FM to Berlusconi: Pressure Russia against Iran
Roni Sofer
Published: 02.02.10, 15:15
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1. thank you finally, cause USA the loser can't
ghostq   (02.02.10)
and won't do nothing except sunctions she breaks her self. duh.
2. hands
ale ,   Italia   (02.02.10)
2 choices mr b. .st remain in israel moral country .nd wash your hands you are goim.....and Avigdor Lieberman si a moral hero.
The foreign minister asked Berlusconi to work opposite the Russians in order to prevent the sale of weapons to Iran. This, in light of fear in Israel and the West of a deal between Russia and Iran for the sale of an S-300 advanced anti-aircraft missile system. The supply of such missiles to the Islamic Republic may shift the balance of power in the Middle East and make it harder for Israel or the United States to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. SHALL RUSSIA WAIT INDEFINETLY, FOR ISRAELI OR AND US MILITARY STRIKE ON IRAN, AND NEVER BE ABELE TO DO BUSINESS WITH IT. LATE TIME FOR ISRAEL AND THE US , TO GET THEIR FINGERS OUT OF THEIR ASSES TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IRAN, IS IT NOT ???. Arn.
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