Arab League chief presses for Palestinian state
Associated Press
Published: 28.01.10, 08:01
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1. This is fair for everyone.
Observer ,   Australia   (01.28.10)
2. they missed the train, it was posible before
ghostq   (01.28.10)
the first intifada, but since the palis turned to violance as way of life well as they say in baseball strick your out. any how, no Israeli in his right mind will want that cause of the posible threat to jews in the area, Islam don't live in peace with other religioun the situation in Maleysa is fine example for that after the Muslim population now and again burn chrches without gov protection they had enough and there r clashes there the Chritians had no choice but to retaliate, the Muslim Arabs in Israel r no different we all saw the violant riots in Akko against anything jewish that went their way, so if you don't want civil war on your hands seperate the two populations that will do only good, (nearly forgot the ex Yugislavia situation, so nop this is just poor excuse for Muslims to do monkey bussiness and get what they can't and shouldn't have.
3. One state for Palestinians and Jordanians
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.28.10)
That would work.
4. They already have a state......
Avi The Builder ,   Eretz Yisrael   (01.28.10)
it's called Jordan where over 80% of the population are Palestinians.
5. One State - Not Two
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.28.10)
It won't be easy, but it is more workable than the falacious "two-state" solution that every two-bit politician has been pushing recently. And why not one state where everyone can live together peacefully?
6. one state: Jordan is Palestine
Laura ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.28.10)
7. Send palestinians to jordan? Sike!
I hate idiotic peopl   (01.28.10)
To all the people who say "jordan is palestine" and "send them to there real state jordan" How do u propose that is possible? How do u transfer about 5 million palestinians? Will the jordanian govt except them? What about the refugees that are on the UN list? Do they come back? How about a real solution instead of a fake ones people, cuz sending all those palestinians to jordan will easily make Israel a target again without peace! Idiots!
8. to #1 two state solution is imposible
ghostq   (01.28.10)
cause Israel as a nation for the jewish people is bound by UN law(not resolution I repeat no resolution) so they r breaking the law and whine about not getting anything their way.
9. one state disaster
sharon ,   near Gaza   (01.28.10)
The Palestinians should have (a long time ago) a state of their own. Those who talk about a one state solution are talking about the end of the state of Israel. I would like someone to show me one state in the Middle East where two peoples live in peace. Just one!! Even in Europe they can't do it without our bloody history. Don't be so naive.
10. Very funny
Mickey Hala ,   Kochav Yair, Israel   (01.28.10)
No need to move the people. Just give Jordan the towns where these barbarians live. That's what we'll probably have to do in any case. At least the Hashamites know how to deal with their own people. Jordan should be happy with their Kingdom restored, at least partially. Israel gets a friendly government on its Eastern side and then give Gaza back to Egypt. Who cares? Get rid of the roaches before the breed more.
11. Just imagine!!
Moise   (01.28.10)
One state for two poeple! Jews, Christians and Arab muslim/christin state in one land!! no likud, no fath, no Hamsa just one multi confessioanl nation. Waw beautiful!!!
12. Is perpetual civil war an option
Prince ,   Niger Delta, Nigeria   (01.28.10)
If Israel is as poor as Haiti would you think they Arab will ever mention the word one state? Do you think that you can force two sworn enemies to live together and sleep in one bed? Arab leaders should swallow their pride and help Palistainian leader to make concession that are credible for the interest of peace. BTW the Arab lost the war and not Israel. The bottom line is that Arab's agenda is to make sure Israel is not a state for the Jews. If israel will not be allowed to have their ways totally so how think the world will allow another Holocaust of Israel by the Arabs coming to join in this calamitious civil war of one state?
13. More false propaganda and lies from the Arabs
Israeli   (01.28.10)
First Jordan should be returned to Israel and then maybe we can discuss a new and more fair division of the land (former British land-grab) between the Arabs and Jews. Egypt should be carefull, because they are not is a position to be offering advice to anyone about human rights and morality. Firstly they should remove the iron barrier they are placing between them and their arab brethren in Gaza. Secondly they should give human rights and dignity to the plastic bottle city dweller (i.e. copts). Thirdly they should stop FGM!!! and give women in Egypt human rights. Forthly, they should stop torturing people who advocate for freedom of press in Egypt. etc. etc. etc. Lastly, I think it would be better if they just shut up, they sound too stupid.
14. Veering from the facts
sharon ,   ISrael   (01.28.10)
Your assertion that the " talks have been stymied by Israel's refusal to freeze construction on all settlements" is an opinion, not a fact. A reporter must be honest enough not only to admit this, but to make it clear within his text. While I realize that this regurgitation of propaganda is commonplace, do you really wish to contribute to the public perception that journalists are just a smidge above lawyers in the trustworthiness department? For shame.
15. All wishful thinking. Never happen.
Mike M. ,   Seattle Wa.   (01.28.10)
16. Remember Lebanese civil war?
Zvi   (01.28.10)
This would be 100x worse. It would be a bloodbath, and the bloodbath would spill over into neighboring countries. The Palestinians are taught from birth to hate Israelis. Today, there is a border fence between Israelis and Palestinians. That's a Good Thing. It helped to end the wave of terror that occurred earlier this year. A single state would be a disaster of unmitigated proportions for the entire region. Israel won't let it happen anyway, thank G-d, so you can forget it.
