Report: Al-Mabhouh killers used Irish passports
Published: 05.02.10, 19:51
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31. Didnt He Kill People!
Steven Stein ,   New York New York   (02.06.10)
He Was a terrorist he killed people ok!
32. #14 Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. That one had me laughin for 5 minutes
Tina O'Turner!!!! ,   Ireland   (02.05.10)
33. #22 - Jason, That Is Very Funny - Bravo
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (02.06.10)
34. 16...u quack me up...ur hatred is destroying
35. Israel doesnt mind sacrificing its own citizens...........
American Gangster ,   NYC, NY   (02.06.10)
who in the end will face the brunt of the response by Hamas. I would'nt eat any Sbarros pizza shop or go disco dancing in Tel Aviv if I were an Israeli. In the end Hamas always retaliates somehow, even if they have to use an Israeli Arab to do so. Violence begets violence folks, and picking fights with human bombs aint too smart. Shabbot Shalom.
36. Dubai Headhunters vs Irish Eyes
Jeffrey Brock   (02.06.10)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I am here to serve you an arrest warrant. Would you please follow me to your execution in Dubia. But it is even funnier that those Irish guys have revived the IRA... and turned it on in Dubai. I wish I wasas cool as the Mossad... uh um, I mean Irish Republic Army. Mossad 150 Headhunters - 0
37. This is like the game of CLUE!
USA   (02.06.10)
Nobody gives a $h...t about a dead terrorist
38. Dubai Crap
Brod ,   USA   (02.06.10)
If Dubai knows about these so-called Irish, why didn't they arrest them? These Arab Islamist-Jihadists only know how to blame Israel for their own sins and self-inflicted wounds. And they have the temerity to threaten Israel's PM. Israel should warn Dubai not to play with fire. If Dubai is harboring Islamist-Jihadist terrorists, Western nations should shun doing business in this fantasyland. The fact is Islamist-Jihadists kill each other all the time as they do in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Hamastan, etc.
39. Advert says GUINESS IS GOOD FOR YOU (with exceptions)
Alan ,   SA   (02.06.10)
40. Exterminating vermin is practiced everywhere!
Michael Peterson ,   London - UK   (02.06.10)
Mabhouh was vermin and people get paid to exterminate similar creatures every day. Let's move on and celebrate the cleansing, and hope that people of a similar ilk get exterminated too, and as quickly as possible. Before they spread their disease. Michael
41. Live by the sword, die by it
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.05.10)
42. This is the only reason
Andy ,   Dublin Ireland   (02.06.10)
Im happy to be Irish Baruch Hashem hes dead I hope they get many many more Meir If you want to use my passport please feel free Ill be more than welcome to give you it
43. They came disguiz as Leprechauns from Macys St Patric Parade
Alan ,   SA   (02.06.10)
44. #16 - ah you're back again, and so pitiful!
Michael Peterson ,   London - UK   (02.06.10)
All regular readers know that you are hiding out in England and feel guilty about leaving Israel. You might hate yourself but that's no reason to hate your country. Michael
45. Wipe them out
David ,   New England   (02.06.10)
You can't talk to people who are trying to kill you. The only thing you can do is eliminate them.
46. Allah's wrath, an islamic blessing
Jojo ,   PRTWASHNY   (02.06.10)
As Inspecteur Renault playing opposite boggard in' Casablanca' used to say to his men " round up and arrest the usual suspects ". If,- should it turn out,- would arrest,- a warrant issued,- assumed Israelis. World famed bombastic releases to the press; an arab trait that fits you to a T, Sheik Kalifa bin Zayed al- Nahayan. Who gave you the right to harbor a known assassin, a criminal, an arm smuggler, on the run for many years. Actually, as an accomplice, you should be arrested and put on trial for allowing this vile character to roam free in your kingdom, under your protection, a botched one I might add. Justice has been served, partially. Those who helped him escape for years, should feel our wrath, not the one named above.
47. #22
sm - irish guy   (02.06.10)
and i believe usury is frowned upon there so it couldnt have been israelis who killed him (since were using stereotypes) the herald? ynet is using this as a news source? for those of you who dont know, the herald in ireland is marginally above the national inquirer in america in terms of credibility.
48. # 44
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.06.10)
ooppss, Michael, you mean, Lulu feels guilty about leaving her country in Gaza; dont you ?
49. Let's all raise a pint to that weasel laid out
Cameron ,   USA   (02.06.10)
Faith, it does my Celtic heart good to see that Hamas runt cut short.
50. well well well
Nimrod ,   Baghdad, Iraq   (02.06.10)
looks like the Dubai authorities have to arrest the Irish Prime Minister now, but make sure you dont confuse the two Irelands, one is a Republic , hence the Rep. of Ireland with Dublin as its capital, an independent state and the other is Belfast, Northern Ireland which is still part of the UK, I know arrest the Queen of England now that is a story I want to see in the news, I need a good laugh.
51. 16
Rosie   (02.06.10)
What the hell are YOU doing on ISRARELI website?
52. #35 - that's assuming Israel is guilty
William ,   Israel   (02.06.10)
But apparently it's enough to have an assumption to bring street justice. Nevermind - one thing is very clear. It hasn't been that Hamas didn't want to kill civilians, it's because of the brave Israeli security that Hamas CAN'T commit such war crimes! And thanks to Egypt and their new wall and the intercepting of several arms shipments, Hamas is being pressured even more. Perhaps in 1 million years they will turn into diamonds?
53. Arrest The Arrest...
Roy ,   USA   (02.08.10)
Good luck with that "arrest warrant," Dubai! Willing to bet Israeli nuclear weapons trump Dubai conventional ones...
54. Retaliation
Dan ,   Toronto   (02.13.10)
This is clearly the work of Mossad. Who else would benefit? Also, Israel has never been shy about eliminating its' enemies.
55. idiotic comments
timmy ,   dublin ireland   (02.16.10)
Im suprised at the amount of idiotic comments here. not one of these was irish -fact. Im pretty sure not one person in ireland carries these names, mossad could have done a little more reseach. people seem to be missing a point here. mossad made a balls of this. they have exposed a lot of highly trained valuable agents who will be ieasily dentified as such, will now be certain targets and can no longer assume a decent cover. to send such a large team was stupid. assasinating in this manner needed three ops at most.
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