Arab media: 2 Israeli Navy ships passed through Suez Canal
Roee Nahmias
Published: 06.02.10, 23:27
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1. So it's about to begin?
Michael ,   Canada   (02.07.10)
Israel is gonna have it's wet dream and bomb Iran with the US?
2. If there is any truth its just a bluff
zionist forever   (02.07.10)
There is no way Obama will ever do anything about Iran if it means force and there is certainly no way he would carry out a joint Israeli & US mission. It would be one or the other. If there are any Israeli ships with the 5th fleet its designed for Irans eyes. Its a way of saying look the US is not going to hold Israel back forever or we might carry out a joint operation so for your own sake accept the diplomatic situation. There fact there might be an Israeli warship with the 5th fleet doesn't mean either the US or Israel are preparing to hit Iran.
3. If there anything....
George   (02.07.10)
Israel lern is :do it by yourself. If Israel will wait for Obama Iran will have bomb by then. Imagine Israel wouldnt attack Iraq in 1982 what would have happend.
4. Israel can completely destroy Iran
HERMAN MUNSTER ,   ca   (02.07.10)
Even if Russia should try and intervene, we believe the latter will be totally humiliated themselves. At the right moment, Iran is going to get what they do not believe they are going to receive. Five wars seemingly isn't enough yet to convince these animals that Israel will have their own way. Watch and enjoy!
5. To Michael #1
Brad ,   USA   (02.07.10)
It's much better that Iran getting it's "wet dream" of wiping Israel off the map, and continuing to spread the rotting corpse of islam. Don't you think?
6. Israel's potential demise
Robert ,   Brisbane. Australia   (02.07.10)
"Israel is gonna have it's wet dream and bomb Iran with the US?" If so it will surpass even all the other war crimes committed by Israel. To attack a country that merely wishes to defend itself in the face of daily threats by nuclear armed countries would be an act of extreme cowardice. However, to underestimate Iran's capacity to hit back could be the demise of Israel and the fruition of Ahmadinejad's wishes.
7. How pathetic...
Avi ,   NYC   (02.07.10)
Again "the sources" keep hinting that an Israeli attack is imminent. Israel...what a pathetic entity.
8. #1 Whose wet dream?
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (02.07.10)
I guess you'd rather have the Iranians nuke a Western city, maybe yours, instead. The wet dream is your and you are drowning in it believing that if we make nice with the Iranian Muslims they will love us. Didn't work to well for Obama.
9. Hey a-jad, we've got a surprise for YOU on Feb. 10th!!!
10. No options left,
Leo ,   Belgium   (02.07.10)
11. always for show, never for go
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (02.07.10)
Israel thinks "sending a message" does something regarding its Arab adversaries; it does nothing. When Israel does something they do it with out fanfare. This sending warboats through the Suez is an obvious stunt for the world and Iran to see, but NOTHING will come from it.
12. NO SWEAT AT ALL..................................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.07.10)
Sending 2 missile ships to Persian Gulf is not going to bring about any change in Iran's firm stand so far.These moves are more of a appeasement for relevant authorities and Iran will see to it with NO cause of concern at all.Let few more sailors enjoy basking in the Persian Gulf like the Americans have been doing for several years.Welcome to the Persian Gulf.Are you sure two missile ships will be enough?
13. "Zionist Forever" (#2): Superb
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.07.10)
diplomatic analysis of what is really going on behind the outward maneuvering. I always appreciate it when someone so thoroughly educates me!
14. somali pirates will capture them
arab   (02.07.10)
15. This should not be news.
Roddy Frankel ,   Chicago   (02.07.10)
According to the international treaty signed in 1888 at the Convention in Constantinople between the Ottoman Empire and the major European powers, "The Suez Maritime Canal shall always be free and open, in time of war as in time of peace, to every vessel of commerce or of war, without distinction of flag. Consequently, the High Contracting Parties agree not in any way to interfere with the free use of the Canal, in time of war as in time of peace. The Canal shall never be subjected to the exercise of the right of blockade." Gamal Nasser stated he would uphold the treaty, but then violated it by blocking all Israeli shipping. Hence the wars in '56, '67, and '73. If Egypt violated the treaty today, that would amount to yet another declaration of war against Israel.
