Syrian minister: Lieberman scorned by world
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.02.10, 15:01
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31. syria trying to change the subject
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.07.10)
syria, who harbors the worst terrorists in the world while destabilizing surrounding countries, blames and accuses when someone points out the truth. yet the truth remains, syria: you are guilty.
32. In Quran Bilal is a Black Slave
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (02.07.10)
this Bilal is a slave to the worst that Arabs represent: Liar, Deceiver, Cheater, Murderer, Undemocratic, Corrupt, Wife Beater
Islam wants to rule ,   the world   (02.07.10)
34. Leibaman Stands in His own Shoes
ken ,   Australia   (02.07.10)
Leibaman is the only guy who will direct decisive insults at our enemies , and right into there faces, of course as a jew rightfuly so, he should always criticize the arabs or any oposer of the jewish nation directly to there faces. Asad has been talking offensively for years with extreme vitriole, its about time someone over there told the guy to get lost........, and face his own country with out useing the jews a crotch to stay in power like the rest of the arab nations. They are all pathetic little school boys. Leiberman also needs to tell Asad to understand , he wont be holding any flag of syria in the golan and to stop crying about it. After all who really are the war mongers, Did we attack syria in1967, No I dont think so, and what was the purpose of the syrians attacking the jews, exactly.
35. Lieberman
Harold ,   NY, USA   (02.07.10)
Every week Lieberman utters a funny and problematic story. He acts the same as our Glen Beck and his lies to draw attention.
36. Lieberman has my vote!
ezer   (02.07.10)
For once we have in Lieberman a man with balls who refuses to be pushed around. Those leftists who criticize him should know that it is the Syrians who were first to threaten Israel but that would be denying truth
37. What do you expect from A bouncer of a night club?
Rami Abu Ghalyion ,   Palestine   (02.07.10)
This man is Act like a guard of a night club.he only understands language of force. Mr. Lieberman.its well known that Israel has lost the battle in southern Lebanon,its will known That a small movement from 2000 fighters were able to prevent of 30 thousands soldiers for 33 days from entering only for 3 km! Here,s my advice Mr Lieberman if you look forward for war with Hamas/Hezbollah/Syria/Iran Just do it then you will be remembered In the history of the modern Zionist as the foolish who blew the Zionist project.
38. Lieberman
Alex Schlesinger ,   USA   (02.07.10)
Lieberman, the man became an admirable personality with the help from Syria and the Arab world. You know what ? He deserves it.The understand his language.
39. fateh 110 3 ton missile
mohson   (02.07.10)
this missile has been transferred to hezbollah. I am not barak or beilin or olmert. If this missile destroys an israel city, the country of syria will be targeted and destroyed. We admit that hezbollah uses north korean bunker method so if they stay underground, they cannot be eliminated and will cause some damage to israel. So assad, this is warning. If an israeli city is destroyed as suggested by Moallem, syria will be targeted and destroyed. These missiles if they have been transferred must be returned to your country. Bashir, do not play with fire.Your ace in the deck olmert is no longer in power to help your cause, nor is his accomplise in appeasement livni.
40. thanks syria for clarification now we have authority to stri
ralph   (02.07.10)
strike you for your actions. no more get away free card for syria.
41. Syria encouraging HAMAS and Hezbollah to war
Elly ,   VIenna, Austria   (02.07.10)
Syria is encouraging Hamas and Hezbollah to terrorise Israel. They should pay the consequences.
42. #37 What do you expect from a bloodthirsty dictator?
Hey, Rami, you better look in your own yard, which currently is run by Muslim Megalomaniacs and terrorists who have committed atrocities and Crimes against Humanity. Now, if you want to talk about Syria, we have no problem! Maybe Lieberman was a bouncer, but Assad is just a petty dictator, who has committed political murder in Lebanon and whose family has murdered Sunni Muslim and Druse Syrian citizens in Syria, not to mention fueling and supporting terror worldwide! No wonder that Syria is still on the list of countries who support terror (together with such paradises like Iran, Lybia and Sudan) and Israel is NOT. And no wonder that Assad runs Syria - a terror-supporting countru, and Lieberman does not represent one! So no, we do not expect anything else from Assad, and of course, we don't expect anything less from ignorant, hateful and racist fools like yourself, but to support these pathetic bullies. Now go back to your heaven and think why you don't have a proper education, proper industry or proper economy despite the 90 Billion Euro the PA and Gaza has been receiving over the last 20 years from EU, USA and Arab countries? I'll give you a few hints: maybe because, besides terror and your futile dream of destroying Israel and the Jews, you don't have much to account for. Your leaders are corrupt and don't really care about you, your children or your future. You are full of bravado and proud of your "victories" which only brought you more suffering and despair! If you are so proud of them, then let me wish you many more to come! Now, I prefer our "bouncer" any day, to the monkeys who constantly take you on the road of destruction and backwardness. Have a nice day, and may you have many more victories, EXACTLY like the Yom Kippour, Cast Lead and 2nd Lebanon War!
43. #37 We need a BOUNCER to keep CRIMINALS out of night clubs!
44. Calling for the bombing of Israeli cities, done by
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.07.10)
Syrian foreign minister, is a call to commit acts of war crimes and acts of crimes against humanity. I wonder, does any of the Arab advocates here care to condemn such a call...?? And if not, should I assume that you approve of such acts...??
45. Who let bilal go touring? Golan is Israeli FOREVER!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.07.10)
46. #35 And of course you know what you're talking about!
47. #37 Middle East needs a bouncer to kick Muslim Tyrants out!
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