Yemen's al-Qaeda calls for jihad against Jews, Christians
Published: 08.02.10, 18:43
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1. gee, aren't you glad
Barney ,   USA   (02.08.10)
he was released from guantan instead of being executed
2. Sheri- what a weasel
Lisa   (02.08.10)
Sheri- another one of them-- ? killing your own women and children, stoning women, hanging gays etc- enforcing Sharia law- the most primitive way to impose primitive moral laws- on people. how dare this weasel even open is foul mouth against the West? What does this ape care for women and children? He used them dead or alive- just like his 'brothers' in Ghaza, in Iran, in Lebanon- what a sick bunch of retarded misfits.
3. yeman
frank ,   israel   (02.09.10)
see, war crimes comitted by the US, again, and the world is silent. In his own words, "Shehri said US forces had killed Yemeni women and children with what he termed "espionage planes". and yet, again, the world sits back and does nothing. Innocent women and children being murdered by "espionage planes". Which as we all know are invisible properties that kill mythical people. These are the same Israeli planes and bombs that are killing all those poor pal crippled children and senior citizens that the world DOES claim are war crimes. Funny that our invisible planes kill their mythical people all the time and we are denounced. But when the imiginary equipment of others do exactly the same thing, why do you think that happens???
4. Message of Love and Peace
emanon ,   USA   (02.09.10)
Yes, truly these people represent a religion of peace. Good thing they don't hate us . . .
5. like we didn't heared that before
ghostq   (02.09.10)
we already knows about the jihad.
6. Oh darn, no more kumbuya, no brotherly love. What are the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.09.10)
muslums coming too, after all they call themselves the "religion of peace."
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