Arab media: 2 Israeli Navy ships passed through Suez Canal
Roee Nahmias
Published: 06.02.10, 23:27
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61. Mahmood Number 12
Aubrey ,   Atlanta USA   (02.08.10)
One would be enough actually Mahmood - and suntanned sailors are better looking too!
62. George
Jez ,   Toulouse, France   (02.08.10)
I can't imagine, George. What would have happened? Iraq would have anihilated Israel with it's atomic bombs and then conquered the world?
63. Very ignorant discussions
Ariel ,   USA   (02.09.10)
Just have to say reading all of these blogs has demonstrated only one thing; most of you are acting like kids playing war games. My gun is bigger than yours, my military technology is far superior than yours, we are going to beat the s&&&t out of you. Are you people five years old? There is absolutely not a single intelligent conversation in this blog!
64. Ancestors
Steve ,   Montreal Canada   (02.09.10)
The Persian did alot of things before they vanished, you are Iranian. You guys gotta stop pretending your something else.
65. To #60 in answer of your question
Tyra ,   Lebanon, US   (02.11.10)
Israel will destroy Iran with the help of the true God. Read Ezekiel Chapter 38 and 39, just read the Bible and start at the beginning. All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together perfectly as God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac has stated over and over again. My advice to the ARAB World is to get down on your hands and knees and asked for repentence for hating your brothers. Then, maybe there might be a chance.
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