Dubai may seek Bibi's arrest over Hamas man's assassination
Roee Nahmias
Published: 04.02.10, 23:51
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1. Don't mind the fact that they harbored a murderer...
Cynic ,   USA   (02.05.10)
who was in their country to negotiate the smuggling of weapons to be used to kill Jews.
2. good first step.
sami ,   son of palestine   (02.05.10)
3. unintelligence organization
calm head ,   NY, USA   (02.05.10)
hamas is not an intelligence organization and dubai should rather try to stop the smugling into iran.
4. #1 He was a FREQUENT visitor to organise murder of Israelis
Alan ,   SA   (02.05.10)
where is your proof? where are these agents now? how do you prove they were israelis? where is the evidence? you mean you will manufacture evidence???? this is not evidence that would hold in a court of law...maybe in your sharia court of law, which is not recognized by any western country to be a law at all. the burden of proof is on your hands. do not create a sham proof. show the world real tangible proof. then everyone will believe you. netanyahu doesn't ravel to totaloitarian states like yours. how will you arrest him? who will arrest him? the europeans????? no, no. and no. at the end, your intelligence officials are not equipped to even come close to proving that it was mossad. you arabs simply do not have the brain to do this much less prove it. maybe again, YOU DID THE ASSASSINATION BECAUSE YOU ALSO HATE HAMAS. I DOUBTR YOU'LL EMBARK ON PROVING YOUR OWN GUILT. BEFORE YOU SPEND YOUR PETRO DOLLARS FOR THIS SHAM COURT PROCEEDING, I SUGGEST YOU PAY UP YOUR DEBT AND GET YOUR COUNTRY OUT OF THE ECONOMIC UPHEAVAL IT IS IN RIGHT NOW because financially you are going bankrupt. hameed aboughaze, iranian hameed aboughaze, iranian
6. arrest warrant
marcel   (02.05.10)
If it turns out that the man was killed by a rogue arab group or egypt , will you publically reveal it and issue and arrest warrant for the arabs. You are so gutless, of course you would not do it. You blame it on israel reflexively. Yoiu want to arrest an israeli-we give you ehud Olmert. Take him and do what you want with him. I had a chance to see what Liel's group is doing in regard to israel and syria. He is dreaming beilin style in technicolor. There is no chance of what he proposes to come to reality unless there is straight talk and hard bargaining between israel and syria face to face and unless syria stops its enabling of hezbollah and hamas. Otherwise, Liel's group is another beilin geneva scheme that has no root in reality. israellis want to be a part of a middle east beirut style trading arrangement. But first, you have to eliminate the resistance and terror from your midst-hezbollah, hamas, quaeda which is an internal arab problem primarily. we woould be in favor of sitting down with syria and opening up the balfour mandate with Jordan back on the table to be negotiated between israel, syria, the so called palestinians and jordan.Options to purchase part of northern sinai should also be on the agenda.
7. who cares what the Emirates say
adam ,   scottsdale, USA   (02.05.10)
wherever Hamas/killers hide, they cannot escape justice i would like to see them try to have Netanyahu extradited... hahaha
8. Cant arrest what you don't recognise
Doron Katz ,   Sydney, Australia   (02.05.10)
I see they can arrest a Prime Minister of a country they don't recognise? And what, extradite them to a country that an Israeli isn't allowed to visit?
9. "When he arrived, they surprised him," Nazal said.
soludo   (02.05.10)
Such a deep, sneaky plot!
10. And if it turns out Syrian intelligence was involved?
William ,   Israel   (02.05.10)
Will Dubai extend an arrest warrant for Assad?
11. Sharia law and assassinations.
Rabbi Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.05.10)
It seems strange that those who claim to defend our Israel know so very little about the state. Israel recognizes Sharia law. Simply look to the Sharia Court in Taibeh. Of course information from an Iranian about Israel is probably suspect. But my fellow Israelis seems to have no problem with this person misrepresenting what our Israel really is, so much so that I do not think they really are defenders of our Israel. I believe several here are nefarious people who have another future in mind for Israel, a future that is short, and with little peace. Those that believe we should ignore international law as being irrelevant to our Israel are perhaps the most misguided of all. Of course we must return the Golan Heights. It is not ours. We did not come by it honestly, and the international community holds that our settling it is a direct violation of international law. We must not act like Iran. And we must use truth to defend ourselves, not falsehoods and exaggerations. There is nothing more dangerous.
12. Hisbollah and Hamas are Israeli problems.
Rabbi Cohen ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.05.10)
They are not the problem of anyone else. They would not exist were it not for our actions. We know in our hearts that the right thing to do for peace is to give back the land that we are not entitled to. We can never be at peace with ourselves if we try to hold what is not ours.
13. Again, Israel held to different standards
Sue Liberman ,   Encino, CA   (02.05.10)
I don't get it- London, now Dubai wants to arrest Netanyahu...because of certain crimes??? How come they don't come after Obama or Bush??? ....They just hate Jews, and that is the bottom line..
