Al-Zahar: Shalit talks have collapsed
Ahiya Raved
Published: 02.02.10, 14:41
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1. staburness can cause that,
ghostq   (02.02.10)
they turn down many including Carter & King of Saudi Arabia. but than again if they were smart they wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.
2. Sooooooo
Chaim ,   Arad   (02.02.10)
Who here didn't know that. Seems like we have been to this movie before. Talk, fail, talk, fail. Guess we didn't give enough land, money, and prisioners away.
3. Good time to demand: Free Shalit without any preconditions!!
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.02.10)
We must all remember: Corporal Gilad Shalit was abducted from Israeli sovereign soil by members of the armed forces of Gaza who penetrated into Israel, having crossed illegally, an international border. The United Nations, the Arab League and the International Committee of the Red Cross should have, from the very first day of this event, demanded of the rulers of Gaza to adhere to proper and legal international mode of behavior. Sadly, none of the three organizations, each one with its own special relationship to Gaza and to humanitarian law has done anything of meaning to secure the release of Gilad Shalit without any preconditions, none! Indeed, to this very day the Red Cross has not managed to see Gilad Shalit even once! It is time people of good will demanded that Gilad is visited regularly by Red Cross personnel, and the UN and the Arab League should be pressured to ensure that if Shalit is not released now, without any preconditions, Gaza and its rulers will pay the price...!!
4. Hey Mr Dagan,what about Shalits mother!
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.02.10)
Maybe that Avi Sasportast mother was crying more than the mother of Shalit. unfortunately, thers is no responsible leaders in "israel"
5. to #4 shalite is alive, sasportas got murdered
ghostq   (02.02.10)
you think like a child, and the responsibility is on Hamas only. they r the one who said no to the Israeli offer.
6. Anyone with half a brain
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.02.10)
could have predicted precisely this outcome. Hamas is never going to give up Shalit. He's their lone bargaining chip. Now we learn, too, that Hamas has clearly been planning devastating terrorist attacks on Israeli oil rigs, and probably on other installations as well. As it is, beaches in the south have been closed and fishermen have not been allowed to earn their living. So why, pray tell, are fuel trucks being allowed to pass through the checkpoint into Gaza? Quid pro quo: Hamas will release Shalit within twenty-four hours, unharmed, and, in turn, Israel will not destroy Hamas. There will be no prisoner releases. The border will be sealed -- nothing allowed in, unless and until Shalit is repatriated. Which, of course, will never happen because Hamas are murderous scum. Then again -- Israel will be doing the world a favor by taking out the trash.
7. To: Eitan at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.02.10)
1. Gaza doesn't have "armed forces." They have terrorist irregulars who cannot claim protection under any international convention. 2. The United Nations could care less. They are pouring money into Gaza hand over fist via UNRWA and conveniently forgetting pretty much all other refugees, which number in the tens of millions -- perhaps more -- on the African continent alone. 3. The International Committee of the Red Cross made an extremely belated and very reluctant effort to visit with Gilad Shalit. Of course, that effort has been hampered by the fact that the Red Cross, internationally, is also affiliated with the Red Crescent, which has no particular humanitarian interest in Israelis, particularly Jewish ones. 4. There are no "people of good will." There is only the IDF and the degree of punishment that can be brought to Gaza until either Hamas is overthrown by civilians in Gaza who are tired of suffering under their autocratic rule, or until Hamas is fully neutralized. As always, Eitan, Israel stands alone.
8. Urge Palestinians to release Shalit
PuntaDiLancia ,   Basel, Switzerland   (02.02.10)
Hamas is playing a dirty game. One should not give Hamas the opportunity to play its game via the media.They'll never release Gideon - not even for 1500 prisoners.But if Israel published a list of 200 criminals and murderers, which could be freed in exchange for Shalit, maybe it could spark the interest of their families. Play the same game as Hamas.Give Palestinian families an incitement to urge the release of Gideon.
9. NO to swap of Shalit for 1000 murderers
Alan ,   SA   (02.02.10)
10. terrorists in Israel
Ilana   (02.02.10)
I wish we could raise awareness andprotest against the wonderful conditions the terrorists get in Israeli prisons. They should recieve no letters, calls or visits. They should not get an academic education and they need to receive adequate but not more nutrition. Let them be thin not fat like KUntar.
11. release
zichron   (02.02.10)
Shalit for the blockade .
12. no. 7
Gilad is in good health. He likes Falafel, Hummus with hot green pepper then tea
13. to #4 - Palestines are very responsible
to 4 Salma Abuldafa ,   IL   (02.02.10)
Palestines are very responsible people they take resposibility for all crimes and kidnappings, suicides and assassinations - no doubt about it
14. Red cross... red on Jewish blood
Time to demand ,   Il   (02.02.10)
UN was never with us- & remember the fraud with tapes a few years before- Red cross was involved as well in another case of kidnaping. No news there
15. BBC America of course blames Israel
Steve From Raleigh   (02.02.10)
On BBC America TV this morning the headline over and over and over was, of course, talks have collapsed and it's Israel's fault.
16. Thank you so much HAMAS. God bless HAMAS
Tall ,   US   (02.02.10)
17. :: Sarah B - #6
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (02.02.10)
You left out the bit where you wanted the IAF to carpet bomb the city/towns/villages/refugee camps filled with innocent men, women and children in Gaza for a day. “Bomb Gaza incessantly for one day – and I do mean punish them” Sarah B. Such is your nature for mass murder but heck what do you care about 0.75m children who would get blown to bits, maimed and made orphans? Trouble is that if the IAF do carpet bomb Gaza to your delight this means that the IDF will have far less innocent civilian to use as human shields to hide behind the next time they mount a ground operation.
18. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.02.10)
First of all, his name is Gilad, not Gideon. Secondly, the Palestinians do not care. You are talking about people who embrace the concept of the shaheed suicide bomber. You are assuming a priori that life has meaning to them. Their presumed "loved one" is getting free room and board, television, conjugal visits and mobile phone use. Reading materials on demand, and heaven knows what else. Maybe if Israel were to make confinement more stringent, prison won't nearly as much fun. Bread and water and solitary confinement might work, but the families might not care. In any event, why do you think it is a particularly good thing to release 200 criminals and murderers into society? Can we send them to Basel? That's what I thought.
19. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.02.10)
Maybe you go post your stupid talkbacks on an Arabic news website.You cold hearted excuse for a woman.
20. to #17 so tell me the siege is only since 2007
ghostq   (02.02.10)
y did hamas shoot rockets in 2001-2007? not the siege maybe it's the setelments oh the pull out was Israel idea and there r no setelmments in Gaza, usually when someone give a hand in peace you don't bite that hand, than what can it be? no idea, especially when they try to aim Israeli schools. go look it up and stop copy past it's kinda boring when you do that.
21. to #19 doesn't matter she likes the concept
ghostq   (02.02.10)
of the shaid so much and I hope the IDF will help her with her goal :)
22. Mr. Groves: Why one can read only hate oozing from between
Avner ,   Qshqelon, Israel   (02.02.10)
the lines of your posts; I mean hatred of Jews, the Jewish state and the liberation movement that brought it about, Zionism? Is it still politically incorrect to be directly and explicitly anti-Semitic? Such sentiments are permitted in the Arab world of course. Wouldn't you feel more at home sending your arrows dipped in anti-Semitic venom from the capital cities of Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or from the capital city of the non-Arab Islamist ruled country of Iran?
23. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.02.10)
You should go out and stock up on tissues. You are going to need them on your one-way trip out of Eretz Israel. We'll distribute sweets to you as you leave.
24. #17 - Matty
Eyal ,   USA   (02.02.10)
There is no such thing as innocent civilians in Gaza? Where did you get that idea? Israel should have punished Hamas BIG, Israel didn't do what it should have done to Hamas and that is to crush every one of them. I don't consider killing terrorists mass murder? I call is relief. When orphans are blown to death, it's because your brothers and sisters don't care for them, they use them as human shields. The best thing for Gaza is, transport all of the people you call civilians and wipe Gaza completely. Unfortunately Shalit may be the sacrifice. Matty, continue being on the wrong side, we will see where death and destruction will get you.
25. This is a colosal failure by Israel
Not getting this soldier back.
26. # 17
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.02.10)
Welcome back Matty. We havent missed you. You should know that it wouldnt take a day to bomb Gaza to kingdom come, just a few hours.
27. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.02.10)
Great humanitarians aswell.Just look at their relief package to Haiti. Wow the Palestinians really outdid Israel on that. Wonderful people the Pallies are.
28. not suprised- what needs to be
Barney ,   USA   (02.02.10)
done is hold all palestinian prisoners under identical conditions of isolation. stop the resort style institutionalization and then seal gaza as they say in america "tighter than dick's hatband". then it is just a waiting game same as it is now. now terrorist with blood released. as for the people of gaza-they got what they asked for and would ask for it again. no sympathy here. let them put pressure on hamas to release galit or provide info on where he is otherwise they are complicit in their guilt
29. Terrorstinians Never Meant Talks To Succeed
emanon ,   USA   (02.02.10)
If they succeeded in freeing Shalit, that would have been one less weapon to use against Israel.
30. #17 Door Matt - Yes we should bomb Gaza
Umm El Kul Naqba   (02.02.10)
The PALs started the terror back in 1920, 1929, and 1936 by hacking Jews to death with axes and knives in a massacre. Under Haj Amin Al Husseini they worked with the Nazi to try to exterminate us. The position of demanding our destruction was formalized under Haj Amin Al Husseini and remains the uncompromising goal of HAMAS in its Charter where it calls for the Destruction of Israel and Death of all Jews/Israelis. I am very proud of my family who served in the Irgun and gave the Arabs back exactly what they gave us. The Arab countries did not accept partition or any other peace plan for co-existance. The pioneered the hijackings of the 70's, Munich massacre in the 80's, Intifada 1 in the 90's, and Intifada 2 in 2000. They are the focal point of the atrocities all over the world from WTC, Pentagon, Bali, Jordan Wedding bombing, Sinai bombings, beheadings of Perle and Berg, Mumbai, and all the terror attacks in Israel including Mikes, Sbarro, Park Hotel, Heb Univ Cafeteria, etc. Then there are 10000 rockets fired at Israeli civilians. When they are not attacking us, they are murdering their own daughters for "Family Honor", killing Fatah and throwing them out of tall buildings, desecrating Holy places, abducting Aid workers, journalists, etc. As for the "innocent civilians", they endorsed Hamas as their leaders and govt. They went to save the Terrorist surrounded by IDF at the Beit Hanoun mosque. They dress their children from infancy in Hamas uniforms and give them assault weapons and depiction of WTC terror attack to play with. They force feed them hatred from the womb to the tomb. THERE IS NOT A SINGLE JUSTIFICATION FOR THEIR MISERABLE EXISTANCE AND THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY ARE GETTING AND MUCH MORE. If they want a fight to the death, then so be it and let's get it over.
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