Ban can't judge if Gaza probes are 'credible'
Associated Press
Published: 05.02.10, 07:13
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1. Passing the Buck Ban-ki
Harry ,   USA   (02.05.10)
Now it is up to US, france to vote "no" to sending Israel to ICC. Watch Obama use this to add more pressure on Israel for concessions to PA
2. It doesnt need a rocket scientist...
Marco ,   Spain   (02.05.10)
to know that the Israeli investigation is nothing more than an Israelly-wood production. Common Ban KI Moon, I thought you were smarter than that!
3. The UN can't save lives anywhere, it is worthless.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.05.10)
4. Ban
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (02.05.10)
Being an Israeli and American, I truly don't care what you or the rest of the U.N thinks, your worthless. Your organization can't stop wars, and doesn't really help anyone, all you do is take an anti Israel view.
5. Operation Cast Lead 2 is about ban ki's head!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.05.10)
I hope the next war crimes investigation involve the no.korean army after they finish off ban ki's so.korea. The only trial should have been of olmert and livni for holding back and risking our soldiers' lives. We should have used heavy artillery to destroy parts of gaza and made sure there were enough dead and wounded palis to make sure our enemies will fear to strike us.
6. Globalist bureaucrats, socialists, authoritarians must die
Yaniv ,   Israel   (02.05.10)
"Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men. " Ayn Rand
7. Well at least we know one report it not
Ron ,   Melborne, Australia   (02.05.10)
Ban has a judgement problem. OK what is new - the UN normally shows lack of judgment so not being able to work it out is understandable. While he can't work out if the Israeli or Palestinian reports are credible at least we are safe in the knowledge that the Goldstone Report is not and that it did not meet International standards of inquiry. The UN has long track records of Ethics problems be it food-for-petrol fiasco , the North Korean fiasco, the whistleblower fiasco, the Rawanda fiasco, the Bosnia fiasco, the East Timor Fiasco, the Congo Fiasco , etc, etc ,etc - so Ban can be excused that he can't work things out - it must be the radiation around the UN building.
I SEE WHAT ISRAEL TRYING TO DO, TALK TALK TALK to make world BORED BORED BORED yNET ! YOU ARE SUCH AN ORDINARY NEWS SITE. *** you wanna help ynet ? than make olmert , livni, barak and ashkenazi news . lets talk about their arrest for better tomorrows.
9. #2 Marco
Marco Polo   (02.05.10)
that's make a difference: you still expect from someone to be smarter, but nobody expect from Marco, Spain to be smart.
10. To # 2 - It does take...
James ,   Beer Sheva, israel   (02.05.10)
an ignorant Spanard to sit many miles away and make unintelligent and totally biased asinine comments. Get real!
11. The UN Sec Gen is covering up his Haiti failure!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.05.10)
Ban Ki Moon should be called to account for the disgusting way the UN handled the Haiti earthquake! He is using the Gladstone Report to cover his failings in Haiti. The UN and the USA were so involved in their turf war which resulted in huge delays in providing aid and rescuing people. The people of Haiti did not need Obama's words of self praise and visits by politicans. They needed rescue, medical help, food and water and the UN did everything it could to prevent this from happening. Ban Ki Moon is responsible and should be dismissed and even tried for causing the deaths of thousands who could have been saved!
12. "Expert UN Panel" is that some kind of joke
Wonderer   (02.05.10)
Most of those involved in the Goldstone Report openly called Israels actions war crimes before they investigated, Even signing petitions admitting their opinions. For an Israel newspaper to prop up this facade is harmful to the country. Every time the report is mentioned it should be ridiculed for what it is. A one sided POV from a Council made up of the biggest human rights abusers in the world. I am not denying that Israeli soldiers may have done wrongs as happens in war but you cannot compare Hamas and IDF.
13. If anymore cr@p over this-IL must STOP all "peace process"
Alan ,   SA   (02.05.10)
If UN or Hague start their cr@p-Israel must just vsuspend EVERY activity remotely related to the so called "peace process" .... Its enough rubbish from rubbish!!!
