Terror victim's friends: Druze will continue to serve Israel
Hagai Einav
Published: 10.02.10, 20:21
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1. Condolences
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.10.10)
Sincere condolences to the family. We are with you.
2. murdered soldier. ,   u.k.   (02.10.10)
I would like to send my condolences to the soldiers parents and family on their sad loss.In addition I am sure those decent law abiding citizens of Israel be they Jew or other faith as well as Jews in the diaspora appreciate the service given in protection of the country of Israel.
3. Wow, my condolence to the family
Eyal ,   USA   (02.10.10)
I want to stress and appreciate this young soldier, who fought to defend the State of Israel.
4. As a famous yelow reporter this is a heart touching story
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (02.10.10)
Druze of Israel deserve to be treated like the Jews, they tied their fate with the fate of Israel
5. Racism
Maybe one day the Druze will be included as a real part of the State of Israel. It may be the Jewish state yet it can't continue to not recognize those that are not Jewish who protect the state, as equal citizens.
6. Against discrimination
Yossef ,   J'lem   (02.10.10)
I am always amazed by druzes. They are a gift for Israel. We jews must support them and act against any discrimination. They must know that a large majority of israeli jews think alike.
7. The Druze are a wonderful people!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.10.10)
Rest in peace, dear brave IDF soldier! You will never be forgotten. My condolences to the family and friends. And thank you so much for your contribution to protect Israel and the Free World. We must never lose our freedom.
8. G-d bless his family...and equality for Druze now!!
William ,   Israel   (02.10.10)
9. An Israeli Soldier killed cannot be a Terror victim
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.10.10)
It is reserved for innocent people not Soldiers IDF soldier is killed by a palestinian Fighter However I just wonder why PA security insist killing IDF soldiers by stabbing as they are already armed with Kalashnikoves supplied by Israel?
10. Condolences to this extraordinary family
steve ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.10.10)
11. So sad
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.10.10)
My condolences to the family.
12. An Arab dressed in Jewish uniform
papajay   (02.10.10)
"Israel is, the Jewish State for the Jewish People" This Arab Village, boy and his family must not have heard this from all the Israeli leaders? all the israeli people. The least you can do is change your names. being Arab in the Jewish state get the point. very sad, very sad indeed. can anyone imagine the opposite? were a Jew settler wearing a Palestinian uniform protecting Palestine? No Jew would, only Arabs would. "3rd tragedy for family" maybe God is trying to tell you something!
13. Condolences and
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (02.10.10)
My condolences to the family of murdered IDF soldier Ihab Khatib. May his memory be for good. To #9--how dare you. An off-duty soldier is killed and you basically say that it is okay. Your morals leave much to be desired! First study and LEARN right from wrong and then post here!
14. Druze are not the only arabs serving the IDF
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (02.10.10)
Many muslim arabs speciall Beduin and many christians do serve in the IDF as well... still like the rest of the non jews, they are discriminated against in every walk of life. May this unapreciated by jews soldier rest in peace
15. May this unapreciated by jews soldier rest in peace
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (02.10.10)
16. As a regular poster I would like to send special condolences
Alan ,   SA   (02.10.10)
to all his dear family . May he rest in peace .
17. When I think of Druze soldiers
Sagi   (02.10.10)
serving our country and defending its citizens I am filled with pride and admiration. When I think of Haredim who do not serve our country and do not defend its citizens I am filled with shame and contempt. When I read of a Druze soldier lost in battle my shame becomes tenfold and my contempt doubled and then trebled again. When I pass a Druze village my thoughts are always of brotherhood. I wish I could say the same about when I am in the vicinity of Mea Shearim or Bnei Brak, alas I can not. RIP dear Ihab and may your family know not more suffering.
18. why a druze arab die for jewish state
turkman ,   istanbol   (02.10.10)
big loss for the man no good life in the nation he was born in no prizes in heaven since will be a conflict which God going to reward him if he is due for reward
19. The murderer will pay for his act, I assume you.
Ariel Lavi ,   Ramat Hasharon   (02.10.10)
20. #12 you are wrong
Yossef ,   J'lem   (02.10.10)
He was an israeli soldier dressed in an israeli uniform and he deserves respect from any israeli citizen. He is an example.
21. Condolences
Len ,   Florida, USA   (02.10.10)
Please send condolences and our prayers to his family. One day we will all learn how to live in peace with each other. We are saddened by his tragic sacrifice. G-d bless this family.
22. # 12 shame on you
Sagi   (02.10.10)
23. Ihab fight for Jewish state!
Roy   (02.10.10)
Isn't it shame on Druz that Jewish treatment them like s.... while Druz defend them against their Arab brotherhood? Druz... be flattered ... Ihab RIH.
24. In Memory of Ihab Khatif !
Jennie ,   USA   (02.10.10)
who gave his life defending his Homeland rest in peace and be united with all the souls of other martyrs, who gave up their lives,defending their land. To papajay: No man, who loves peace and has some brains, would join willingly any of your savage,filthy slautering bandits, who you know will never give up attempting the destruction of the Jewish State.No matter how much land they get. The Druz people live in Israel as a free people enjoying all citizenship rights and duties. And if they choose to be loyal to Israel, there must be a reason. Your idiotic provocative post is as pathetic, as your as you are.Yes, Israel is the State for the Jewish People, that allows arabs to become members of the Government cabinet, having full rights . Do you know any other country in the in the muslim/arab world, that would allow druze of Jews the same rights ?.. ...
25. # 14 Rami
Sagi   (02.10.10)
I have told you before that you are wrong. Druze are not discriminated against and neither are Christian Arabs. I know you are Christian and I know you have served our/your country. The only discrimination faced by Muslim Arabs arises from the fact that every citizen of this country has to watch his back, every day and in every place and this is true for all citizens including Druze and yes Rami, you also. Please do not deny it. I know Nazareth and the lower Galilee and its people and its ways all my life. Get the "chip off your shoulder". Face reality and the truth.
26. #20: Yossef: I wish i was wrong. BUT we both know i'm not
papajay   (02.10.10)
but we both know i am not. IS israel the state of all it's people including the 1.5 mil ARABS?? it hurts to even say it doesnt it. dont you know that israel wants to transfer as many of these Obedient Arabs living in israel today as they can in any deal with the palestinians?
27. So sad
So sorry, so sad! 'Will pray for your family
28. Druz, like Jews, do not mind to change allegiances
observer   (02.10.10)
Druze fought alongside the Jews in 1948 against the Arabs after the partition of Palestine, just as they fought against the Turks and the French to preserve their special identity during centuries of colonial strife. Khatib opted to volunteering in the army after completing his mandatory service.
29. my condolences
Ilana   (02.10.10)
I am so saddened to hear this. Please know that we totally feel no difference between druze Israelis and other Israelis. Not only Druze serve. Not only Jews serve...
30. Misleading title; #25 Do not divide Arabs.
Tony   (02.10.10)
A very misleading title, Druze are not Arabs. Division between Druze and Arabs is as strong as the division between Jews and Arabs, probably even worse. Most Arabs don't even greet Druzim as Druze have always backed Jews since 1948 war and afterwards. #25 Sagi, you are too wrong. Do not even attempt to divide Arabs. Christian and Muslim, all Arabs are discriminated against by Israeli authorities and society. FYI, Azmi Bishara is a Christian Arab, Oscar nominated film crew from Yafo who were recently abused by Israeli police are also Christian Arab. I am a Christian Arab. What I feel is the same as what any other Arab citizen feels regarless of religion.
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