Netanyahu: New evil threatening us
Anat Shalev
Published: 27.01.10, 16:49
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1. Sounds like you-know- who will...
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.27.10)
eventually sooner or later get a good spanking.
2. The evil against Jewish Israel will fail, fall and die
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (01.27.10)
Israel, know that G-d, says that in the final days, your enemies will come against you in war BUT that l HE WILL BE WITH YOU and HE will slay your enemies and YOU will be burying your enemies for 7 months. Praise be Immanuel.
3. I guess dummy secular israeli netanono forgets about the
shmuel ,   unholyland   (01.27.10)
daily abuse of jews with the "palestinian" ruse
4. Stop talking and start acting
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.27.10)
One of the major reasons that I voted for you is that I believed that Tzippi Livni would do nothing to stop Iran. But so fay you also have nothing. Its time to act!
5. May Hashem bless Elie for speaking the truth.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.27.10)
6. Amalek is a myth!
JMK ,   NYC   (01.27.10)
7. Weisel's Comment Needs to Be Acted Upon
Dallas ,   Canada   (01.27.10)
The official silence of the West regarding Achmadinejad's blatant public incitement to murder a whole nation speaks volumes about the West's collaboration with Iran's genocidal intent. The call for Achmadinejad's arrest should rise loud and clear throughout the free world. It's time to stand up for humanity - time to reaffirm that we HAVE learned from WW2.
8. My Late Father Z"L survived Auschwitz
Al   (01.27.10)
He along with two sisters survived..The rest of his family perished at the hands of the Germans and their mitarbeiters. My dad spoke of the Jewish Kapos who would mercilessly kill their fellow Jews with impunity. He could never ever forgive those Kapo lowlifes or the Germans. He'd curse them (Zolen zai ale farbrent veren) My dad lived a quiet life in Canada after having been in Israel from 47-52. He also had the honour of being interned by the British in Cyprus from 46-47. The British were nothing to write home about. They openly sided with the Arabs in then Israel and helped the Arabs murder many Jews before May 1948. My dads generation survived hell to live to see a Reborn Jewish State. My dad always had great concern and love for Israel. Indeed in 48-49 he saw much action as a soldier in the Israeli Army against the Mitzrim. As all young men he wanted to build a life (Israel at the time was an economic basket case)and so he migrated to Canada to work and to start a family. He always spoke of Eretz Isroel lovingly and he never ever begrudged G-d for what had happened, for he was a religious Jew all his life. Even after he lost a son in Israel, never did I hear him speak negatively about G-d. My Father and all those who survived were made of steel. I miss him..I miss him terribly.
9. Judah..You are starting to get nervous with the service
Al   (01.27.10)
Thats a good thing. This PM will throw you out of the golan and give the land to the Syrians. He is weak and unreliable. He can talk the talk but he cant walk the walk. Oh he can talk a storm but he is weak... very weak. Look back at his time as PM during 96-99 and how he folded like a cheap suit on the Wye agreement. Clinton BS'ed him about Pollard and he was suckered. Be careful my fellow Canuck.
10. Netanyahu is right; it is brand new evil
observer   (01.27.10)
the evil of Gaza has been just before his days.
11. Lessons from WWII
Chain ,   US   (01.27.10)
Weisel's right... we should show what we learned from WWII and start WWIII... lets get the whole human race off this planet since none of our religions can live together...
12. Al, moving tribute to your father
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.27.10)
Your father definitely was a hero and I am sorry that he passed on. Fortunately my Dad is alive and well and walks 5kms every night in that freezing Ottawa winter. He turns 86 on March 5th. During World War 2 he was in the Canadian tank corps and he saw lots of action against the Nazis. As for the Golan. I do not trust any leader of any country and that is why it is so important that the Knesset passes the Golan referendum bill. Then it will not matter who the Israeli leader is because it will be the people who decide. I am confident that we will never leave the Golan. Afterall its been 43 years since it returned to our control. Just to let you a fellow Canuck know that today I took my 3 year old and 1 year old daughters fishing in a stream in the Golan and we caught two trout(forel)! My wife just fryed them and they were great.
13. Al #81/27/10
dave zimbalist ,   marlboro nj usa   (01.27.10)
I read your comments and cry. All Jews should realize we are one family
14. Judah..Like to talk to ya..
Al   (01.27.10)
drop me a line
15. To # 6 Amalek is no myth!
Dorothea Killus ,   South Germany   (01.27.10)
Taking history as myth is in itself the outcome of a mythical concept of time and space. This concept, having become dominant in Europe since the 1960s and spread from there - I studied it in depth, helping students and laity to be liberated from it - makes it easy to deny historical facts in general. The result is a distorted world view, with the consequence that one cannot cope with the struggles in his / her own life. When you take Amalek and what he stands for serious, you are not only realistic but can experience true victory.
16. Al, I tried but your email address was "not valid"
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.28.10)
My email to you was returned. Try me at
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