Right jubilant over Beit Yehonatan order blunder
Ronen Medzini
Published: 08.02.10, 12:18
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1. you hypocrites
Yitzchak Miskin ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.08.10)
Why is it that when leftists and pro-palestinians are arrested, it's a travesty of justice, and when right-wingers and religious jews are arrested, it's always justified. Sounds rascist and undemocratic to me you hypocrites on the left. You are the ones who are rascist and undemocratic. You are rascist against anything that smacks of real judaism and real love of our country.
2. Law and Order
Brandeis ,   USA   (02.08.10)
The parks and green area of Silwan was marked out legally and planned and codified many years ago. . Despite that process squatters illegally built on land set aside for public usage. Those illegal structures need and must be torn down and the green belt, parks and archeological parks developed as they benefit all residents of the city, tourism and has economic and recreational and educational value for all. Seems weird to me that some blatantly ignore basic fact of illegality of private taking of public land. These lands in the public domain will make Jerusalem a more beautiful city as well as for better living environment
3. Illegally squatting on public (State) land
William ,   Israel   (02.08.10)
Isn't this exactly what thousands and thousands of illegal economic migrant Arabs did since 1920s, then they claim it was in their family for generations? For the benefit of ALL citizens, taking of public land (i.e. any land not privately held) must be stopped! That's true democracy, not the bastardized version of the Left which resides rights only for those that agree with the them.
4. What blunder?
Paul ,   Trinidad   (02.08.10)
What blunder? It was a deliberate move by the "honourable" mayor. Sounds like contempt of court to me. Can one be charged with contempt of court is Israel? Apparently not. Judging from talkbacks, contempt of court seems widespread across "the only democracy in the middle east" Democracy and Law go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Bear that in mind as you continue becoming just another middle east theorcracy
5. #4 - You are talking about courts which change judges midcas
Wonderer   (02.08.10)
Sadly this happens in the Israeli supreme court. Judges have been kicked off during cases to put other judges in who support the left wing line so the judgment can be accordingly. This happened in Hebron with a house legally owned by Jews and proven to be also.
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