Hamas' line of defense
Jonathan Dahohah Halevi
Published: 04.02.10, 11:46
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1. only 10 pages vs 500 pages
ghostq   (02.04.10)
oh dear the ultimate proff fo biast report, just wonder how the WB got in to the report that suppose to be on cast lead, you see what I see, yep personal vandeta 10 pages r like foot note and not something segnificant.
2. Line of defense, SHALOM
M.A   (02.04.10)
Mr. Jonathan Dahohah Halevi, just leave our homes. Go back to where you came from, and big Shalom for you.
3. to #2 he lives where he came from
ghostq   (02.04.10)
he is Israeli he was born in Israel, more than that he is Levy, so show some respect his ancestors gave good publik services in Jerusalem.
4. hamas report
alexi   (02.04.10)
goldstone should comment on hamas report as it is a pack of lies which is par for the course.Of course goldstone said he was scared as a jew when he entered gaza. So maybe his report reflects that as it is packed with lies. Goldstone or remain the coward that you are.
5. how can hamas use
resolution 181 in its defense of "the borders" when they actually refuse to recognize resolution 181????? beats me! relying on this resolution which hamas itself doesn't legally recognize renders their arguments about "borders" nill and void. only a stupid arab terrorist can conflate and muddy up the issue for their defense. one time they don't recognize these borders. at other times when it is convenienet for their arguments, they do recognize. so which is it hamas???? make up your mind. hameed aboughaze, iranian
6. to #5 they r not the only one who got zig zag
ghostq   (02.04.10)
policy. some others also got it people who didn't decide if they want their own country(two state solution) or to make a mutation that doomed to civil war(one state solution for jews and arabs) either way their lake of vision is basically make them more miserable.
7. hamas counter argument
this argument is a bazaar ploy, simply, the way the arab mind ocnducts the sale of their goods in the bazaar market. lies, lies upon lies. if this argument was not such a joke, insane in its logic and downright bizaare, it would be sad indeed and only reflects the mindset of the hamas arab muslim that is so detached from reality. it is not funny. it is truly very sad indeed. what is even more sad is that mr. goldstone will let such a bizzare argument that has nothing to do with reality, pass into the un as a fact rather than a dangerous joke of an investigation. it would be appropriate for mr. goldstone to respond to hamas court, which he himself used as evidence in the war and answer their arguments. however, i do not see this "unbiased" judge lifting one finger to argue against this hamas argument as he so thoroughly did when he went to all newspapers, all over the world, all over the countries to explain the "justification" for his finger pointing at israel only rather than at hamas. sad man indeed. just this present hamas argument makes a terrible joke of goldston's investigation and renders him not only a pawn in hamas hands, but a very very stupid misguided and interest biased individual. his report had nothing to do with justice, war crimes or thorough valuable investigation at all. what it was is a pro hamas paper in fact, which let hamas off the hook....and one can see that hamas can thank this "unbiased" judge for the gift he gave them and for the "exit" he gave them in the international arena. you did you job well, mr. goldsone. indeed very well. so well, that if another judge was to judge your miserably ineffective investigation, YOU, SIR, WOULD BE THROWN OUT OF INTERNATIONAL COURT FOR THE INEFFECTIVE JUDGE THAT YOU LET YOURSELF BECOME IN THIS CASE. the only person i truly feel sorry for is goldstone himself because he, as an individual jew, will have to contend with what he did and how he did it for the rest of his life. no person that did what this so called judge did, can ever face himself in the mirror and still call himself impartial, honest or judicial in the true sense of the world. shameful of him and i can guarantee you this person has a very difficult time sleeping at night because deep inside, he knows exactly what and how he did things. hameed aboughaze, iranian hameed aboughaze, iranian
8. Looking at from their POV
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.04.10)
In a way I can understand why the Arabs hate us. After all we did throw ourselves upon them in the 1940’s and kick out a lot of Palestinians. I think I understand that they hate us not for who we are but rather for what we have done to them.
9. Who really won?
Cameron ,   USA   (02.04.10)
By showing defiance and not surrendering to the Israeli occupation during the war is considered by the Palestinian resistance a victory. In a way this is true as Hamas has only grown stronger since the war.
10. reminds me of a storye
ghostq   (02.04.10)
one of the stories I was told before going asllep was about dav and golyeth, golyeth as a big strong guy with a big sward and dav was little but he had a catapul which he threw at golyeth and killed him. the moral of the storye is that israel is like golyeth, big and strong, and will be ok as long as the pals don’t trow sum thing at israel. they tried to destroy golyeth with boms and guns but trhey couldn’t same with israel.
11. How can we keep it?
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (02.04.10)
The USA will not be able to defend and save Israel if it is threatening the survival of an Arab World regardless of the methods they apply. The Palestinians are the owners of this Arab land and we should at least enter talks about giving it back for a lasting peace.
12. They only hate us more because of the war
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.04.10)
Isn’t it time we look at making peace with the Palestinians? I mean how much longer can we keep them under occupation? We have reduced them to nothing and yet we continue to beat them. The this point such brutality serves no purpose other than to ferment further hatred and violence. If they are willing to give up violence and terror should this not be worth letting them live in peace in the West Bank and Gaza?
