Secret report: Iran bomb closer than ever
Published: 25.01.10, 19:09
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1. american&israeli intelligence
Observer   (01.25.10)
Iran is more advanced in nuclear and military fields that western intelligence says.
2. Israel doesn't need to send planes
Chatich   (01.25.10)
to destroy the satanic nuclear project of the ayatollas and the midget hitler, just a few well placed mossad agents. How do you say chernobyl in farsi?
3. This is not news.
ben Ish   (01.25.10)
I have already been saying for 2 years now, that Iran will be able to produce a nuclear weapon by 8/2010. This is based on known facilities and capacity. Any clandestine facilities they have will obviously shorten that time frame. In order to complete a device in that timeframe however, would require certain activity that would be noticeable. If they opt for a less visible track, they can still achieve the same objective no later than 2015, without anyone being able to detect it.
4. Obama is sitting on his couch with his Wii playing
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.25.10)
World War Two games of shoot em up and destruction. You will never get any help from this smuck that everyone touted as the one to get things done. He is ignoring the problem just like Europe. Any time Obama sends One of the Clinton's to negotiate.....he is ignoring the problem. He will let Iran get the bomb and do nothing about it.
5. #1 how do you k now?))
Leo   (01.25.10)
6. Here we go again..more blah blah blah...
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (01.25.10)
Last one I remember was from THE TIMES OF LONDON,which of course the CIA said was based on false information. I wonder how they came up with this one. Probably in a few weeks you would also hear that MICKY MOUSE has estimated iran will have the bomb in a matter of days.
7. So,can we say that basically it's over??
Mark ,   Netherlands   (01.25.10)
They already know how to build one,they can(most probably have)built one,and the only obstacle remaining is to fit the bomb on a missile. I believe they have passed the red line,and no military strike would set back their nuke activities now. I mean lets face it,what good could come from bombing a few KNOWN nuke sites??those are probably decoys.
8. He he he
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (01.25.10)
This is the voice of Israel.
9. the clock is ticking
Psalms83 ,   Selah   (01.25.10)
and the alarm is about to ring... time is overdue stop hitting the snooze button
10. iran nuclear
marv   (01.25.10)
iran will attack israel with nuclear once they have a few bombs. World will do nothing. Its up to israel to learn from hitler. Either they do something, or another auschitz will happen. Now as then, jews did not want to confront evil-too bad!
11. You see,you don't see SarahB when the article is...
Alex ,   Stockholm-Sweden   (01.25.10)
Too much for her...LOL. She probably feels a bit ashamed to admit that she was wrong all this time and her predictions have failed.
12. Would they be crazy enough ..
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.25.10)
to first strike? Doubtful. Can Israel afford to take that chance? Doubtful.
13. propoganda
hanzalah naji   (01.25.10)
i think that this news edited in mossad offices, i think that is one of the ways that israel preparing the world that they will attack Iran, and I dont know if israel can pay the account after this trip, i am afraid that they will pay it many times, exactly as olmert trips and rishon tours, but this time the agents will be hamas and hizolah and maybe syria, and then to pay to the source iran, i hope they will deduct tax at source, lol
14. #13 hanzalah naji
Hal ,   USA   (01.25.10)
While you are planning Israel's travel plans in this regard, maybe you should understand that the tax on any activity by Hezballah, Syria or Iran for that matter, as you say, would be devestating. I am sure that even your imagination can wrap it's self around the outcome of that response. Dig deep my friend and when you stop, dig deeper!
15. Re#11
psalms83 ,   selah   (01.26.10)
Worry not- she will be along shortly...much to your sugrin... ;)
16. What is Israel waiting for?
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.26.10)
The Mad Mullahs threaten us with nuclear destruction. Now they're apparently less than a year away from building functional nuclear bombs. Why isn't Israel taking action to destroy Iran's nukes? What is Israel waiting for?
17. #11
building a nuclear bomb is the easy part. the building of a DELIVERY SYSTEM is the hard part and iran is years away from that technology. hameed aboughaze, iranian
18. To all concerned
David ,   USA, exile   (01.26.10)
To believers and scoffers alike. I can tell you with 100% certainty that there will never be a nuclear explosion in Israel. "HaShem does nothing without first revealing it to His servants the Prophets." There is no Scripture that says this will happen. Now, of course we don't know why it will not happen. We do know that Damascus will become a ruinous heap. And we know the results of the Psalm 83 attempt to destroy Israel, so it may not be in prophecy because it will be prevented by the IAF. Scoffers, laugh now while you have the chance.
