Barkat says will seal Beit Yehonatan, 200 Arab homes
Ronen Medzini
Published: 03.02.10, 21:05
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1. Promises, promises, promises...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.03.10)
I'll believe when I see it. As if the city hasn't been demolishing Arab houses all along!
2. Start with those that were first constructed illegally.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (02.03.10)
And start soon. The sooner we start demolishing illegal Arab homes the sooner those that want it to be one sided, will ask you to stop.
3. Lefties and NGOs run to the court only for their interests
Where will they run when they discover that the law applies to their brothers as well? To the barricades, with stones and Molotovs?
4. Why only 200?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.03.10)
The Arabs have illegally built thousands of homes in Jerusalem. So why go after only 200?
5. sad, when justice is named "extreme act"
israeli   (02.03.10)
the left is now eating it's own discriminatory tactics. Barakat, you did a great job!
stude ham   (02.04.10)
7. The left hoist on their own petard
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.04.10)
Well, they wanted the rule of law and court orders to be enforced. So why is enforcing demolition orders against illegal ARAB construction likened to settler's "price tag policy"? Proving once again that the left is rife with hypocrisy.
8. Netenyahu must act!
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (02.04.10)
It's time for that spineless waste of time to act! If Barkat's decision is implemented it will start a war!
9. Oh how I weep for Israel.
Rabbi Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.04.10)
When the world sees actions like these spiteful and horrible acts, it is little wonder they consider us barbaric and cruel to those who we trample on.
10. I'd like to see Barkat demolish 200 arab homes......
US Empire ,   NYC, NY   (02.04.10)
he doesnt have the guts to follow through with this threat. The United States will never allow mass destruction of Palestinian homes. So please Barkat shut your dirty mouth. What you are basically doing is declaring war with the Arab world and the US with these comments.
11. Ynet purposely chose a provocative title.
noa ,   israel   (02.04.10)
Shame on you!
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