Assad: Israel pushing region towards war
Roee Nahmias
Published: 03.02.10, 23:59
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1. Says the hero who fuels Hezbollah
Amnon ,   Rehovot, Israel   (02.03.10)
And the Palestinian terrorists.
2. A Sign of Senility is Repeating Yourself Endlessly
disgusted ,   zion   (02.03.10)
over and over again, the same drum beat .. isreal wants war, israel is inflaming the region, israel is provacative. all we hear is Syrians stirring thepot andiciting the region. And then they threatened to attack israeli cities. We ought to once and for all tell these jerks that there will no golan, or west bank or any other concession until theincitement stops and you get real about peace. these liars and cut throats want nothing more to get a treaty they can void. Let Assad rot in damascus.
stude ham   (02.04.10)
4. Agreed
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (02.04.10)
More than that, pushing us into World War III. Once the first nuke is dropped, we are all in BIG trouble.
5. #4 - STFU you moron.
6. #4 jerrold
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.04.10)
'we are all in BIG trouble' Not really , just you ! Better change your last name before your Islamic friends land on the beach. That is if there is any beach left to land on.
7. assad
marcel   (02.04.10)
assad drank anti-israel hate from his mother and was coached by his dad.Even if israel conceded golan, syria's business would not end. They don't want israel around period. Rabin was wrong on golan whatever offer he made as israel cannot afford to repeat 48-67. Besides it is ancient israeli won fairly in war of aggression by syria. hypocritically, assad whose hands drip in blood from hezbollah to hamas to iran to lebanon is the last one to preach to anyone. Again, Olmert should land in jail for the misimpression he gave with all of his concession. To me, he is a traitor to israel and he should be dispatched by the legal system to hell.
8. livni-no
alexi   (02.04.10)
because barak said war could occur does not, does not make israel weaker. livni acts like olmert in that if iran or syria threatens, then someone in israel did something wrong. This is maddening, this shtetl jew relying on prayer and good intentions. No, assume bad intentions and work backward. Now I do not agree with barak one bit in him saying that if there is no peace deal, then war is more likely. This is aveinery, beilin, ben ami, olmert, livni, peres talking, oh my god, syria said there will be war, oh god, hide, hide, take golan, do anything, no war, please, mommy.. Enouight of olmert. If syria wants war, they'll get it. Jews are tired of gas chambers, hitler and ahmadinejad. Jews stand up and no more shots.We don't wish war, but if syria or its proxy hezbollah starts one, they will wish they were never born. We do not need approval from assad or erdogan for our existence. Livni acts like the gutless coward olmert more and more. Soon, she will look like him.
9. We in lebanon got used to circle of threats from various Isr
Sami ,   Lebanon   (02.04.10)
Israeli leaders .Morning on Barak threat with his lovely closed mouth smile, evening with Netanyahu admiring look. Israeli official and Army Generals circle around tours for media time promising the hell for Lebanon. If anybody think the Natenyaho –Liberman coalitions is set up for peace, must be extremely moron or from outer space and just landed by mistake in Israel. At least Lieberman says it openly and frankly . “The Jews have to learn how to live with the from war to war peace situation. Netanyahu though continue his bulls..t peace demagogy .Really when I hear these guys speaking, I feel vomiting from disgust
10. Dear President Assad
Steve from Raleigh   (02.04.10)
Burn in he'll.
11. Peace that never comes.
Brad ,   USA   (02.04.10)
You know what? Israel had more "peace" when they had total control over the Gaza strip, the West Bank, and the Sinai Peninsula, than they have now. That means everybody else in the Middle East had "peace" too, because Israel isn't the one who breaks "peace" accords. Maybe Israel should actually use their muscle on the surrounding countries and assume control over the above mentioned areas again. The "peace" will probably not be total, but there will be more of it, and the arab terrorists will have it also.
12. To Israel: Dont Forget Syria's Circumcisions
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUsA   (02.04.10)
Marcel is right on the mark. Here in the US, some want the US Attorney's who gave legitimacy to interrogation techniques, to be prosecuted, no matter they may have save thousands. Oh these goody goody leftist liberals, appeasers, who are in states of denial. As long as Syria arms and allows smuggling into Lebanon ( now advanced rockets) who the heck are they to talk about Israel? It's obvious, Assad is playing the PR game, demonize Israel whenever possible no matter the truth. And since when do Arab tell the truth/ Syria attacked Israel in 48, 67 (phony reports of Israeli maneuvers), 73 (Yom Kippur War), guerrilla attacks throughout, diversion of the water supply...and now a treaty with Iran. Does the Syrian leader need glasses or have water ( River Jordan) on the brain? To Israel: okay, talk, with no pre-conditions..but remember your history, when Syria emasculated your soldiers.
