Hamas: Israel killed abductor of 2 IDF soldiers
Roee Nahmias
Published: 29.01.10, 08:03
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1. Ali, for the first time your report
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (01.29.10)
smells like a rose!!! Mazel Tov and KolHaKavod for the avangers of the Jewish blood!
2. Say it aint so!
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (01.29.10)
This can't possibly be true. Israel is a Jewish state and is thereby bound by the covenant with G-d to build a society of laws. And to keep those laws. No agents of the Israeli government would dare to cross an international border, disregard the laws there and kill another human being. Killing would break another commandment. No, this obviously is some sort of Pal propaganda. Israel has a moral army. Israel has a Jewish army. How dare YNet print such falsehoods!
3. El, el, yisrael!!!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (01.29.10)
Terrorists, beware. We don't forgive and we don't forget. We may wait decades, as in this case, but we will hunt you down and you will pay for your crimes against the Jewish nation. Kudos to our sterling security forces.
4. Two comments
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.29.10)
First, I doubt the Mossad would risk the diplomatic fallout by operating in Dubai w/o the implicit support of the government there. Secondly, I note with satisfaction that Sa'adon's sister realizes that not every insult and injury is forgivable.
5. Oh, those bad Israelis.
noa ,   israel   (01.29.10)
Imagine killing kidnappers and murderers! What kind of people are we?
6. Your attempt at irony, Sean, is
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.29.10)
poorly executed. You must be eighteen and in first year of creative writing at a local CEGEP.
7. New born
Ahmed   (01.29.10)
netanyuhu tried to assassinate Khalid Meshal in Jordan using Canadians passports. As a result Ahmed Yasin founder of Hamas was freed (a very old man paralyzed in a wheelchair). He would have died in his own but he was assassinated by missile from Israel airplane. Because of that there is thousands of new born Ahmed Yasin a new generation yet to face
8. 2
Gloriya   (01.29.10)
"The human being" cold-bloodedly murdered 2 Israelis, and has been brought to justice now. Better late than never. Each and every murderer of Israelis MUST be sent to 72 virgines, let them celebrate there. Israel proved in the past that no matter where the "heroes" hide under High Heaven, The Revenge comes upon them, sooner or later, just like it was with Munchen Olympic Games murderers - no one of them survived, in the long run.
9. To # 2 Gloriya?
Jack   (01.29.10)
You seem to like the "Glory" Why do you think Israelis’ do not like to declare, to truly take the praise, credit and the “Glory”?
10. #2 Sean
Assuming this was done by Israelis, how do you know the guys who carried out this well-deserved hit were religious...or even believed in God? You're such a damned fool.
11. Israel should defend her people beyond the borders
Good Job Israel ,   Mazal Tov   (01.29.10)
12. Send a condolence card to an Israeli leftist professor!
Yuri ,   Acre   (01.29.10)
You can find lists of them at www.isracampus,
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (01.29.10)
SWORD .Good work .
14. :: Israeli mafia justice
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (01.29.10)
"I am sure they have come back, or will come back here, and I very much hope they find them and kill them, just as they did to my brother". No mention of trial no jury just cold-blooded murder. This is Israeli ‘justice’? From a socio-historical context these ‘extrajudicial killings’ are little different from ‘honor killings’. Both are enacted outside the rule of law and both seek to ‘restore’ some notion of honor.
15. #14 What if the kidnapped soldier was your
Dia ,   Germany   (01.29.10)
brother or child and you had no way to bring him for a tribunal or stop him from committing more crimes? It is comfortable to sit save somewhere in Europe or US and criticize others for punishing a murderer with the same punishment he had choose for his victims.
16. So their top commander can't use a hairdryer properly and ..
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (01.29.10)
Jews get the blame!
17. It make me sick in my stomach
Ram ,   India   (01.29.10)
It make me sick in my stomach to see that in Israel there are so much supporter of such "extrajudicial killings" much disrespect of human life… I wonder who is getting more rotten by occupation of Israel in Palestanian. It seems moral values in Israeli society is slowly getting eaten from inside by its own act ..and probably it is more severe than outside physical damage of Palestinian society.
18. Maybe It Was Rival Faction
Emanon ,   USA   (01.29.10)
If Israel were truly behind this, it would look like an accident or a real execution. No, I think this was a rival terrorstinian upping his chance for promotion.
19. Could have been an accident
Juan ,   Spain   (01.29.10)
Electrocuted with a domestic appliance? It happens quite often. People should have their electrical appliances regularly checked to ensure this kind of thing does not happen. ;-)
20. Since the Arabs see Mossad behind everything
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.29.10)
Be afraid, be very afraid. We are everywhere. We will track you down where ever you go, whatever rat hole you hide in. No place is safe. Our reach is limitless, no patience endless, our intelligence flawless. Your friends are Zionist spies. Your family members are informers. Keep looking over your shoulder, we are coming for you.