14. Oom-Shmoom and Ban's "equivalence" problem
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.05.10)
United Nations in Hebrew is "Oomot Ha'meuchadot" or "Oom" for short. For years, Israelis derided it as "Oom-Shmoom", and rightly so. Though Ban was originally thought more fair and unbiased toward Israel, it didn't take long for him to "get with the program" and adopt the established UN trope. So he gets a full and detailed analysis from Israel, made by those NOT beholden to the Defense Minister, and another from Hamas which declares "No, we didn't commit war crimes. We were only attacking occupied Palestinian territory." And for Ban, they're deemed equivalent, and he can't say if either meets the GA requirements. And we shouldn't be surprised by the reference to that "expert UN panel" (the HRC assembled Goldstone group), or the TWO references to the casualty disparity already discredited. This is, after all, Associated Press. Where Israel is concerned, they're no better than al' Reuters.
15. ok - we know
Lisa   (02.05.10)
we know the Palestinian report was not fair, not true- and Israel refused to co operate- so the entire report is useless. Both sides need an independent report from a neutral side- Arabs cannot be trusted with a report on Israel, Anti-semites cannot be trusted, Spain cannot be trusted, Switzerland, the French, the Italians, the UN etc for either side.. the US? I wouldn't hold my breath either. So who is left? Who exactly is supposed to do the report? Makes one wonder why the waste of money and time.
16. Why does Marco think Moon is common?
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (02.05.10)
Okay, so it was probably just a slip up in the translation from Farsi... I mean 'Spanish'.
17. Well that's something coming from the UN
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (02.05.10)
UN credibilty went out of the window years ago. These days it is just a cover for tyranical regimes to claim legitmacy whilst condemning democracies for their 'crimes'.
18. #2 - Yeah, facts were never accepted in the UN by Arabs
William ,   Israel   (02.05.10)
Yeah, Israel's response - filled with video and photographic evidence, ballistic evidence, interviews with dozens of IDF soldiers and Gazans, even testimonies of international military experts citing the correct operational tactics of the IDF - is just fluff. The real truth is in the severeal pages given by Hamas which simply stated "he have the right to kill the Jews and they have no right to stop us", in response to the Goldstone report which was admitted to be sourced entirely of Hamas' legal team. How many rocket scientists are there in Spain?
19. Hey James in Beer Sheva@ 10 >>Are you that naive?
James ,   ISRAEL   (02.05.10)
I thought weJews/Israelis had more brains and can discern that the so-called marco < ain't> a spaniard but an Islamist/Arab called perhaps muhammad or ali,or ,or any name you care to give him that suits an Arab/Muslim squatting in Spain. He no spaniard James my chsver.. He is also is an ignorant who loves coming to Ynet to spew venom. Shabat Shalom
20. To Raymond @ 14 >>Gee we were so pleased....
Kate ,   ISRAEL   (02.05.10)
So pleased when "cup" Kofi had retired thinking things will be oh so well having a S.Korean as the chief in the CORRUPT UN? Wrong! No matter who leads or is part of that establishment they are bound by the dictums of the many dictatorships and oil rich Arab members who comprise in the majority . So brothers and sisters take heed: Take no notice of Ban he has to follow the jihadists versus democratic Israel. Everytime I see Ban-ki-Moon I laugh out loud.For I know even before hearing his voice,or reading an article what will emanate from his spurious prouncements and empty rhetoric. Come of it Ban old man.Give up the post some thought you deserved. Oh I know why,it was just to outscore the NORTH. Are/were we fooled? yes it seems so.But not any more.Shame it is,and expectations by scrapping the bottom of the barrel trying to find ONE,JUST ONE! who will have an ounce of integrity to use his position HONESTLY. You Mr.Ban failed just as your predecessors have.
21. To #19 James, ISRAEL
James ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (02.06.10)
HA! Thanks for the eye-opener. My apologies to any offended Europeans. I suppose I was being naive. Maybe a bit thin-skinned also. I do get so tired of my country taking a verbal bashing from around the globe.
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