13. Jerrold Cohen again, that retired
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.04.10)
healthcare worker, son of Holocaust survivors (by his own admission) who wiles away his old age in anti-Israeli rhetoric while self-publishing a tract on "Israeli terrorism", a subject he knows a "good deal" about because he clips all the English newspaper articles. He hates being a Jew and this is how he gains revenge. Unfortunately, as one can see from his occasional posts in Ynet, JPost or Haaretz, or from the excerpted chapter of his book on his website, there is no theoretical underpinning to his opinions, no method of selection of facts, no method of discarding irrelevant or incorrect information, no recourse to research and no means of discussing divergent views in order to come to a reasoned solution. In short, he simply assumes that Israel is always in the wrong no matter the source. Not only is this man disgraceful, he is a petulant fool.
14. In Any case the Golan Highs should remain Israeli!
Ron B. ,   Lod   (02.04.10)
The chances of peace with Syria never existed. At the most Israel could hope for a “Hudna”.The maximum that Israel can aim for is a limited ceasefire or an armistice, taking into consideration that the Arab side will violate it at any time, as the Palestinians have been proving on a daily basis since the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993. That is in the spirit of a “Hudna” as explained at :
15. Yes and it will be another lost by an assad. lol
Go Israel ,   Kick syria's ass   (02.04.10)
16. to #9 Israelis leaders never thretened Lebanon
ghostq   (02.04.10)
they just said if you shoot rockets Israel will have zero tolerance and retaliate, you r not on Israel leaders agenda, you r just full of paranoia with all the imaginary spies. :)
17. Syria Forgets
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (02.04.10)
that in 1967 they attacked Israel. They lost the war and the Golan Heights. End of the story.
19. 17You forget says ALL the land must be returned
lydia ,   Bribane   (02.04.10)
20. to #4 didn't your country droped 2 nukes and killed so many
ghostq   (02.04.10)
innocent japanese on their way to work or school cause you wanted to end the war quickly? :) mmm yeah.
21. Nothing to discuss, Israel OWNS the Golan. Finished.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.04.10)
22. I fear for the future reading writings here.
Rabbi Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.04.10)
I never knew this existed until my daughter showed it to me. You just write normally and if you get a word wrong, it has a spell check feature. It is amazing technology. She also gave me a shortlist of what you call shorthand. On that list is STFU and it is unrepeatable. We must not express ourselves to the world community in this way. Do not reasonable people see this?
23. All the 22 arabs countries ,including Syria signed
George ,   Canada   (02.04.10)
the Saudi peace plan, that offers Israel a full peace with economic and politic relations in exchange to Israeli withdrawal to 1967 border, which is technically from the Golan Height and West Bank .Israel trashed this generous offer and continue its maneuver and deceiving policy hopping will get the peace and territory together in the future when the Arabs will give up and raise the white flag. Even the right of return to millions of Palestinian was somehow agreed for compromise. What you need more? We keep hearing about the painful compromise that Israel is aught to do for peace but nothing really on the ground is changing. The policy of land grapping, territories stealing, house demolishing and olive trees rooting are in its biggest temp since the creation of Israel. The power of settlers (The Israeli Taliban) and the rabbinate in the army is growing day by day imposing their will on any government policy. Israel is transforming from military to military -religious state where the extremist right wing and religious parties have upper hand and earn 80%popularity from the electorates. Personally I don’t think the time is at the Israeli side. 1967 war is the last war Israel to easily win against Arabs.
24. What is a self hating Jew?
Rabbi Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.04.10)
There is no such thing. Anyone who tells you differently simply does not understand what being a Jew is. It is a very easy way to test. Ask a Jew what it takes to be a Jew. And then disagree on degree. And then you shall learn how easy it is to be a self hating Jew.
25. Iran pushing to war, not Israel.
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.04.10)
26. Kindergarten talk
Raptor   (02.04.10)
It was your fault. No it wasn't, you're to blame. You did it. No I didn't, it was you. We all grew up, except the Middle East leaders.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (02.04.10)
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