16. Not part of anything offensive...all BS
Scott ,   Aussie   (02.07.10)
I see a few morons making stupid noises about whether "two missile boats will be enough" etc... Just let it be pondered for the feebleminded that when the war starts it wont be pretty. ..and two boats wont be enough ..but whatever Iran has wont be enough either...Iran is going to go down
17. oooo...Now we're really scared..They sent in their boats.LOL
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (02.07.10)
We are really shaking in our boots now. LOL. Of course let's not forget after the December deadline,they just want to keep up with their word a bit. LOL. Gee,I wonder were SarahB is,always talking about that December deadline.LOL LOL LOL
18. and this is new?
ghostq   (02.07.10)
only two month ago there was one ship.
19. to #17 you should cause Nato and usa
ghostq   (02.07.10)
forces r at your border. Israel just helping.
20. #12
mahmood, remember that iran has no delivery mechanism for their supposed nuclear bomb in the near future. to make delivery a reality will take many more years on iran's part. also, remember that these two israeli ships have nuclear war head and missiles and a delivery capability iran lacks. two shipe carrying a couple of nuclear heads missiles are plenty enough to obliterate iran, much less their nuclear sites. it's in the delivery capabilities, not in the amount of the ships. the number of israeli ships do not count. you are right there. however, the devastating load they carry counts very very much to iran. should iran retaliate, remember also the iron dome in the medditeranean as well as the broadband antiballistic missile protection israel has in the region. even if iran sends its missiles towards israel, they will all be intercepted by these two protection devices before they make any contact on israeli soil. the iranian missiles will end up evaporating in mid air 12 minutes after take off. the iron dome together with the antiballistic missile devices can shoot down multiple iranian missiles per 12 minutes asap, rendering the iranian attack null, void and ineffective. the only thing iran can respond with is with hizbullah and hamas rockets into israel (a coward (iran) that is afraid to fight on his own always uses his bully brothers (hamas and hizbullah) to fight for it. both of these can be taken care of by a thorough israeli iaf bombing campaign where the land in south lebanon and in gaza will become parking lots and way way more destructive than the second lebanon war or the recent gaza war. syria, of course, will sit on the sidelines because it is pertified of loosing damascus and assad is mortified of loosing his totalitarian seat and regime. the loss for assad that was defeated in three wars will be devastating and completely unseat his regime. the syrians cannot wait to rid themselves of the alwait minority out of the country. rememebr, most syrians are suni, not shia and they most definitely do not love iran. most do not like the alwait minority that oppresses them from time immemorial. they resent it, especially the islamic brotherhood in syria. not getting involved in the war will ensure assad keeps his regime in tact. and this is what is most important to assad. he will use the hizbullah and hamas to do the dirty work for both iran and himself, but won't get involved. this is the way both these countries proxies, who are no match to the israeli iaf. assad learned from history very well. he already lost the golan. he has no desire to loose damascus and his regime on a foolish adventure. iran cannot protect syria, hizbullah and gaza from the israeli attacks. not a chance. israel only used 5% of its military power in both south lebanon and gaza. can you imagine if they are cornered what they will do as a result? do not underestimate israel's resolve here. be very afraid what will happen to innocent people should these terrorist gangs embark on a demonstration of their "obligations" and war against israel for iran's benefit. hameed aboughaze, iranian
21. #1...Exactly who has been threatening who?
Rich ,   USA   (02.07.10)
Your comment merely betrays your ignorance and bias. Has Israel ever threatened to obliterate the Iranian people or called for their mass destruction? Israel will be doing the whole civilized world a great service if they can successfully delay or thwart Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons.
22. besides a couple of tb'ers
Ilana   (02.07.10)
most of you sound really, well, to be frank, really dumb!! Childish, immature etc!!! What a low level.
23. #17
Brian ,   Tel Aviv   (02.07.10)
Who ever laughs last, laughs best, if I were you I'd be more concerned about the blood shed about to take place in your streets, it will be all Iranian on Iranian violence, and very sad and tragic, all in honor of the anniversary of the revolution. Before the revolution our nations were actually quite friendly, you might not be aware of this, since your obviously an idiot. By the way, those boats are on their way to join hundreds of others staging not far from your coasts. Just keep laughing and singing and skipping along blindly to your own self imposed tragic doom, la la la, lolol, dumb ass. While Iran works hard to master technology the rest of us have had for quite some time, they are about to be blind sided by the next generation of war fighting technologies, that no one has seen yet. It will be quite horrible, and quick, it is not something I or any rational being look forward to witnessing, the fact that it hasn't happened yet is because your nation is being given every chance, when the patience of many nations finally runs out, it will be terrible, hopefully there will be a peaceful resolution, or many innocents will die on all sides. One thing is certain though, Iran will be facing the US military, EU battle groups, and maybe Israel, and not stand a snow flakes chance in hell, and even if Israel goes it alone, I assure you, this nation has aces up it's sleeve that would shock the whole world, and I'm not talking nukes, I'm talking technologies so advanced it will look like a sci fi movie. WAR 2.0 is on the way, and will be fought mostly by robots and drones, it will not be good for anyone.
