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Rabin Museum: A fascinating history lesson
Sandy Livak-Furmanski
Published: 08.02.10, 15:18
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1. great piece
pumi ,   israel   (02.08.10)
lovely written
2. Ms. Livak-Furmanski, I presume that
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem   (02.08.10)
if you were writing an article about the Begin Heritage center here in Jerusalem you would also be able to write a sentence similar to this one from your text: "Saying that the museum glorifies Rabin would be an understatement." The whole point of having museums for Mr. Begin and Mr. Rabin is to point out that each man was a statesman and that each man achieved a great deal in their life timies. In short their museums are meant to glorify them and to create for all of us a sense of historical perspective from each man's point of view.
3. Museum
pavel ,   us   (02.08.10)
The audio aids in all museums should also be in Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages as Israel seeks to increase tourism and visitors to its facilities. In time more languages should be added
4. Maybe UK will open a Neville Chamberlain Museum next?
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (02.08.10)
5. ah! #4 don't be like that....
after all Mr. Ze'evi will be getting one of these museums soon too! and for good measure you can always visit the "Gush Katif" museum in Jerusalem.
9. only regular visitors to the museum should have the vote
Mentsch   (02.09.10)
the rest of us, including those who have fled abroad from the red diaper doper journos should not be allowed the privilege of participating in the Barak-Peres-Livni-Olmert "democracy". All good people are agreed on this.
10. Very impressive indeed
Shweps   (02.19.10)
Thanks for sharing!
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