Steinitz in US to bring back 'Israeli brains'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.02.10, 14:30
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1. Money talks
Dov ,   London   (02.02.10)
I earn more in a day here than I did in Israel in one month. It is sad to say but money talks. I'm married with 3 children. I cannot live on zionism alone it doesn't help pay the bills. Yes and BTW I was a combat officer in the IDF and did my Miluim every year and paid my taxes. Unfortunately being a Yored is a very easy life. I cannot wait till I can save up enough money to return to Israel but I fear it will be in my retirement.
2. The reason they left is because they were sick
Al   (02.02.10)
and tired of two bit blowhearts peddling crap. IE Governemnt politicos..including theis minister promising anything and everything to anyone. To the Minister: Address the problem of why these people have already left. 1) They have already gotten used to a system that is more efficient then what you have in Israel. 2) Chances are they are enjoying a better quality of life as well. How are you gowing to attract them back? With pompous promises of nothing or with real jobs that pay and that are challenging. Before you go abroad on the taxpayers dime and wine and dine yourself sily, do your homework. Then maybe just maybe you'll be taken seriously.
3. Show me the right money, and I'll come back!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.02.10)
4. I hate to break it to you Dov..but it will never happen
Al   (02.02.10)
America Canada and other places are full of ex Israelis telling themselves all kinds of stories. "Just a year more I'll have enough for this or that." It wont happen as your kids will grow up English and they will lose that Hebrew. (The Holy Grail of Non religious Zionism). Aside from yearly trips to Savta and Saba and the entire gang and the felafel gorge fest, they will seek their lives and fortunes in either the UK or America/Canada. Them the breaks kid..Thats how it works. There are exceptions but very few and far between. If you are giving them a Jewish education, you may have a chance. If you are not and relying on the humous factor alone, you're cooked. The worst part is, you kids may end up with a nice shiksa/shaygast..Wouldnt that be a blast?
5. To Al 4
Dov ,   London   (02.02.10)
Thanks for the optimism. We do speak Hebrew at home. My wife's English sucks! the children go to Jewish schools and to Israeli school on Sunday where they do all the studies in Hebrew. We have Israeli TV at home and live the humous lifestyle as you so eloquently put it. All our friends are Israeli, London is not like America the Israelis are less integrated which I guess is not necessarily a good thing. We travel four times a year to Israel. London is not so far as America. But it's not ideal.
6. Cheap inferior medicine is fine if it's cheap
5th generation ,   Israel   (02.02.10)
With all the bellyaching about colored immigrants taking Israeli jobs that no Israelis want, it is sickening to see the tolerance of inferior cheap doctors squeezing out sabarim and being tolerated just because they are white. Clearly kupot cholim heads get their medical care from private providers.
7. Dov..I didnt want to piss on your parade
Al   (02.02.10)
I hope it works for you. I really do, for after a while your going to realise that living amognst the goyim especially when you age is not a friggin picnic. At an older age you're best amongst your own, You're doing the right thing by sending your kids to Jewish schools. Let just hope you turn it around before your kids will decide for you where you end up living. I hope to hang you didnt sell your appt in Israel. If you did you are screwed wooed and tatooed.
8. Been in South Africa for 25 years
Israeli ,   Jozi, RSA   (02.03.10)
We long to go back to Israel! We visit once a year - but would love to go back for good, but am unable to leave the company i worked so hard to build, not to mention there are 50 South Africans that work for the company, i can not just get up and go through responsibilities. and the quality of life in SA is wonderful, my house is huge, with a pool, driveway built for 20 cars, a maid and a gardner, hey , and its so cheap too - it cost me half the price of my flat in Tel Aviv (Which is very small). But this lifstyle is nothing if you not home. I hate the electric fencing and guarding company. and the fear of being robbed, I hate affirmative action,BEE, and the feeling that being White makes you a racist automatically, and corruption... well the South African Government is THE most corrupt in the west. FACT (only BMW loves our government!) Only when you leave Israel, do you realise how importent She is. Its not just the good Humus, its the radio on the way to work, the comedy shows on TV at night, the Car flag on Yom Ha'atzmut & Siren for our fallen, the beach, the fact that you can borrow suger from next door on friday night, the family, the feeling that it is your home. I do love South Africa, but it will never be our true home here.
9. #1 Money talks
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.03.10)
Dear yored, Your children will marry non-Jews/Jewess in the "Goyland" you are so proud to earn money there. If you still think you are a Jew, please think about your children`s Jewish future. One more thing: We in Israel are able to earn enough money to raise our children as Israelis. How come that you are unable?
10. al, pee on your own parade.
ari ,   tel aviv   (02.03.10)
I was raised in the states, I speak Hebrew, served in the IDF. My parents are isreali and I am not religious My parents came to America to give me and my sisters a better life, I think we were raised pretty well. Obviously your not smart, you must be envious of the scientist this article is about that you are criticizing so much. I rather have the great minds of Israel in America researching a cure for cancer then in Israel making a gun that goes around corners.
11. Yordim
Still in Israel ,   Israel   (02.04.10)
If we spent our money giving decent salaries to Israelis in Israel instead of wasting it on bringing hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish olim, no one would leave here. The Jewish Agency is still looking for more Russians to bring to Israel. For quite a few years, the majority of them have not been Jewish, nor do they want to convert. And another thing: all of the time I hear of yordim's kids marrying non-Jews in the Galut.
12. Jobless academics in Israel
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (02.07.10)
For unemployed academics in Israel it is difficult or even impossible to find employment if they are above 40 years. Nobody cares about them and often they are obliged to take odd jobs. I know personally such cases. Its a shame for the Israeli society.
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