24. Who Let the Dogs Out?
Nour ,   Palestine   (02.07.10)
The answer is nobody. Not even Obama the smooth-talking Eunuch will ever permit such a ridiculous thing to happen. There is no way any Israeli ship will enter the ARABIAN GULF (The reference to Persian Gulf is ridiculous). Saudi and UAE both know that if they allow the dogs to enter the Arabian Gulf, both of their territories, to my own personal chargin, will become testing ground for Iran's latest missile techonology... The Shi'ite insurgency in the Eastern province and Bahrain will also be activated. The Americans will never, never allow oil supplies to come to a halt. They're too busy trying to resucitate their decaying empire.
25. #19 Nato and the US????? I think NOT
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (02.07.10)
Well I believe they should first,and at the very least clean the mess in afghanistan and iraq. Not gonna be a pretty image to open a third front when you are already stuck in two. As for the israelis,it's their choice. We actually want this to end in a conflict. If they are ready for an all out war,then shall be it. If you think we are going to back off like them @#@$@ Arabs,think again. PS: Keep in mind,it was our decision to not continue the destabilization of iraq,otherwise trust me,the Yanks would have had a hell of a hard time over there.
26. #23 You know what your problem is??
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (02.07.10)
You over estimate your capabilities,and under estimate your enemy. In time's of war,the so called technology you talked about wouldn't even have the chance to enter the battlefield. By the way,if israel is so technologically advanced as you put it,why on earth do they fear the islamic regime gaining the S-300's??(don't tell me you can confront them,cuz if you had the power,you wouldn't put all the effort to stop the shipment of those missiles to iran)
27. #6 is a hypocrite, terrorist sympathizer.....
NoPatienceForIdiots ,   USA   (02.07.10)
...and a latent Jew hater. Take a look: "If so it will surpass even all the other war crimes committed by Israel." Wait, what other war crimes? You mean the war crimes where civilians are callously targeted at random? Where schools are attacked? Where hostages are taken? Where innocent bystanders are forced to become human shields for combatants? Those war crimes Robert?? Well, those are standard operating procedures for every single Iranian sponsored terrorist organization throughout the world. Again showing your bias: "To attack a country that merely wishes to defend itself in the face of daily threats by nuclear armed countries..." Wait wait...Daily threats? Such as when your BFF Ahmadinejad repeatedly threatens to annihilate Israel. Or close off the straits of Hormuz to commercial shipping? It is a violation of the original UN charter to threaten another member state Robert. I don't hear a lot of " daily threats" coming from nuclear powers Rob. I do hear a lot about negotiations, which have achieved little and frustrated many. Here's another war crime for your reading pleasure, people like Robert are allowed to breed and express opinions. I'm demanding a UN resolution against you being able to breath! As a side note, it never ceases to amaze me how many anti-Semites read Israeli news sources. But, the more you click the more advertisers pay, so read up ;-)
28. 25
hill 300 ,   iowa city usa   (02.07.10)
25,the reason iran got out of iraq was because they were told if they didn't, thy would be eating cinders while they read what is supposed to pass as a newspaper. our covert forces started doing the same thing they were and they decided to get back on the porch. you guys have such an inflated sense of your capabilities. technologically speaking you just now are doing things we were doing in the 1950s(copying us no less) you cannot deign your own bomb. you have to steal or beg for plans.what weapons have you actually designed and built.also, are you folks alittle concerned with what happend to the two nuclear engineers that went missing? they are not dead ,i hope you know
29. to 26 you don't know
Richard ,   The Hague Holland   (02.07.10)
you don;t know what you are talking about so spare yourself the effect of asking completely irrelevant questions. Just wait and see what will happen with your friend achmedinijad....
30. If you know better - why are you not here?
Vardina   (02.07.10)
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