'Israel could face earthquake similar to Haiti one'
Zvi Lavi
Published: 26.01.10, 13:14
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1. and the point is???
ghostq   (01.26.10)
we already know that, cause the ancient city of Beit Shan was destroyed cause of the quake, they found sekeleton that dated more than 2000 years ago in the city Agura. so what else is new, Israel sit right on top of the two plates. you think that old buildings in Israel got quake proffen, the trouble is you cant quake proof them just invest in good alarming system cause it will be very hard to re base the foundation of all the buildings in Israel, how you r going to do that for 7 million people? only good alarm and regulations just in case. and don't forget to count your blessings as well, good luck than.
2. and a tsunami
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.26.10)
and a 9/11. so what?
3. Jews and mass grave burials...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.26.10)
...I am pretty sure that the people who died when an EL-AL plane was shot down over Bulgaria in 1955 were buried in one grave, I think I even passed it when visiting a family member's grave at Har Herzl some years back. Does anyone know for sure?
4. Earthquake in Tel Aviv
Annette ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.26.10)
I'm very worried about a quake in Tel Aviv. My building is on "stilts" like many here seem to be and i have no idea how strong the foundation is. I know residents here have spoken about fortifying for earthquake, but then the price is always too high and the "vaad" (committee) decides against it. I guess the only real option is moving, but i wish there was a nation wide program at least to help residents strengthen our buildings.
5. #4
Observer ,   Melbourne   (01.26.10)
Easy move out of Israel to a safer place like Australia.
6. to #4 hahahaha right, you don't know
ghostq   (01.26.10)
how your country built, the souce of the quake won't be in TA try along the river and the low areas of your country, I think it's the first time anyone moved apartment cause he or her fear quakes, baaaaa try because your hous crambling and quake isn't related.
7. #4 Annette
Logic ,   Israel   (01.26.10)
I think only 2/3 of flat owners need to agree to get a reinforcement project started, so if you can convince most of them to agree and pay, then the others have to put up with the noise yet get to be free riders anyway.
8. 4
zionist forever   (01.26.10)
My building is also built on stilts its something i have never understood about building design in Israel. Forget the earthquakes tif there was a bomb or some other kind of explosion that takes out one of those stilts the load would probably be to much. There has also been a real drop in security standards. In my building the bomb shelter has been converted into apartments. Other than the fact these old buildings don't even have secure rooms what good is a secure room when a bomb drops or there is an earthquake each floor would collapse in on itself just like in 9/11 In the last 10-20 years Israelis have started to feel to safe fron anything but terror and building construction reflects that. This building is only about 3 stories high
9. Jerusalem will become a seaport city from an earthquake!
Rivkah   (01.26.10)
Yes! It is true! The Prophet Zechariah said that when the Jewish Messiah comes as the Lion of Judah to rescue Israel and touches down on the Mount of Olives, an earthquake will make Jerusalem a seaport. Did Zechariah mean Old Jerusalem or the valleys of Jerusalem will be above water? That is a difference of a rise in ocean level of 250 feet or 2500 feet. This is important to know information when buying a home in Israel because you don't want to lose the home to the ocean level rising. I would guess the 250 foot rise in ocean level since that is Dr. Immanuel Vilikovski's estimate IF the North Pole shifts into Siberia as expected. BUT, if the North Pole shifts to the equator, there will be a 2500 foot elevation in the ocean above what is currently sea level. There will be another earthquake in Israel that Ezekiel describes that will help to destroy the forces of Magog, Persia, Lydia, etc. that attack. So build a 250 foot or higher seawall around Tel Aviv and other coastal cities because the ocean is rising and pumps like the Netherlands has will be needed in the future to pump out ocean water. When will the Pole Shift occur? Most likely in December 2012 if all the hype from many cultures about the fly by of Planet X in its 3600 year orbit are a reference to the Poles shifting when that occurs.
10. #4 Annette Update
Logic ,   Israel   (01.26.10)
I was incorrect. Only a simple majority is needed to get the reinforcement against earthquakes.
11. Why do I get a headache every time I read
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (01.26.10)
one of Rivkahs posts?
12. 10
zionist forever   (01.26.10)
How are you going to even get a majority who are going to want to spend money to have the building reenforced. Right now in my block they are building an elevator, the entire block is only about 3 stories so residents on the lower floors think its unfair should we contribute towards the cost of installing an elevator on a building that doesn't really need it. If people will complain about an elevator try saying to them there is a possibility that there will be an earthquake sometime and it might affect us. If somebody proposed to you spending money on strenghening the building from an earthquake that may never come at least whilst your living there would you want to spend money on that when you have much more immidiate concerns? Haiti has given everybody a scare but when things calm down nobody will be willing to start spending money on reenforcing old buildings. What is needed is much stricter building codes which must be enforced and things like bomb shelters must not be converted into apartments.
13. 7.0 and destruction
Kim ,   Seattle, USA   (01.26.10)
Seattle area had a 7.0 earthquake in 2001 - many buildings damaged but no deaths. California, Japan, Alaska, Tonga, and other areas get earthquakes 7.0+ with no deaths. The difference between those areas and Haiti is that Haiti building codes were not enforced and most of the buildings were not built to withstand an earthquake of any magnitude, I think the point of the article is to fear monger and get people to want stricter building codes "for their own benefit". The new Seattle mayor is using the Haiti earthquake to get a new seawall built for the city years before it was scheduled to be replaced (at taxpayer expense, of course)
14. Our dear neighbors
Sagi   (01.26.10)
Syria, Lebanon and Iraq will all come to our aid and even Iran will set up a field hospital.
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