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Scared of Netanyahu
Sever Plocker
Published: 27.01.10, 10:17
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1. Ridiculous
James ,   Canada   (01.27.10)
Interim agreements signed in the past haven't been worth the paper they were written on. They have been violated time and time again by the Israelis. Netanyahu wants to buy more time to solidify Israel's hold on the West Bank and create even more facts (settlements) on the ground.
2. Pals don't want reciprocity.They want all on silver platter.
Sam ,   Canada   (01.27.10)
Netanyahu is about reciprocity-give and take.Palestinians are about take and take and take until there is no more Jewish majority Israel. The US and EU are so anxious to please them that the Palestinians just sit back waiting to get it all.
3. very adequate analysis..
Alex ,   UK   (01.27.10)
.. but still beyond comprehension, -how the author was capable of writing that Haiti-Gaza nonsense? Maybe hired some freelancer?
4. scared
debbie ,   israel   (01.27.10)
YES, JAMES, and the Palestinians seriously abided by every word, agreement and paper. Yeah, well we've seen the result of that. What you said about Israel, can be related 100 times over to the Arabs.
5. #1 Netenyahu wants to buy more time..
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.27.10)
and the Palestinans are giving him all the time in the world.
6. Great Analysis
Mongo ,   Paris   (01.27.10)
The Palis are simply playing their long term "phase" plan by playing the "victim" while pretending to want peace. The proof was Arafat´s refusal to commit to peace when he conveniently endorsed the last intifada. Their people are so brainwashed with rejectionist hate that unless their leadership changes their policy (would be tantamount to betrayal in Arab eyes), nothing will change. Palis don´t want peace period. All Israel can do is to protect their interest while extending their hands out. This story will go on for generations still...
7. $One million to anyone who can say what Olmert DIDNT offer
Alan ,   SA   (01.27.10)
8. President Bill Clinton said this in his memoirs about Arafat
Alan ,   SA   (01.27.10)
"They charged that the Palestinians humiliated the president and screwed up his policy" More things change- more they stay the same
9. LOL, this article is a joke.
Dudu   (01.27.10)
10. Thank G-D Bibi is tough
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (01.27.10)
Palestinians want an Obama who will cry along with them and give in to all their demands thinking he can earn another Nobel Prize (Don't those come in Cracker Jack Boxes now?) Bibi is a true Statesman and a tough negotiator unlike Livini & Olmert who gave away the Gaza so as to give the Palestinians a terrorist launching platform which they have turned into a sewer.
11. Mr. Netanyahu is going down, late 2010
Observer   (01.27.10)
12. # 6
J K ,   NYC   (01.27.10)
Don't worry so much. Gaza doesn't count anymore...only the 'West Bank'. With the way things are going in Europe these days, you'll get another 100-200,000 Jews leaving to Israel which will certainly tip the demographic balance especially with the drop in Arab fertility and the emigration rates. Israel isn't going anywhere.
13. They shun Bibi because they don't trust him. No one does.
Mark ,   London   (01.27.10)
14. EVERYONE Should Read "A Place Among the Nations"!! Awesome!
Alastair Murray ,   Perth / Jerusalem   (01.27.10)
A Great book by a Great Man indeed! Bibi is a true Zionist and such a brilliant Academic with a Love for His and Hashem's Country and People. Truly "The Chosen"!! He was placed into Power by G-d Almighty just FOR THIS TIME! The Anti-Israel puppets of Political Corectness, Olmert and Livni were justifiably kicked well out of sight! When will Livni get the message - we dont WANT You Darlin'!! No Zionist, Christian, Secular or Orthodox, wants to sell out His Land for His People. But regardless, Hashem will ensure these losers are removed, as well as those who threaten His People!! Judgement is coming soon on those who stand "Against My People" There indeed will be Hell to Pay!! G-d Bless Israel and God Bless His gift to this World, the Jewish Nation! But jealousy and hatred and evil continues to grow against the Hashemite people! Stand with G-d and we who serve Him will stand! For Eternity!! Proud to be a Christian Zionist who will always stand By and With my Jewish brothers and Sisters!!
15. We need a leader with a backbone
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.27.10)
Bibi isn't it. How about Moshe Feiglin instead. Bet that would have the Arabs whining for good ol' Bibi.
16. I love these "Palestinian" delusions. Hope they keep it up.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.28.10)
So "Palestinians" think they are winning the demographic race. Guess they're believing their own false propaganda. Many credible American and Israeli studies prove otherwise. However, I love these "Palestinian" delusions. Hope they keep up their delusions another decade or so. By than we'll have more than a million Jews in Judea and Samaria. "Palestine" will be nothing but a fictitious nightmare.
