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Mount of Olives cemetery goes online
Ronen Medzini
Published: 31.01.10, 08:08
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1. Realize how old our history in (East) Jerusalem is.
The world needs to know this. We cannot be kept away from visiting our deceased loved ones. In the years when Jordan controlled The Wall, the treaty said they would allow Jews to pray there, but they did not. We cannot turn over East Jerusalem ever. I live in religious all-Jewish city and an Arab with full regalia (Kafia, etc) went shopping (for some unknown reason) in one of the main supermarkets. Many stared in concealed disbelief. My husband chatted with him amiably in the checkout line. If my husband went to Ramallah dressed in his religious you think anyone would be amiable with him? Have you read any of the Ynet updates lately like "Israeli accidentally entered PA territory. Escorted out unharmed" (The big news is that it is amaaazing he was unharmed even under guarded escort). Be tolerant, Israel....but continue to be smart and strong.
2. wooooooow thank you for the website this is so cool
ghostq   (01.31.10)
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