21. to Sean (Say it isn't so)
mamzerek ,   New York, USA   (01.29.10)
Dear Sean, Your are confusing killing with murder. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was a murderer. He was sentenced in absentia by an Israeli court. He was executed (killed) for the crimes he has committed. Death penalty is his reward for the life he chose.
22. #14 "little difference"
ben Ish   (01.29.10)
there is little difference between certifiable mental illness and your statement. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh = kidnapping and murder. Honor killing = innocent children. No difference? I say no difference between *you* and a waste of oxygen.
23. No. 17 Ram
NYC Girl   (01.29.10)
What makes a lot of other people sick to their stomachs is the fact that this mongrel would never have been brought to justice for his crimes. These terrorists are not only protected, they're virtually deified by the Palestinians. So how, pray tell, were the families of these two murdered soldiers ever to receive justice for the deaths of their loved ones? And that's the real lack of respect for human life. Not only that, but you've already decided it was the Israelis who carried out this so-called extrajudicial killing. So based on something for which you have no evidence, you're now condemning all of Israeli society. Sounds a bit racist, does it not?
israel is justified if indeed the mossad did this. tell me, what kind of jury and trial did the two israeli soldiers receive at the hands of the terrorist that murdered them? wasn't the murder also execution style? those two israeli jewish soldiers were illigally kidnapped, tortured and executed in cold blood then never buried but thrown to the wolves. this is hamas justice? you moron, how can you compare the elimination of a terrorist responsible for the death of two jewish israelis to honor killing where THE FAMILY, THE FAMILY, THE FAMILY, OF THE MURDERED PERSON COMMITTED THE MURDER....WHICH IS MORE HEINOUS!!!!!! you compare a father killing his daughter for some reason or another to a terrorist being sought out and eliminated? do you actually have a brain or any sense of intelligence? israel, if in case it did this and no one can find it guilty without knowing the full information (innocent until proven guilty), has not done this elimination because of honor. that elimination based on honor is an arab tradition, not a jewish one. i have never seen a jewish father murder his daughter because she chose to convert or marry out of the religion. arabs do that. from a socio historical context? you don;t even comprehend the meaning of the word, much less the connection. such a fool. such an ignorant person. such a person that usually conflates issues to support his innane absurd comments. hameed aboughaze, iranian
MATTY, look it up!!!! THE MAAN NEWS AGENCY JUST REPORTED THAT " he died of terminal cancer in exile in dubai" so, matty, which are you going to blame? israel or terminal cancer??? maan newspaepr is an arab newspaper not in love with israel. if maan reported that this scum died of cancer in a hospital in dubai in exile, how do you refute maan's claims that the cause was cancer? and why would you jump to conclusions based on accusations that mossad did this. AFTER ALL, IF THE MAAN ARABISTS SAY THAT HE DIED OF CANCER IN EXILE IN DUBAI, YOU, YOURSELF SHOULD HONOR SUCH ARAB NEWSPAPER (YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE) AS THE TRUTH OF WHAT REALLY OCCURED. go to maan web site and check it out, matty. then come back and dare accuse mossad of doing this, although, they would have been justified in this action. hameed aboughaze, iranian
26. Israel?
Bob ,   Mechburg USA   (01.29.10)
Now, no one can be sure Israel did this. Let's not jump to conclusions. There is no verification, no proof, only claims by an dishonorable person. We shouldn't get all too excited, but just in case Israel did......... YAHOO!
27. mamzrek #21
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (01.30.10)
Contrary to your claim, I am not confusing killing and murder. If you abide by a principle that affords you the sophistry to create such an abstract difference I am not required to share such a dillussion. That is your justification for breaking commandments. Perhaps it is you who are confused? There are people with a more highly developed sense of moral order than Zionists. I mean no offense. It just is. You mention that he was executed. I was unaware this had been proven and even if it were, am I to infer that this moral code of yours would permit the disregard of another sovereign states jurisdiction? You have read these talkbacks? You have heard the rabble clamour and rejoice for vengeance? I am not concerned whether such people call themselves Zionists, Israelis or religious Jews. Their evolution toward civilization has been retarded for whatever reasons and their bloodthirst can never be satiated. This experiment is not the road to harmony. Of course we both know mamzerek that this lack of harmony can be blamed on no other than " THEM".
28. #24 you are funny!
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (01.30.10)
29. Aboughaze,Iranian
Hal ,   USA   (01.30.10)
Aboughaze, I have read and have enjoyed your posts in Ynet. I thank you for your fairness and intelligence. I also pray for the peace and freedom for the Iranian people. Of course your enemies are ours and all their crimes will not go unpunished. Shalom brother!!!!!!!
30. #29
Jake ,   Boston   (01.30.10)
He's not an iranian, he's "Ben Jabo" the regular talk-backer on He likes to parade himself as an Iranian, to reinforce a phony agenda...
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