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'Santana canceled concert because of anti-Israel pressure'
Raz Shechnik
Published: 02.02.10, 07:54
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1. nice try but I know his work and he isn't the guy to cave in
ghostq   (02.02.10)
the producers just want to presure him to come to Israel in order to make money from his show, that how monkey bussiness r going Rock isn't just sweet guitar playing, he poponed it he didn't cancell it and he will go to Israel but now at their terms.
2. The Irony. Consider this divine payback for ...
Josh   (02.02.10)
When messages are sent through society here to prevent Israelis from making friends with US Jews and Converts that made aliyah, its a big joke. Right? (Oh sorry did I spill some beans to US Jews who didn't know that is why they had a hard time in Israel) Now messages are sent to prevent Isralis from having a night of fun listening to someone who wanted to be a friend to Israelis. Good to see the curses for violating Torah and the concept that you too were gerim in Mitzraim has now come back around to bite the abusive hand of Israel oppession. Oppression of its citizens by shadow groups. Groups that won't let Isralis do the Mitvah of loving the convert nor the exercising of their right to love all good Jews and do Torah as Moses indictaed. A major correction in behavior needs to be implimented for us to be a Torah nation. Weed the oppressors out and prosecute them. No more protecia brainwashing!!!! I would like to see a day when all Jews can speak their minds freely. Anyone else want this?
3. Grow a backbone, Carlos!
NYC Girl   (02.02.10)
I can't believe this man is going to allow a bunch of terrorist ass-kissers to dictate in which countries he should or shouldn't perform. I was under the impression that music is supposed to transcend politics.
4. Who can beat relentless Pali cultural assault?
Jason Steirs ,   Israel   (02.02.10)
The venomous "apartheid"attacks by the Pali sympathizers against Israel/Santana went unanswered and unchallenged. We're all not doing enough to combat this internet epidemic. Probably will repeat over & over.
5. I thought he found out he was descendent from conversos?
JMK ,   NYC   (02.02.10)
He is still running from the Inquisition.
6. Bravo
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (02.02.10)
Hasbara isn't working its magic. And the hoary whine that the reason Santana isn't playing in Israel foe 'antisemitic' reasons is garbage.
7. Jason, truth is an "Internet epidemic"?
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (02.02.10)
Good! And if Carlos Santana really did decide to forgo Israel because he holds principle of human rights dear to his heart, then good for Carlos!
8. i still don't believe he would cancel
Barney ,   USA   (02.02.10)
for political reasons. if he did then it makes the message of spirituality in his music ring hollow. he is very spiritual guy and that is why i don't think he would succumb to pressure. people who know him personally echoed the same thing. there is a lot posted here that you can't believe and i won't hang carlos out to dry in my mind until their is definitive proof or a statement from him. when he sang love, devotion, and surrender, i don't think that was the surrender he had in mind
9. if so he lost his soul, moral compass and audience. good ri
ralph   (02.02.10)
bye to junk.
10. some cross over to the dark side, he has if this is true.
ralph   (02.02.10)
12. BS News: what a sad, lonely life you must lead to troll here
13. i still dont believe he isnt coming
benny ,   tel aviv   (02.02.10)
i bought a ticket to the 3 rd row. maybe later this year we all hope.
14. Hmmm
Jane   (02.02.10)
Snoop Dog backed out (some gangsta he turned out to be). Now Santa, who I would have thought had stronger values. Well. All of that having been said, better to be loved by those who put principle first - Paul McCartney, Blacked Eyed Peas, Madonna, Paul Anka, Leonard Cohen etc. None of these people needed the money or the exposure. I'm sure all were similarly threatened. Santana - man you are a disappointment. The guy in Tel Aviv #13 may wait for you later this year, but I will not forget that you copped out. Bet there are more like me than like Benny on Sheinkin.
15. this people r zionist... they bilieve everithing
rokero ,   los angeles,califa   (02.03.10)
evrithing made in israel is far better. but i have never seen anythihng that said made in israel... so stop ur bs about santana is anti israeli.. i know that most zionist are anti santana. long live the jewish.
16. to #7 so were r the human right in the cases
ghostq   (02.03.10)
of china or Iran? oversleeping OR just left wingers.
17. to #12 what you expect from catholic
ghostq   (02.03.10)
they never liked jews.
18. Geez : Have all the music makers in Israel died?
Al   (02.03.10)
For heavens sake..You are all pissing in your beer. So friggin what... The dude has the spine of a what.... it means nothing. Hell I loved his music..It was cool...He is history to me. Grow a backbone and suck it up.
19. Let's him play his music in Gaza, Mecca
Gibson   (02.03.10)
Supernatural dumb.
20. Looks like hate, antisemitism won this time.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.03.10)
21. Totally disgusted at Santana's decision
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.09.10)
22. Maybe They Really Believe??!!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (02.13.10)
There's a 'Black Magic Woman' ready to put a spell on them if they come? Who knew? For those who may not know, or recall, I'm referring to the song they sang. See: For the humor-impaired, I'm joking. It's very sad they caved to pressure and are staying away. It's their loss.
23. Santana Cancels Because of Anti-Israel Pressure
Rick ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.19.10)
24. Santana Cancels Because of Anti-Israel Pressure
Rick ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.19.10)
What do you expect from a man-child who, knowing what he knows, still wears a Che Guevara T-shirt?
25. Santanas cancellation
5e ,   toronto canada   (05.20.10)
All you guys, Israeli and Palestinian, are too bent out of shape over there to realize even your compassionate brethren throughout the world are getting sick off your vibe. Remember the lyrics, "What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?" Yeah! Elvis Costello ain't coming either.
26. legend
ms trece ,   cork,ireland   (08.29.10)
will you guys stop playing the anti semetism card.its really getting old.i have ,many friends of jewish faith who are anti israeli.and its hilarious and show how uneducated you al are when you call arabs anti semetic.arabs originate from the semites can you call yourself a free deomcratic society when you banned protests against your government in your country.medieval or what!let me ask you this what is your israeli opinion on the colonisation of ireland by the brits.were we terrorists when we fought back.?if the answer is no then neither are palestinians and if your answer is yes then it shows how deluded you's really are!
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