14. Netanyahu's repsonse to Dubai
music man   (02.05.10)
You say hello, and I say Dubai.... Dubai, Dubai, I don't know why you say hello I say Dubai (Beatles)
15. marcel, you sound like the real PM of Israel!
Persian CAT   (02.05.10)
what are you doing commenting here when you should be at the table arranging for world peace?! BTW, what do you think Israel should do to eliminate the racist terrorists inhabiting its illegal colonies and occupying some of its ministries like the FM? Any ideas?
16. Doesn't Dubai have more important issues?
Danny ,   Vancouver, Canada   (02.05.10)
Like say, serious mental health issues? They gotta be nuts if they think any other country is gonna give up its prime minister for sending assassins to bump off a murderer that they were sheltering.
17. That's so funny, Aljazeera Hamas mouthpiece
Ali ,   KSA   (02.05.10)
First of all who is that UNKNOWN UNNAMED official? As a matter of fact Dubai and the majority 200,000 citizen of the UAE would not like to see a single Hizb/Hamas/Islamic Jihad walk within 10 km from them, cause they just can't afford to see the desert and tents that they turned to cities returned to its original status by some Iranian proxy. As we say ignore the politics it is just for the local consumption. And if that's a real UAE official, I think the message was clear to both Israel and Hamas and Co., Don't try to work behind our back if you are on UAE soil, and that of course include holding meetings with Iranian agents.
18. first you must prove that it was israel
gadi, idf ,   israel   (02.05.10)
u morons!
19. Good...
Marco ,   Spain   (02.05.10)
Arrest warrants are usually issued for criminals.
ABRAHAM ben JACOB ,   CANADA   (02.05.10)
21. Investors Beware: UAE / Dubai is a sanctuary for terrorists
Gabi   (02.05.10)
Money invested in the United Arab Emirates contributes to Islamist terrorism against you! As a self-admitted sanctuary for Islamist terrorists, the decadent opulence of Dubai is a desert mirage that will soon disappear.
22. dubai will say anything to distract from going broke.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.05.10)
They had to borrow 50 BILLION and stop construction to keep the country from bankruptcy. Go ahead, drink your oil, see how it tastes.
23. Dubai need Sherlok holmes or Arsene Lupin
Jojo ,   PRTWASHNY   (02.05.10)
in order to solve this nagging, reoccurring incident - arabs killing arabs..Arabs do what arabs do best: dream, invent, boast. Then , when they wake up, reality sets in, gone is the Mirage. Dubai MAY? seek Bibi's arrest. I think they will have a better chance arresting the Pope. After all, Popes have created ,refined hatred in religion,and, in the "good old days", murder was considered god's justice in the Vatican, spread throughout the world. Lets face it, most world leaders are a bunch of idiots. So who is going to arrest whom?. If god created the world, they are doing a great job in wrecking it ; destroying one country at a time while getting richer and allowing misery to take center stage on every continent. The world is in turmoil. Our leaders blast each other continuously day in, day out; and we like dummies, are becoming dummies. It would have been nice if Assad could keep his big mouth shut, and Lieberman do the same. It would have been nice if Ahmadino could keep his BIG,BAD mouth shut ; same goes for Nasrallah. I am not forgetting the 'new' S. American conquistadores. Of course, Ynet and their competition could have rearranged their headlines into : " Dubai is seeking to apprehend the culprits for this (atrocious) crime ".A bit more humane, less inflammatory. Am I entitled to dream in daytime?
24. Marco, Spain # 19
Jojo ,   PRTWASHNY   (02.05.10)
Just wondering why You are still around?
25. Arrest won't happen but this will be a legal follow up
Sami ,   Lebanon   (02.05.10)
that will be added up to other piles of Israel criminal record, pretty much similar to the case of the Russian /British ex KGB assassination in London, or Meshaal poisoning case in Jordan, kind off ongoing open case that Israel will have to pay it off by a political concession , trade off and compromise.
26. #11 & #12: "Rabbi Cohen" LOL
Abu Humus   (02.05.10)
Oh yes, the famous Rabbi Abdullah Cohen... Your lies are more convincing because they come from a person claiming to be "Rabbi Cohen"! LOL Keep it up, the stupid Westerners are being fooled by your lies!
27. How about arresting Assad and Acnemediocral-lat?
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (02.05.10)
Many arab leaders support islamic terrororganisations financially and logistically.
28. #19 Then issue a warrant for Nasrallah
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.05.10)
Hamas and Hizbollah compete for weapons smuggled from Iran. This was likely a terror on terror dispute. It's become fashionable in the Arab/Muslim world to blame Israel for everything. In this manner, they don't have to think, solve problems or ever really complete an investigation. It's been over two weeks since this terrorist was supposedly killed and obviously Dubai police have no clue who did it.
30. Perhaps a few squadrons of the I.A.F.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.05.10)
flying over dubai may get them to change their minds? Without oil what would they be? Absolutely nothing! They have not contributed a thing to the world. They think their oil wealth will protect them or last forever. Too bad the countries of the west did not invade all these oil rich countries and take over the oil fields years ago. Not too late now.
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