Israeli hospital in Haiti ends operations
Noam Barkan
Published: 26.01.10, 00:17
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1. Good job..get back home...Iran is awakening
Al   (01.26.10)
They are about to unleash Hamas and Hizbullah. They are pushing the wall and they know Obama is a nothing who will do nothing. They are about to up the ante. Get ready for some kick ass war..its coming.
2. arab aid to haiti
moshon   (01.26.10)
arabs have given next to nothing to haiti. Some argue they are too far away, they do things regionally.These arguments fail as israel has just proved in haiti. The reason that arabs didn't give much was because haitians are not moslems and that they are black. Arabs point to israel as blockading gaza. What rubbish. Egypt blocks its border and israel chooses not to trade with gaza as it receives rockets and death in return.As it is, Israel let food and fuel in even during wartime. That israel doesn't want to deal with gaza is its right. Besides all of the narratives, so calle palestinains do not want a state; they simply want no israel. 2 Sate or 1 s tate will not work. Both races need total separation. Its best that all the arabs go to jordan(original mandate) . And israeli arabs ought to be good citizens or kicked out of the state. After heroic efforts of israel which dwarfed the EU and russia, along with canadians and others, to return to the arab narrative of bull, lies, death cult is depressing. It translates to the arabs and israelis being 2 different people, going in 2 different directions. israel is modern, open and advancing. Arabs are old world, islam bound as the suicide bombers prove,selfish, and main contribution to the world is how to complain and collect handouts. look at them, syria, economic basket case and, Iran(whose good people are ruled by 2 dumbells stepped in blood and fanaticism like hitler). Whatever happens, israel has to be totally independent of arabs.
3. Leaving so soon?
Cameron ,   USA   (01.26.10)
If it was more than a humanitarian/PR exercise, then stay for a time. As usual, the Yanks get stuck having to shoulder the game while others make their exit.
4. Thank you Israel. Once again, you are the shining Star of
world. ,   JC Ft.Worth, TX   (01.26.10)
5. a Jewish hand in peace to Haiti
Leif Erik H. Niclase ,   Argir Faroe Island   (01.26.10)
Again and again you show this World your open hand that reach out in peace to all Nation, you are the chosen people of THE TRUE GOD ,BLESS HIS PEOPLE ALL OVER THIS WORLD
6. Thankyou Israel
david ,   uk   (01.26.10)
7. G-d Bless Israel and its medical workers...
Jacob ,   UK   (01.26.10)
"I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles." Isaiah 42 v 6.
8. Bless You
Pinchas ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.26.10)
Great Job, you represent Israel well!
9. To aid to haiti
Tareq ,   Kuwait   (01.26.10)
Dear Moshon, I read your article and you are wrong about that arab and muslim country didnt help Haiti. Kuwait donated money to Haiti as a help, you cant judge all muslims and arabs as people with no heart. Imagine if I said the same thing about Jews and Israelie, the first thing you will say that this is antisematic. In each place there are good people and bad people and this applies to all not only Arabs and muslims, I have nothing against any person no matter what was his or her religion, I distinguish between people as the way they treat me or respect me but I never generalize. To end up just know that not all arabs or Muslims are bad or heartless, I know the problems between Israelies and Palastinians play a big role in the way that you think about Arabs and Muslims, but for sure there are good Arab people and Muslims. Have a good day.
10. to #3 put a corck in it
ghostq   (01.26.10)
cause the other teams didn't have field hospital, and they stoped their activities 3 days ago. living the Israeli team with the realy serious cases when they gave up, I talked to some of the teams so I kinda have more clue if you think American aid is due to the generoucity it's one big no cause you just don't want them immigrating to your state. so about time that someone will put Americans in the right prespective.
11. israel leaving
joe ,   usa   (01.26.10)
the yanks showed up a week late the israeli were there one of the first and their team is relativly small now that the yanks showed up with huge hospitals this small group has no place
12. That's a rather flimsy rationale, joe
Cameron ,   USA   (01.26.10)
Considering the scale of medical suffering & injury in Haiti, now is an awful moment to be packing bags and folding up tents. The Israeli teams have done good work, and much more is needed. Wrong moment to toss the cards in, and step away from the game.
13. To Cameron
Proud Israeli ,   Israel   (01.26.10)
The Israeli team is leaving because the Americans have finally set up bigger hospitals. The Israeli team was not meant to stay on indefinitely; they all have jobs and families back home. I, as an Israeli, am very proud of what my little country did in Haiti.
14. Tarek in Kuwait
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.26.10)
Your country has given money , i heard about it . ONE million dollar , this for an very oil rich country . The same sum was given by an American cinema actor , without having those petrodollars you have . You were even not helping your "palestinian brothers" , they could NOT have a business of their own in your country , only 49 % of it . So helping faraway non Muslims ?
15. thank you
Mary Beth   (01.26.10)
Thank you Israel for the wonderful care and devotion. Whoever helped should be thanked, no matter the religion or skin color. How trite to start all kinds of jealousy nonsenses- this is not a competition. Be glad that people helped and hope that next time-which I hope there will not be, those who did not help will offer help, and those who already help will continue to do so. Israel is a great nation.
16. Kol Ha Kavod to the doctors and nurses.
vered ,   israel   (01.26.10)
Their lives were in danger too, regarding the strong aftershocks. This is not a contest. Over 100,000 people lost their lives, and maybe more will lose their lives. Arab countries did help. This is about helping the Haitians, not pointing fingers. I am glad that our country contributed, and we should thank our medical system for representing us.
