Palestinians irate over new Jerusalem tram
Associated Press
Published: 29.01.10, 12:48
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1. tradition
The "eastern sector" of Jerusalem only became "traditionally Arab" in 1948 when the Jews were "traditionally" expelled.from their homes.
2. money talks louder than palestinians in Europe & Arabia
zionist forever   (01.29.10)
Saudi Arabia will make up excuses not to boycott these countries because they are to important to Saudi plans. Their priority are construction projects which they are not capable of carrying out themselves. They need these companies more than they need the palestinians. Despite all the talk they never have cared about them they are trying to get involved in politics to both hurt Israel and mould the Middle East to their desired image in the 21st century. The French will not stop the project if for no other reason that in times of recession the last thing they want is their companies loosing billion dollar contracts for the sake of foreign politics. At worst Israel will either find somebody who is willing to pick up where the french left off. My concern is we are we talking about not operating the dam thing until 2036, i If its going to take another 26 years to become operational then is it worth continuing the dam thing pull up the tracks & widen roads for modern busses.
3. PA can take their protest to the dump
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (01.29.10)
Jerusalem is the UNIFIED Capitol of Israel and other nations may have embassies there but it belongs in whole to Israel. The PA can pound sand they have Gaza to warm them in the night.
4. ynet or pnet?
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (01.29.10)
And now ynet also designates Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem east of the old dividing line as "settlements"? MAybe you should shand the site's name to p(alestine)net.
5. No one who knows Jerusalem would agree
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.29.10)
The route of the light rail turns at the road that goes by the Old City passes the back side of Mea Shaarim, and goes to Givat Zepharti. That is Jerusalem as it is today with Pisgat Zeev as not a settlement but as an integral neighborhood of the city. PA doesn't agree to an Israel existing and part of that is it's desire to redivide Jerusalem.
6. what a joke! the first to adopt the train will be pal's
from shuafat, let's ,   see them boycott...   (01.29.10)
7. To 2 , Zionist forever , learn to read
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.29.10)
They will exploit the line till 2036 ! begin of the tests in March THIS year 2010 !, duration tests some months , and then , probably this year , the tram will circulate .
Sruly ,   Modiin   (01.29.10)
East Jerusalem is not a separate city from the rest of Jerusalem. It is the portion that Jordan OCCUPIED till they were kicked out by force. It was a UN created anti-Israel position. It would be best if most would just ignore what the PA says and redirect the energy to accomplishment that benefits the city's residents. The PA would not look to create these type of arguments if the Israeli Government did not react to it.
9. The Arab league members
Tad ,   US   (01.29.10)
can come to Jerusalem help lay a few tracks and plant trees while in Jerusalem too. #2 Zionist Forever-re-read this -in 2036 Israel take gains ownership of the tram. The system isnear completion it will be running in another year or two.
10. Just because
Jackie ,   Florida   (01.29.10)
Jordan occupied part of the city from 1948 to 67. Traditionally it was all Jewish, but Jordan ethnically cleansed the place not only of Jews but of signs of Jewish occupancy. I think the train makes sense, the old city is crowded and cars are not needed
11. They are not alone LOL
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.29.10)
They should only know how much most Jerusalemites are against the damn thing too LOL
12. When Jordan Expelled Jews From East Jerusalem in 48
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (01.29.10)
I guess they were creating "facts on the ground" as well?
13. I can't understand why the train should be a problem ...
Tobias   (01.29.10)
If they would decide some day to divide the city, then they can still do it ... they'll simply interrupt the railway track at the new border, maybe build a wall on it, then Israel still could use the part of the track which is on its side, and the palestinians could do whatever they want with the railway track which is in their territory ... There have been also light rail connections between East and West Berlin before the wall, it was no problem to close them at the border... I just don't believe that Jerusalem will be divided, no matter if there is a light rail or not.
14. Trains and progress out
Sagi   (01.29.10)
camels and regress in.
stude ham   (01.29.10)
and as for the palis... who have nothing to contribute to israel ... their protests have become so numerous that the whole world is laughing at them.
16. Not an issue
Raphael ,   Netanya   (01.29.10)
Building a tram is actually no masterpiece: laying tracks, buying cars, operating a line, all this has been performed for 150 years, and no need to hire french companies. Especially Veolia, whose main skill is bribing city authorities and cheat calls for tender.
17. Jordan's Refugees, take a hint already
Historical Observer ,   NY   (01.29.10)
It's never going to be anything but a united capital of Israel. It ended in 1967 and there is no turning back. As much as you would like Israel to stall progress like you do for your people, it's just not going to happen. Yell, kick and scream for the next century, we still have a country to build up. Either join the future or twiddle your thumbs in a tent.
18. Palestinians need to wake up.........
Cali Cal ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.29.10)
and start building up their armed forces in the West Bank. If you want to stop this tram you're only gonna do it by force. Stop being such cowards and get some self respect and fight for what is rightfully yours. No one is gonna help you regain your country you have to do it yourselfs with blood, sweat, and tears.
19. Jews: Build in your land. Loyal Arabs build here too. 22Arab
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.29.10)
countries await the rest of you. 22 countries! 90% of the oil. yet you bytch and moan until your grandchildren are grey and toothless.
20. #18 - "take what is rightfully yours"?
William ,   Israel   (01.29.10)
Are you referring to E. Jerusalem? Legally, it's not their's as Jews were ethnically cleansed from the city in 1948 and land illegally given to Arabs by Jordan. A reason why the issue of the houses in Shiek Jarrah have come up - the rightful owners have taken what is there's back. In the case of land govt - Israel annexed that part of the city and provided an infrastructure decades ago. Done deal. Since Jordan was the only ruler of that area, after Britain, and after the Ottoman's....and Jordan subsequently rejected all claims to it...the land reverts back to the current govt, Israel. All "pals" are going to get if they use force is our boot up their ass!
21. when it's prohibited to change the nature of occupied land..
saul a. readner   (01.30.10)
..let's destroy all infrastructure israel has built for the benefit of the palestinians!
22. railway line
dee ,   UK   (01.30.10)
Israel can build as many railway lines as they like but they will never have peace in the region as long as they continue the occupation
23. To Dee
Gabor Frankl ,   Budapest, Hungary   (01.30.10)
Look dee, I perfectly understand your ddep envy regarding that in virtually NO English/British cities are as miodern and as developed light-rail infrastructure as here in the Jewish state - not even trams LOL. I understand your frustration.
24. To # 22 dee , in UK
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.30.10)
Did we have peace before this so called "occupation" ?
25. #21: et's destroy all infrastructure israel has built for th
Octaaf Vervechelen ,   Rhodesia   (08.19.11)
What infrastructure is that, apart from prisons?
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