17. We are tired of lying politicians
Yafa ,   Palestine   (01.28.10)
In my opinion, we still have 40 years only, and the right to return to his origional sponsors(PALESTINAIANS) The important thing we will not forget, nor forgive
18. They don't want us here at all.
JY ,   Israel   (01.28.10)
There are no good solutions here. If we give the Arabs Judea, Samaria, and part of Jerusalem, we will be an even tinier state than we are now and it will be even easier for them to destroy us. To the world they say that they want peace with us, but among themselves they admit the truth: they do not want ANY Jewish state here at all. Their goal is to get rid of us altogether. Bibi must be strong and not give in.
19. 22 Arab nations
Israeli ,   Israel   (01.28.10)
The Arabs have 22 of their own states which represent a lot of land on the globe. We have one teeny tiny sliver on the globe. On most globes you can't even see Israel because she's so small. Why can't they let us have even that much? The truth is that they do not want any Jewish state in the Middle East nor anywhere in the world. They cannot tolerate Christians in their countries and for sure not Jews. They even kill fellow Moslems, Sunnis vs Shiites. We in Israel must be strong and not give in to them.
20.  ***Pal*is*real***
Jo   (01.28.10)
21. Egyptian Rubberstamp Parrot
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (01.28.10)
Who cares to listen to this impotent Egyptian guy who is where he is just to get a high salary and utter a few nonsense words every now and then ? What does the useless Arab League count ? He talks about political tricks and ignores the fact that Anwar Sadat was the one who played most dirty tricks on us ... ! Anyway this Egyptian Amr Moussa is as good as nothing ... ! Just ignore him .
22. Dream on Mr Moussa
Menachem ,   Israel   (01.28.10)
The so called "one-state solution" is an anti-semitic euphemism fort he destruction of the Jewish state. The despotic but toothless Arab leaders know very well that due to Israel's military superiority, these kind of statements will remain unfullfilled anti-semitic "wet-dreams". Genuine peace will only come when the Arab and Moslem world finally realize that Israel is a PERMANENT fact in the Middle East. Israel existed long before Mr Moussa's Arab ancestors colonized the region and will exist long after the Arab league rots.
23. Help the Palestinians return home to Egypt(Genesis 10-13&14)
sam ,   USA   (01.28.10)
24. Psalm 83
Sharon ,   Singapore   (01.28.10)
Maybe this is gonna be about battle in Psalm 83
25. to #17 so file offical complaint against
ghostq   (01.28.10)
the British in the UN like the rest of them after all it's r them who evacuated arabs, go ask your elders who escorted them with guns to gaza, they will say British, for some odd reason you keep forgeting that fact and let the real criminal names UK get away with murder, hint go see what they did in Iraq and pakistan every where they been on this plannet they left a mess after them too much devide and too much conquer.
26. To #17 Yafa Palestine: Do you think we will forgive?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.28.10)
We will never forget the murders, the terrorism and the wars carried out by the Arabs, Palestinians and others, against the people of Israel. Forgive you for the atrocities of the bus bombings in our cities, shopping malls, restaurants and the murder of OUR children in the "territories"? You seem to forget that the "Occupation" was caused by YOUR hatred of Jews for more than 160 years! You seem to forget that Jews have been in this area long before the Arabs came to the region called "Palestine" by the Romans. You seem to forget that the Babylonians and the Romans threw us out of our land and the Arabs supported Hitler in his extermination of the Jews. You seem to forget that many of your "heroic" leaders call for a new Holocaust in order to finish Hitlers work. You teach your children to hate from the day they are born and you teach our children to hate when they see the blood spilled in the heinous crimes you have committed against us. You cry about terrorists and their supporters killed in Gaza but you rejoice over the thousands of Israelis, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze who have been butchered by your people! We will never forget what you have done and we will never forgive!
27. The ones that object or dont like the idea
A Bethlehemite ,   Bethlehem   (01.28.10)
didnt both to offer a solution. That's what Amr Moussa is talking about. You cant keep the same status quo. Either one or 2 states and this has to be done soon. Pals emptying their cities and packing to leave to Jordan or to the other 22 Arab states is a stupid unrealistic idea. Just a dream. Wake up and smell the humos. There are only 2 solutions. Whether you like it or not.
28. One state and incipient psychosis
Mark Israel   (01.28.10)
The man is seriouly delusional but like most other psychoses it's treatable. He should start by taking a large dose of Jordan every day
29. great idea! yalla! we jews will be the majority + territorie
israeli   (01.28.10)
we will get the territories. great! since your demographics are lies, we will be a good majority of 70% and soon much more in the whole land of israel. i am also in favor of annexing! great that we agree in the end!
30. # 26 First, you should have mention Stern Haganah Irgun Lehi
Observer   (01.28.10)
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