PA: Israel offered 'territories for negotiations'
Ali Waked
Published: 31.01.10, 11:32
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1. No negotiations with settlers.
Nour ,   Palestine   (01.31.10)
Their only option is apply for Palestinian citizenship (with Palestine spanning river to sea) Palestinian national rights first.
2. My two state solution
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (01.31.10)
B"H Maybe Palestinists will accept Jordan as the Arab Palestinian State and Israel as the Jewish Palestinian State, in as much as both of these present-day countries are carved out from the original Mandate Palestine the British received from the League of Nations to establish a homeland for the Jews. The British applied their anti-Jewish bias and gave away 78% of the Jewish Land to the Arabs, so let that be the final giveaway. Judea and Samaria, the historical heartland of the Jews described in the Bible, occupied by Jordan until '67 and by Israel as from '67, should become the second Jewish Palestinian State, reserved for the religious, with Jerusalem its capital and Torah its Constitution. As ALL of these Lands are considered Eretz Israel by Jewish Law, this proposal is still sufficiently anti-Jewish to be refused by so called Jewish extremists and deemed to be insufficient by them.
3. #1, now there's the attitude.....
Yaron ,   USA   (01.31.10)
which ensures the Arabs who live in Israel will never see their autonomy and rights to self-determination. Don't you get it, it is just that attitude that has exposed your leadership time and again and has kept your people poor and hungry. You will never have a state if your attitude is the prevailing opinion amongst your 'moderate' body-politic. What is most ironic Nour is that yours is a failed nation-state already....admit it, a state is simply a means to an ends such that you can fulfil your grandpartents wished of throwing the Jews to the sea. C'mon Nour, a little intellectual honesty for once!
4. You're out of your mind, Nour. I can
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.31.10)
see that your diplomatic IQ places you in the disabled category. Of course, you do not live in the Westbank (Samaria and Judea). Like so many Hamas "statesmen" (and I use this word quite skeptically). you reside elsewhere in comfort while you deliver your ridiculous proclamations.
5. Idiots
Steven ,   London   (01.31.10)
6. Dream on looser!
Avi The Builder ,   Eretz Yisrael   (01.31.10)
7. #4
Nour ,   Palestine   (01.31.10)
My mental faculties are just fine thank you. Robert, I don't give a damn what you think of me. Reminding you that the majority of Palestinians live in exile. Exile was not our choice - but the result of a criminal and racist policy by Israel to keep natives away. Read David Grun's memoirs, at least he's honest about the real function of your army. Your people are dispersed around the world (I mean the religion - not the nationality construct/invention called Israel) - does that make any of them less Jewish than the ones who live in Tel Aviv? Our national rights are not for sale. Jaffa and Nazareth are just as Arab and Palestinian as Ramallah or Al-Quds. We shall never give up, nor forget. Chew on it.
8. Mitchell
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (01.31.10)
Who is Mitchell to give away what is not his? Who is he but a complete failure of a diplomat? The only way to bring Abbas back to the table is to explain to him that he has 15 days to decide, after that the offer will be less, same like with Hamas. They are both the same and they understand the same language. Mitchell and his boss don't like it? Pity for them, we don't like them either!
9. #4 Robert, one more thing...
Nour ,   Palestine   (01.31.10)
I've read a bit on the history of Ashdod. Very interesting - to say the least, that the city had a sizeable Arad population (if not majority) by 1948 - and those who chose to stay during the Egypt/Jewish clashes were eventually ethnically cleansed. This is documented, even in Israeli archives. How could you possibly justify that action?
10. "trust building"LOL..PA wantJews outa Israel and 6 M Pals in
Alan ,   SA   (01.31.10)
11. #7 we already chewed on it.
gadi, idf ,   israel   (01.31.10)
we swalowed and also pooped it. and what we pooped, is now for you to chew. in the end i know as well as you know, whatever is in the past - is in the past and will stay there. we're here to stay, with jerusalem (not west not east, but all of it) as our capital city. you can sit outside the walls and watch it from a distance if u want, i think we can agree to grant you that. enjoy.
Nader ,   Ramalla   (01.31.10)
TO ALL ISRAELIS Rest assured that we will never negotiate with zionists.. Its either you stop settlements or no peace. You wanted to steal the land and approve this for you !!! Never dream about it. AND we are here, living on our lands, and if you can vanish us, please do, no fear anymore - but we will continue showing the ugly face of your occupation to our lands and if you can live isolated in this world as a red cow, then you dont need to return back the west bank to us, just go on with your occupation.
13. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.31.10)
You CHOSE exile. You had the perfect opportunity to have a Palestinian state, side by side with Israel, and the two peoples could have benefited from each other's presence. But no. The Palestinian Arabs wanted the whole thing, and decided that war and terrorism was the better course. Bad choice. A whole slew of bad choices, and you have only yourselves to blame for each and every one. The Palestinian Arabs have been sowing the wind since 1947. Why does it surprise you that you must now reap the whirlwind? No one cares whether or if you give up. You will never dislodge Israel and you have lost any goodwill that did exist in the hearts of the compassionate Jewish people. Chew on that, chica.
........DACON9   (01.31.10)
HOW MUCH DID THE ARABS PAY YOU TO BRAINWASH THE JEWISH READER THIS IS PROPAGANDA.... BY the ISRAELIS POLITICIANS TOO, IF TRUE,,, TO MAKE IT FOR EASY CONSUMPTION BY THE israeli citizens HOLDING ONTO A '''impossible dream'' OF PEACE. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN PEACE WITH ARABS SINCE THEY WERE CALLED EGYPTIANS.. THATS 4000 YEARS OF arabs murdering JEWS. THE HEBREW PROPHETS wrote all of these events unfortunatly all became true to date. Prophesy are GD OF ISRAELS WARNING TO THE WORLD... if my first born ISRAEL turns from ''ME'' I WILL TURN FROM THEM UNTIL THEY CRY OUT FOR ME AGAIN.. AND MESSAGE TO THE ARABS AND OTHERS GOYEEM, ''IF YOU HARM MY FIRST BORN ISRAEL YOU WILL SUFFER MEASURE FOR MEASURE'' That is a message to the arabs and the xtians, to edom/rome/xtians and to the ishmaleem/arabs. when the ONE GD OF ISRAEL send the messiah only the FEW RIGHTEOUS OF ALL THE NATIONS will see the kingdom of GD. idols jeus falsegods mohameds buddahs etc etc will not be permitted, those that still hold them in their minds will perish forever. SO THIS IS YOUR WARNINGS TO REPENT *BEFORE MASHIACH ARRIVES. ISRAEL IS THE FIRST RELIGION AND THE *ONLY RELIGION THAT THE WORLD HAS WITNESSED ''HIS'' POWER JUDAISM is not a blind faith like islam and xtians. THANKS DACON9
15. The Arabs in the Holy Land.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (01.31.10)
At the beginning of the 20th century, there were practically no Arabs in the Holy Land. Historically, a "Palestinian" people never existed. The English name "Palestinian", to describe the local Arab population, was invented AFTER the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. These Arabs do not even have a native name to describe themselves in their own Arabic language. The Arabs who now claim to be natives of the Holy Land have migrated to Palestine and invaded the land after 1917, from neighboring Arab countries. There is only one possible solution to the "Palestinians" desire for a homeland - let them return to where they came from - to where they lived earlier for hundreds or thousands of years - to their real homeland in their original Arab countries. About historical facts :
16. # 13
Seehell   (01.31.10)
"you have lost any goodwill that did exist in the hearts of the compassionate Jewish people" ur zionist god is the golden calf, took it
zionist forever   (01.31.10)
Bibi is starting to look weaker than even Olmert. He froze building in the Yeshe something than no PM Olmert included has ever done. He is now giving land over to Abbas as some sort of begging bowl gesture to say please Mr Abbas come talk with me, come and give me your demands on how much extra land we can give you. What happened to the strong right wing leader we were all promised before the election, we seem to have elected an appeaser rather than a fighter. Its starting to look more and more like Bibi should be fighting Livni for the leadership of Kadima not the head of Likud. Next election don't vote Likud get the nationalist to unite into a single party and then voters who wanted old Likud not Kadima in new colours have a viable alternative. Next time round lets have a coalition of nationalist, Yisrael Baeitau and if we must have them the religious block. Not even Obama could dictate to a strong nationalist government.
18. to #7
Josh ,   montreal, Canada   (01.31.10)
it is a fact that 1/3rd of the refugee's never even saw an Israeli soldier in 1948, it is also well documented the aid these exiled Arabs had given to the invading armies, making there exile legitimate under any logical view point, Jerusalem was never part of a Palestinian State, it was declared international which was then captured by Jordan for the most part, and this some how, beyond all logic is your argument for why you should have Jerusalem? but look the way i see it is Palestinian Authority makes unrealistic demands for statehood well holding the Palestinian people hostage. ask yourself what you want? statehood or occupation? Palestinians have an opportunity for a viable state with reasonable borders, the only thing preventing this is the Palestinians.
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