13. What did Israel achieve?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.04.10)
Israel declared four goals for its military attack on Gaza, but it achieved none of these goals, on the other hand Hamas fulfilled what it had promised through its fortitude and steadfastness in the face of the Israeli occupation and attacks. We had G-D on our side yet we could not beat a small group like Hamas who are lightly armed with the crudest of weapons.
15. Israel does not want a real war
stude ham   (02.04.10)
Israel created both the Lebanese and Gaza wars for one purpose - to delay attacking Iran and Syria - aside from antagonistic governement announcements from Lieberman Israel does not want a war with Iran or Syria as we all know that Tehran and Damascus will definitely attack TA with missiles should there be an attack on their countries.
Arn ,   SWEDEN   (02.04.10)
17. Hamas claims war-crimes as a right
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.04.10)
They claim that because they are under 'occupation' they can do whatever they want. Heck the General Assembly even passed a resolution supporting that right. Only problem is that it is a war-crime. Specifically FORBIDDEN by the Geneva Convention. Also our embargo on Gaza is LEGAL under the same international law. Our right to self-defense is an international law under the UN Charter. In short we did not commit any war-crimes and everything Hamas did is a war-crime. But they know they own the UN and can do whatever they want
18. goldstone is a fool and this proves it again. un is useless
ralph   (02.04.10)
entity this proves it again. world leftists and so called human rights activities an oxymoron term if ever there was one, are fools who are out of touch with reality. and hamas well what can one say. they have been open and honest with their position from day 1. nobody read or believed what they read except us realists.
19. Impostor #14:
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.04.10)
I am Robert Haymond and, of course, someone has decided to make a fraudulent posting which all regular Readers of Ynet Talkbacks should recognize is not mine.
20. With respect to demographics,
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.04.10)
please read Yoram Ettinger's work (you can google him) for an alternative view of the population question. Incidentally, I never wrote #14. Anyone familiar with my writing style and my general perspective would know that someone thinks I am so important that he/she needs to make up a fraudulent post in my name. I suppose I should take it as a compliment.
21. #12 i am sure you mean well but you are naive and his
ralph   (02.04.10)
history challanged. we offered peace many times. read hamas charter, arab ideology. until they change there will be no peace.
22. sue goldstone !!!! for defamation of Character
rachel ,   usa   (02.04.10)
23. Not only Hamas think like this..
conspiracy theorist ,   Essex, UK   (02.05.10)
Eurabia - the islamised west also think along the same lines. a) Jews are an underclass (as per Islamic and traditional European societies) b) Jews have no rights to self determination (hence no state) c) Jews have no right to self defence. This is exactly what Hamas say, it is exactly what the anti zionist lobby say. It is also what meretz and neturei karta beleive.
24. #8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16
25. wow...
Jeff ,   Philadelphia   (02.05.10)
"Israel violated the Palestinians' right to freely kill Israelis"... interesting legal argument.
26. to 5
muna ,   jerusalem   (02.05.10)
hamas haas no state they are people on their land but israil is a state legaly in un. and world comunity so israil must have borders to other states not to near people in strip in villiges as in west bank .. .one note mr. hameed the policy and the stratigy must have geographical and historical bases and i see you do not know any thing about both ...
27. to 24
maymoon   (02.05.10)
you believes on god becouse of its words and rules .. i think we must read openions or thoughts not names .. and simply ynet can print whatever it want .. it is not about free speech it is about who can do it .... nnowadays the right is the might ....
28. to 6
hanna ,   jerusalem   (02.05.10)
you can walk freely and safe when it is zigzag in openion or words .. but what it will be on the earth .. the wall have zigzag between arab and jew ssetelments the ways to reach the work and the homes is funny and the security is a joke if it is not now it will be then they have it in aboumazen hands a small and weak hands .. i think it will not be so far when the setelments can not stay for lack of security hahaha .. it is about the zigzag on the land it is the obstacles here and there
29. #16 Am, Sweden It is the TERRORISTS WHO ARE LOATHSOME
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.05.10)
NOT iSRAEL. Gazans aren't starving-Haitians are. Sweden is the most loathsome country in Europe. But you will get yours soon as the Muslims take over and your lovely ladies have to wear Burkhas. Gazans are terrorists-repeat after me Gazans are terrorists.
30. Sarah B and her simpleton POV
JPS ,   Efrat   (02.05.10)
Sarah - people like you who try to reduce a complex issue to a simple statement do all of us a disfavor. Not only is a simpleton conclusion like yours wrong, it shows that you're nothing more than a sucker for Palestinian propaganda. Where do Jews come from? Mars? No, we did not originate in northern Russia. No, we are all not refugees from Morocco or Yemen or Persia. Jews come from Israel, remember? Who did the kicking out to whom? The Arabs have a lot to answer for - they helped dig their own hole in the ground, jumped in, and are still shouting "The Jews did this to us". Jews have returned to their homeland where other nations cannot randomly slaughter their Jewish communities on a whim as has been done for the past 2000 years.
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