19. Another secret report:
John ,   Boise, Idaho, USA   (01.26.10)
Cruise missles closer than ever...just a few thousand
20. Why don't you tell the truth?
Rad ,   Canada   (01.26.10)
why don't you tell your readers the truth ? Iran has the bomb already! Where are the lost Nukes from the falling USSR? Iran is pragmatic and would reach an agreement easily if get a good offer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead with a good offer and divide the region between both of you!
21. #11 demonstrates the duplicity of terror-sympathizers
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.26.10)
So, let me get this straight, Alex: Being the leftist Iran-sympathizer that you are, all this time when Iran claimed that their nuclear technology was for "peaceful purposes only", you and your Iran-sympathizing leftist ilk were screaming that the West should not buy into Israel's propaganda about 'peaceful' Iran. However, now when Iran's blatant lies are exposed, and it is proven beyond doubt that their intentions were anything but peaceful - instead of being mad and criticizing Iran for deceiving and suckering the world, you choose to gloat here about the fact that they have succeeded with this lie? Which you and your Iran-sympathizers (or better say, terror-sympathizers) helped promote? This duplicity is astounding.
22. delivery system
ben Ish   (01.26.10)
That would be exactly *one* midsized panel truck. Not terribly complicated. I'm pretty sure Iranian scientists can handle that one.
23. Chaim and the "mad Mullahs"...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.26.10)
...Israel is not going to attack Iran because the United States said NO. Period. NO means NO. End of conversation about this point. Israel will simply not be permitted to cause WWIII and the likely fall of the free world's economy over its insane need to steal land and resources outside of its internationally recognized boundaries. That's just the way it is. Advocating that Israel attack Iran unilaterally is national suicide Chaim. What are you nuts? Have you not read the likes of Anthony Cordesman? Are you sure you want to keep promoting the arrival of hundreds of chemical warhead laden Iranian missiles raining down on Israel in the event of such an attack? Bibi is not sure of Iron Dome. Are you? For all your fellow Israelis, well are you? Why do you wish disaster upon your people?
24. Iran wants to destroy Israel for several reasons :
Ron B. ,   Lod   (01.26.10)
- It is an outpost of and possible military base for Iran’s primary enemy, the US, in the Middle East. - Israel is one of the few issues guaranteed to unite all Muslims, and championing its destruction allows Iran to obtain influence even with Sunnis, such as Hamas. - Israel sits in the most strategic spot in the Eastern Mediterranean, an area in which Iran wishes to project its power. To understand Iran today :
25. to #23 so how would you explain the rockets
ghostq   (01.26.10)
Iraq send to Israel during the Gulf war, you started the fight there and Israel was the one who got hit. and yes Iran is going to attack Israel, after so many declarations of whiping out the zionist entity from the map you really believe dictatorship like Iran, they kill their own people so to them it will be easy to kill Israelis.
26. to #23 nearly forgot
ghostq   (01.26.10)
chaves also get fair share in this but I reckon your neighbours from the south is not going to attack USA, just send a rocket or two up north. :) now do you want to risk your fellow Americans :) I guess so.
27. to #13 just in case you didn't read right
ghostq   (01.26.10)
it's from Der Spiegel news media. not the Amerikan or Israel news media.
28. Iran "closer than ever" - Not again!
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.26.10)
We have been hearing this every day for the last three years. Soon it will be "Iran got the Bomb ". It will have a dozen by the time the inept and useless west impose "sanctions" which would be useless and fruitless and their patheitic way of saying " we tried" but failed- again
29. 17 Hameed: Russia gave Iran and China Sunburst Missiles...
Rivkah   (01.26.10)
that can blow a ship out of the sea with a nuclear warhead without being detected by radar before impact since the missile fly below radar. That is a delivery system that can hit ships or a coastal city like Tel Aviv. It is reported that Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons from Pakistan where they financed the costs of developing them. If the Saudis and the Pakis have nukes, then Iran probably does, too.
30. to # 16
Archie ,   usa   (01.26.10)
Chaim, Israel is waiting for its own destruction,take this to the bank brother! because obama will stop israel nukes to reach iran in a pre-emptive strike on these evil mullahs. fearing retalation by zillions of unguided iranian scuds to shower our troops in the region, this is the exact fact fact what is happening now! the only way out of this is for israel to nuke/galssify iran right now!!! to assure the chicken -shit us. government the security of of their own troops! is this not ironic? just about the smallest country in this world is defending the strongest mightiest country of the united state of America!!!
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