17. Dan, you don't even know who vacated Gaza?
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.28.10)
Don't you think you should make some effort to who's who before making comments? See Ariel Sharon, and the final version of the Gaza Disengagement Plan; Olmert came after Sharon. Try and keep up. Can I see your Nobel Prize please? You might also study up, I mean really study, and read the timelines, we do have the technology you know, to look up the time before the Gaza Disengagement and how many times that Ariel Sharon was warned that without coordinating the security situation with the PA, Gaza would turn into EXACTLY what it turned into. Why one might even find that Sharon fully intended it that way... An indication of this was after the breach in the wall at Rafah by Hamas. Israel was trying to imply that they would wash their hands of Gaza and let it be Egypt's problem. Dan, that is because Sharon wanted the pressure taken off the illegal West Bank colonies. Having unrest and Hamas to point at in Gaza made a perfect foil to get the world to look one way while Israel stole more land and resources in the West Bank. But then the Secnd Lebanon War intruded on Westerners apathy and they started seeing just how ruthless Israel is with civilians, with the "terrorists" not so much. That was the teaser. Then the War on Gaza sewed it up. The Goldstone Report is a watershed event for Israel. No more can it "go wild" as Tzipi Livni said. There is a penalty to be paid when Israel claims that it's weapons fire was nearly 100% accurate, and yet, then it denies actually targeting all those civilians and civilian targets. Its impossible to be both...
18. Alan, Plocker is lying by omission...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.28.10)
Here is what President Obama really said in his interview with Time: "Both sides — the Israelis and the Palestinians — have found that the political environment, the nature of their coalitions or the divisions within their societies, were such that it was very hard for them to start engaging in a meaningful conversation. And I think that we overestimated our ability to persuade them to do so when their politics ran contrary to that." "Both sides" Alan. (and Plocker). And yet, Israel is the stronger side here, the state that is supposed to be the shining beacon. President Obama noted that "on the Israeli front — although the Israelis, I think, after a lot of time showed a willingness to make some modifications in their policies, they still found it very hard to move with any bold gestures." Read that a few times Plocker. And then read it a few more times. And then venture out and see how many of your colleagues are taking away a far different impression that you are claiming. Perhaps take heed of Aluf Benn who wrote in Haaretz in response to the Time interview: "...In this situation, leaving the regional players to their own devices, imprisoned in their unceasing desire to settle accounts with their rivals, increases the risk of war. Perhaps Obama is blind, and does not understand this, or perhaps he is simply sick and tired of "the Jews and the Arabs." But there is a third possibility - that he is acting like Henry Kissinger before the Yom Kippur War: waiting for it to begin so that afterward he can summon the wounded parties to America, which will rescue them and impose order in the region."
19. as if
sahar   (01.28.10)
this situation is the best to israil .. but the israili barak say the opposit .. or he were not seriose ...
20. They Don't Want to Give Up Money
Christy ,   Boston, US   (01.28.10)
I've come to the conclusion, by observing these negotiations for decades, that the Palestinian Leaders, and others, don't *want* a real solution - they just want a perpetual 'problem'. The reason is money and power. The 'Palestinian Problem' is a great vehicle for some elites and leaders to obtain lots of money and power. Think of the BILLIONS of $'s that have been handed over to various people and groups in the name of this 'problem'. How much of that money has benefited ordinary Palestinians vs. how much has benefited their leaders, and other groups who supposedly work on their behalf?! Anyone asked for any accounting of where the money goes? The 'Palestinian Problem' is not about the everyday Palestinian people - the people are just used as pawns. It's also one of the only things that many Arab nations agree on. It's the glue that binds many Arabs together. Serious negotiating is to be shunned to keep the money train rolling. (The money to help solve this problem is shared by many groups around the world.) I also take the Radical Islamists at their word when they say they want to drive the Israelis into the sea and take over Israel. These people don't care about money. They are driven by belief and it seems non-negotiable by reading their web postings. As long as Israel doesn't give up any more land, or release more terrorists, it can't hurt to keep open to negotiations. Talk is cheap.
21. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.28.10)
Dan your post is correct. Olmert & Livni were in power when Israel vacated Gaza. Ariel Sahron was( & still is) in a coma at the time. The rest of BBS's post is pure rot as he tries to twist your words.
22. Bibi as 'statesman'?
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (01.28.10)
Only in your own delusional mind. Bibi is to statesmanship as Lieberman is to diplomacy as Bozo the Clown is to philosophical contemplation. Actually, Bozo fares much better in comparison.
23. Even a broken clock shows the right time
Joker   (01.29.10)
Even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day. All is right, except the arabs fear Obama, not Bibi.
24. Not one inch
daat y ,   jerusalem   (01.29.10)
The issue is 'Abbas states the Palestinians have not moved one inch since 1988. While Israel foolishly talks about continued 'compromises for peace.'
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