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Santana calls off Israel gig
Or Barnea
Published: 30.01.10, 15:26
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1. Pali sympathizers made certain the show wouldn't go on...
Jason Steirs ,   Israel   (01.30.10)
They didn't slow down Israel / Santana bashing till the gig got pulled. What a darn shame.
2. Santana
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (01.30.10)
I liked Santana but if he canceled because of the Anti Semitic Anti Israel boycotters he is in violation of US anti boycott laws.
3. if he caved to immoral boycott i will never again buy or see
ralph   (01.30.10)
his concerts. let the jihadists go see him.
4. Many Ways To Get Around Immoral US Laws
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.31.10)
No state should back the apartheid state of Israel. I hope that Carlos decided to cancel the Israel show because of what Israel is are doing to the Palestinian people. And the US will never be able to prove otherwise. So thank your Carlos. If you come to my city I will definitely come to see your performance.
5. 4Many ways to get around immoral "Palestinian" Laws/pressure
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.31.10)
as well as, or in league with, jihadist, Arab nationalist, and leftist pressure and laws. I will boycott Santana along with my friends and family if indeed this is a political decision. If you dont like a secure Jewish state, and that means one that isnt 8 miles wide (with Judea aka west bank) TOUGH.
6. To Number 4
Adi ,   Golan Heights   (01.31.10)
World Citizen this... you're an idiot....
7. everyone listen up here
i am an american musician that once used to work with santana very biefly in the 80's. carlos is a great guy, a believing catholic and quite spiritual. i know him and his beliefs and believe you me his decision had zero to do with not liking israel. as it happens, carlos is very fond of jews and considers them god's chosen and he believes the land of israel is a jewish inheritance. having said this, carlos santana's decision has to do with his crumped schedule in the usa where more cities have been recently added to his tour both inside the usa and abroad. i talked with his manager as to why the show was cancelled and he told me that the israeli appearance will be scheduled for next january, a year from now. this was strictly a schedule problem and has zero to do with any political motivation on santana's part or any calls for boycotts. terrie hintermeister chicago, illionis usa
8. to #7 thank you for the info cause
ghostq   (01.31.10)
I know carlos work and he is a nice guy, I preaty much thought that was the reason.
9. To #4: You should study SA history about "Apartheid"!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.31.10)
Your total ignorance about Apartheid insults the victims of the real "Apartheid" which was practiced in South Africa until Nelson Mandela came to power. If you are so concerned about human rights and the treatment of your fellow man please be fair and point a finger at China - occupying Tibet and persecuting the Uighur people (Muslims) and the other countries who suppress its citizens: for example Russia and the Chechnyans. You might consider that "Palestinians" have brought their suffering on themselves by acts of terrorism BEFORE the Six Day War and the subsequent "Occupation". I ask you how you would like to live in a town which was bombed every day for 8 years? Would you allow you people to suffer like that? I think your problem is not a love for the Palestinians but hatred against Jews and Israel. You are nothing more than a low life anti-Semite!
10. but some of my friends are can I be an
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.31.10)
immoral Antisemite? denying Jews right to a country of their own, unmolested by hostile neighbors is just a childhood hobby I have from a long family tradition
11. Carlos love Israel
Mike Boogie ,   Oz/Israel   (01.31.10)
Santana loves Israel, he is a student of Kabala and holds a deep respect and appreciation for Israel and the Jewish people. Enough said....
12. #4 Israel is the only country in ME in which Arab citizens
Zvi   (01.31.10)
have full democratic rights. Unlike in the Arab countries and the PA, criticizing the government does not merit a visit from the secret police. Israel is the only country in the ME in which Christian Arabs have full political rights. Your claims are bogus.
13. schedule problem only
Barney ,   USA   (01.31.10)
Carlos is a spiritual man and have even heard him recite Hebrew prayer when accepting award. The Jew haters can only hope he cancelled for other reasons but i don't feel that is even remotely possible. Reschedule Carlos-I am sure you will have a full house and will be moved by the spiritual home of the Jews.
14. Thank G-D It Wasn't Cheech & Chong That Canceled
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (02.01.10)
15. Bravo Carlos
Greta ,   Los Angeles, CA   (02.03.10)
Until Israelis realize that most of the rest of the world sees Israel as an Apartheid state, a country who commits genocide against the Palestinians, those of us who work for the rights of Palestinians will continue to lean on musicians, athletes, and other professionals not to go to Israel. It worked in South Africa. It will work in Israel. Wake up Israelis. You are no better than South Africa was
16. Thank You Santana
Andrew ,   NYC   (02.10.10) Artists Against Apartheid and the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel would like to extend our thanks to Carlos Santana for honoring the call for the Cultural Boycott of Israel, by electing not to perform in the apartheid state. The call for cultural boycott was successful in creating international accountability for human rights violations in apartheid South Africa, and is now being applied in the case of Israel.
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