftists, and both support reaching their goals through violent means, and oppressing dissenting viewpoints. Sadly, your claim that intellectual elite are open-minded and the dumb are conservative only underscores the arrogance of the myopic Left.
32. Not my opinion
Gary Williams ,   Canada   (01.25.10)
Perhaps you didn't notice the quotation marks, but this isn't my "opinion". It is the facts as determined by those who study these things as part of many governments attempts to understand how and why so many otherwise "normal" people could become so violent toward people who have done no harm to them eg. Nazi Germany. And what they have found is that those people are overwhelmingly people who subscribe to a political worldview called by us "conservatism", or to psychologists as "RWA-SDOs" (right-wing authoritarian - social dominance orientated) . The quote I used is from a paper found on the Oklahoma Department's of Corrections website. Even the Dept. of Homeland Security counter-terrorism panel has up research findings implicating right-wing conservatives as the group from which we can most expect terrorists to come from. But the problem is that conservatives often suffer a syndrome that does not allow them to blame themselves for their sorry lot in life preferring instead to project their own psycho-sexual deviance out onto those who most likely to unmask them, hence the origin of whacked-out ideas like how journalists and university professors are actually rabid "lbruls" who take these jobs because they apparently have nothing better to do with their time than make up stories just to make you look bad.
33. #32 - Not your opinion, you sure support it though
william ,   Israel   (01.26.10)
From the tone of your post, despite your hiding behind the claim "this is not my opinion" you certain sound like you agree with it, almost rabidly. Read your comment..."project their own psycho-sexual deviance..." referring to Right-wingers. I'll tell you - if you want to see some social-sexual deviance, go visit a rave party in any Leftist teenage enclave: Tel Aviv, Seattle, LA, Portland, NYC, Berlin, etc. Though I agree with you that some (and I stress "some") right wingers hold a conspiracy theory about others to hide their own lack of introspection, the same too for Leftists. Infact, everything you mentioned in this report I have seen personally reflected on the Left, some so extreme that they support suicide bombings themselves. In that group, I have seen University professors hide behind the guise of free speech and spout the same violence and hatred, while threatening those with dissenting views with poor grades. Ok, so this report isn't your opinion...exactly. But for someone who claims objectivity, we would expect a similar report about the Left, and really tie both extreme sides together in an explanation of human psyche.
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