17. to #9 Israelis r jews, what is your point?
ghostq   (01.26.10)
there is no and they r not two different things, zion isn't political issue but religious one, every jew pray with it's head toward jerusalem, duh and just because one Arab donat money it doesn't mean the was rescue teams, only Turkey send her team and they did amazing job but they r not Arabs, mmm the 100,000 neads food blankets medical care people there lost not only lives and their entire families but their house and their working places, and you want to tell me it was so hard to send a team of 20 people to give a helping hand, even poor countries from centeral amerika send their teams like Mexico, what excuse the Arab world got now? this got nothing to do with Israel or jews, so y not helping someone other than you I know I am cause I was raised that way but reality speak for it self.
18. Great job, IDF guys and dolls! You showed the world how to
Rivkah   (01.26.10)
do it the best and you got lots of coverage on US national and international TV. Now if only the world will admit there was a reason salvation is of the Jews, as Rabbi Yeshua said. Salvation is of the Jews.
19. They are needed now more than ever, Proud Israeli
Cameron ,   USA   (01.26.10)
Our personnel have family & lives far away as well. This "pack & dash" move cheapens & tarnishes the Israeli effort. Consider the grim scale of what has happened in Haiti. Make it more than some quick, temporary "hey, look at us shine in the sun" moment. Passing, PR symbolism in this kind of horrific disaster? Reminds me too much of the Europeans forever looking to appear noble & righteous, yet always at the ready to disengage at the first opportunity that presents itself.
20. Last week on ABC national news Diane Sawyer, the host,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.26.10)
praised the ability of Israel to set up the only surgical hospital and how they rescued people and she asked, "With America so close why couldn't we have done as good as Israel?" ABC is not usually kind to Jews or Israel but this time she couldn't have said anything nicer.
21. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.26.10)
Instead of saying thank you to the Israelis who rushed to Haiti to help & give medical treatment, amongst other suff, you criticize them for leaving too early. Has it crossd your mind that the Israelis after doing the preliminary work, are not needed now? The USA medical teams & aid workers & others can well manage without the Israelis. To quote President Obama, when he spoke about the Haiti people, "You will not be forsaken, You will not be forgotten." Believe me if the Israeli team was still needed in Haiti, they would stay. Our team have to return for the reason being that they are needed in Israel.
22. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.26.10)
Instead of saying thank you to the Israelis who rushed to Haiti to help & give medical treatment, amongst other suff, you criticize them for leaving too early. Has it crossd your mind that the Israelis after doing the preliminary work, are not needed now? The USA medical teams & aid workers & others can well manage without the Israelis. To quote President Obama, when he spoke about the Haiti people, "You will not be forsaken, You will not be forgotten." Believe me if the Israeli team was still needed in Haiti, they would stay. Our team have to return for the reason being that they are needed in Israel.
23. To#14 tarek in Kuwait
Tareq ,   Kuwait   (01.26.10)
Dear Charles, 1 million or 1 pinny at least we gave Haiti some help period. regarding to the Palastinians, I think you dont live in Kuwait to understand what Kuwait gave palastinians, home, free health, free education, some of them even got Kuwaiti nationality. There were 400000 palastinians in kuwait having their own business and everything, their leader supported Iraq against us during the invation of Kuwait, when they left kuwait, they got all their money and proprties. Kuwait did a lot, dont say that we didnt help them, i am A kuwaiti and I know for sure what we gave them, and beside releigion has nothing to do with the help, Kuwait has helped so many African countries and poor countries, and just couple of months ago they gave money to abbas when he visitied Kuwait. We did our part, and we are proud of it. have a great day.
24. Doing good is always good
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.26.10)
Even if regular human beings do not recognize the love of those doing good,at the end,even though, the whole world becomes better. It is a subtle ,almost unnoticed, movement being done by blessed souls,and it will ultimately reach the Goal.
25. Great Job!!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (01.26.10)
Saw some news reports in the US that praised the Israeli team. They got their medical facility up and running before any other nation's, even the US. Israelis should feel very proud!
26. to # 17. Israelis r jews, what is your point?
Tareq ,   Kuwait   (01.26.10)
My point is not all arabs and musims are bad DUH. you dont have to tell me that long story, just read the article carefully and understand what I meant, if we didnt send any team to Haiti that doesnt mean we didnt help, I admit we dont have an advance team and equipemnts like you do, but we help in the way that we can. And I dont understnd, why mentioning that jew pray towrds jerausalem, i already know that , anyway your opinion may differ than mine, but I respect it anyway. have a great day.
27. Come off it, Birdi
Cameron ,   USA   (01.26.10)
The Israeli team gets a big pat on the back for the good work they have done the last no. of days, but they do not get one for packing up, & marching to the airport this early. An absolutely staggering amount of medical care is critically vital at this point. Every medical professional available is urgently needed. Sorry to put a damper on the smiling self-congratulating, but there is a mountain of medical care required for Haiti. My God, what a pompous ego you folk labor under at times. The Israeli medical mission is bugging out after only a no. of days in the middle of a disaster of surreal proportions, and that aspect of the Israeli effort impresses me not.
28. #27 Hey Cameron!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.26.10)
I don't know if you are Jewish because I don’t often read your talkbacks,but anyway,when one gives Tzdacah,should he/she give their all fortune to a cause?Come on! Give what you can with conscience and that's more than enough!
29. And I tell you more,#27
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.26.10)
Israel went to that disaster zone with genuine altruistic intentions,very differently from your country and from the whole bunch that are now going there, to,like vultures,"reconstruct"that country with BIG contracts for constructing companies. Occupying vultures,that's what YOU are!
30. # 27
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.26.10)
Tough that we dont impress you & tough that you think we are pompous. The Israeli medical team were in Haiti for 12 days & not as you say, a couple of days.
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