Document reveals scope of EU trade with Iran
Roni Sofer
Published: 28.01.10, 00:47
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1. Talk is cheap
James ,   IL   (01.28.10)
If Israel does not flatten Iran, Iran will flatten Israel. For Europe, Israel is an obstacle so don't count on for help. Pity that in Israel there still some leaders who believe that Europe has changed their attitude towards Jews. Wake up Israel and use your mighty power to eliminate the danger.
2. it's all about the money baby.!!!!!!
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (01.28.10)
it's all about the money as long as Iran can assure those counties that they are safe , they will do nothing ,as long as those counties prosper they will do nothing , Iran has one goal wipe Israel off the map , when was the last time any country really aided Israel or did not condemn Israel , the writing is on the wall the faster israel takes this in the better off they will be, MAY THE LORD FOREVER BLESS THE STATE OF ISRAEL.!!!!!!!
3. Nothing short of nuking the whole country will stop madmen.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.28.10)
4. Can we have a list of companies?
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (01.28.10)
Is it possible to publish the list of the most errant companies in terms of trading with Iran so that direct pressure may be exerted on them?
5. “Only” the destruction of Israel…
Ron B. ,   Lod   (01.28.10)
Most Europeans and Americans are not keenly aware that Iran is on track to having the ability to threaten Kuwait City, Riyadh, Dubai, Istanbul, Athens, Rome, Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles with nuclear weapons. They are oblivious to the ultimate aim of the Iranian nuclear weapons program: to transform Iran into the dominant global superpower by enabling its regime to attain hegemonic control of the petroleum production of all of the Gulf region’s oil states, while preventing the West from taking military action against Iran by deploying missiles that can obliterate Western cities. Instead, Americans and Europeans are under the impression that the program’s main goal is “only” the destruction of Israel… More about a nuclear Iran (3 parts) at :
6. israel have no business in our trade.
Massimo ,   Milano   (01.28.10)
7. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.28.10)
Thanks Robert for your blessings & support of Israel.
8. We Have A 'Talk' Culture Not A 'Do' One
Christy ,   Boston, US   (01.28.10)
I see it in my place of business, in my local and state governments - the main thing today is have meetings and talk about solving problems. A report is issued, perhaps groups formed to look into things further. This is followed by a responding report stating that steps are being taken to take care of the problem. The problem is considered solved when the final 'steps-to-take-care' report is issued. Nothing really important happens unless money or some 'important' peoples' jobs are at stake. Seems like the EU can safely talk and issue all the demands it wants. It won't take any action to seriously hurt its trade with Iran for now. No big surprise.
9. You'll have to swing this one on your own, Israel
Cameron ,   USA   (01.28.10)
Europe, as always, is a study in apathy. The US already is waging campaigns on 2 fronts, and the populace will not stand for a 3rd.
10. Dr Strangelove
Robert ,   Brisbane. Australia   (01.28.10)
#3 "Nothing short of nuking the whole country will stop madmen". There is evidently a Dr Strangelove posting here.
11. EU will sooner cut ties with Israel then Iran
jon   (01.28.10)
12. James @1 whether talk is cheap or not>
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.29.10)
Fact remains those said countries ar hypocrites,by admonishing Iran with one voice,and with another they still pursue doing business with Iran. Methinks they are just dhimmies and will regret it sooner than later. What is so galling is the constant speeches made by them; i.e France,Belgium,and the rest of Eurabians.Greed ans appeasement.. Someone here says:the EU will sooner cut ties with Israel then Iran. I doubt they would jon.The ME is a convoluted place and those countries need a democratic country such as Israel to be THE ROCK TO DEPEND UPON. To quote Winston Churchill: No it is not the end,nor the beginning of the end.But the end of the beginning for them jon. His words applies to the Israel too Different times,but truth in essense now for us Israelis. The oil is a commodity that will not last forever--it is not finite. Remember that.
13. Bunnie@ 3 >>>In one of my posts I did say:
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.29.10)
At the end of the day we Jews/Israelis have the biggest test case.i.e if push comes to shove: The Sampson option. I hardly think Iran will be foolish enough to try nuking Israel. An imposibilty becauseif they try not only will they pulverise themselves,but the whole of the ME will disappear in one giant FIRE BOMB. Then back to the "stone age",will the outcome be if possible ? Also if they really pursue regardless,then we'll apply M.A.D. Then not only the ME but all the world's countries will be KAPUT.
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