Former British MP Tonge: Probe claims of IDF organ theft in Haiti
Published: 12.02.10, 09:04
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1. BLOOD LIBEL 2010 style
rachel ,   chutz4now, home soon   (02.12.10)
yet again we get kicked in the teeth! damned if we do, damned if we do not. so we do help and we get blood libel! tell me, where were all the arab states trillions of dollars and millions of western trained medics? o yea...lets not go there
2. Yes we harvested Palestinian organs in Haiti
Alice ,   Wonderland   (02.12.10)
and Ilan Ramon Z"L harvested organs in the space shuttle and we sent delegations to harvest Ted Kennedy's organs and John Murtha's organs and we have a team ready on standby to harvest the queen's organs when she dies We are gonna build the biggest organs in the world and create a superman to destroy the world!!!!!!!
3. Probe claims that Jenny Tonge...
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (02.12.10)
...posed in Nazi uniforms - that were exact replicas of the infamous SS outfit - at a private swinger party in Brixton, London. Then we talk...
4. she's at it AGAIN
tiki ,   belgium   (02.12.10)
The 'tonge' of this "baroness" should be 'harvested', so this part of her body can do no harm anymore, for she TALKS like a cheap fishwife. She herself, IS no more than a anti semitic, two faced old cow. Thank you very much.
5. Enough's enough!!!
Andrew M ,   Leeds, UK   (02.12.10)
These rabid anti-Semites like (G-d help us) the British Baroness would never dare say such things against more assertive minorities in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. It's time for Jews to stop being such passive, PC, "good citizens" and start disturbing these people's peace and quiet big time. Otherwise they'll be shipping us off to camps like sheep again and I, for one, don't plan on going without a hell of a fight! Time to wake up and smell the coffee folks!
6. Don't tango with the devil
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (02.12.10)
The video shows others praising the remarkable efforts of the IDF field hospital in Haiti. Mr. T West then accuses the IDF of making money from someone else's misfortune. It is clear that the only 'grave robber' is Mr. T. West and his organization, and anyone else that wishes to invite our valiant IDF to have to defend itself for such a wonderful humanitarian achievement.
7. How many Arab doctors, how many Arab social workers, how...
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.12.10)
...many Arab aid workers, how much oil Arab money could be found in Haiti? None!!! So, instead of being pleased with the aid and assistance Jews provided, from within and without Israel, a new blood libel against Jews is being "innocently" spread. And then people say we see anti-Semitism behind every stone. No, we don't see fake images; we rather see the real thing time and again. Sometimes it is more blunt while other times it comes in the form of anti-Zionism, anti-Israeli policies, anti-Israel, anti-Judaism and out right blood libels that the world has experienced, and especially we Jews, for many hundreds of years. It is the appearance of evil in society and this is how it should be dealt...!!!
8. at it again
Lisa   (02.12.10)
what is it with those sick people? To "empower the black man"- this T. West is a sicko. And the baroness? I am not Jewish, but I find this an affront against all human decency. People who spread filth like this should be put on trial and punished. Why should the Israeli team start an inquiry- it is the idiots who started the rumor. Take them to court. Expose them for what they are, demented anti-semites.
9. Jenny Tonge - Whats needs probing...
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.12.10)
Is her mind Quite quite pathetic and nothing whatsoever to contribute
10. another moron
yonatan ,   haiti   (02.12.10)
11. Cant believe such nonsense
Philip ,   Afula Israel   (02.12.10)
Sounds like she has the "mad cow" disease.
12. absurd
olah from Canada   (02.12.10)
for once i am out of words!!!! don't waist another moment on this absurdity.
13. Probe tonge
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (02.12.10)
I've heard alegations that Tong is an alien from the galaxy M-25 disguised as terrestial. There should be a commision of inquiery to probe her Terrestial status to clear her.
14. what a joke
Ilana   (02.12.10)
they are trying so hard tolook so dumb-and they do look dumb. Very. Oh and J.Tonge stole my cookie. Now she must set about proving that she did not.
15. Another antisemitic British moron.
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (02.12.10)
What did Britain do besides nothing?
16. the lady in waiting ...!
Hercules Poirot ,   UK   (02.12.10)
Jenny tonge, the pride of the British parliament. An inquiry is suggested regarding her giving away her tonge freely without prior approval of her majesty's Govt. while" vacationing " in gaza. Those hamas 'cadres' who have been tonged, should report immediately to the red crescent for a thorough examination. Appointment not required.
17. Baroness Tonge eats her own poopy for breakfast every mornin
Jhan   (02.12.10)
I challenge her to immediately disprove the well-established claim.
18. Harvesting
Uzi ,   Israel   (02.12.10)
You can not even if you wanted to, to harvest dead peoples organs that were under the rubbish for days it must be fresh and alive. It was proven before already when those wonderful peace loving muslims accused Israel of doing so. Lets have an MD comment , please.
19. New Tonge website
Elder ,   Jersey City, US   (02.12.10)
There is a new (satirical) website, TongeLashing, that asks uncomfortable questions about unfounded rumors that Jenny Tonge is a child molester. There is no real proof and I don't think it is true, but she needs to come clean and allow a full investigation.
20. Jenny Tonge
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (02.12.10)
Every time Israel Israel does something and some fool on youtube makers a complete unsubstantiated claim there should be probe? I suggest Jeny tonge should be probed for spreading AIDS to minors.Her source T.West also has a video how it was Israel that enabled the failed Christmas Bomber.Maybe we should investigate that tonge.
21. How she meet her husband
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota USA   (02.12.10)
She met her future husband, Dr Keith Tonge, while dissecting a corpse in 1959[1] lol look it up in wikipedia just put her name in the browser
22. this is amazingly beyond belief
that an individual who has held a british parliament seat can exhibit such low intelligence and proof to the world how insane and idiotic she is maybe we should all ask baroness tonge to take legal counsel and some investigators of good reputation and PROVE HER ALLEGATIONS AND CONDEMNATIONS. AFTER ALL, SHE IS THE ONE THAT BELIEVES THEM AND WE SHOULD ALL SAY... ms. tonge, it is incumbent on you to prove the truth since you are the one who brought it up. why should israel provide an investigation? you should be the one to provide such an investigation using your own tax payer funds. don't you think? after all, since you are so adamant in insisting this allegation be probed, why don;t you investigate it. and at the very end, when you find out that you are nothing but a lunatic deranged hate filled antisemite, please remember to appoligize for defamation of character, libel and intentional malicious rumors. by the way, that gaza newspaper rag that you are a board member for is not a compliment to you and shows you for the imbecile that you truly are. i would gladly pay you a one way ticket to haiti so that you can interview all the patients the israeli hospital and doctors saved. please make sure to bring a stetoscope so that you can secure evidence by listening to their still "existing" heart beats. dellusional antisemite that you are. hameed aboughaze, iranian
23. #18
stop trying to convince a lunatic brit who has nothing better to do that engage in slander libel and perverse anti semitism and 16th century blood libels. she is a martian.
24. Jenny Tonge
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (02.12.10)
Do a google search for Jenny Tonge. You will see where she is coming from. I guess we should investigate the claims of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the claims down through history that the Jews murdered christian children for their blood to make matza and now the claim by the arabs and muslims that we are doing the same to arab and muslim kids. I agree with a #5 - we need to be much more aggressive in combating this blatant anti-semitism. Anti-semitism is alive and well in Europe and in the arab middle east. Wake up people. It can and will happen again if people like Jenny Tonge have their way.
25. :: Eitan - #7 - self-ignorance
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (02.12.10)
“None”? Before you propagate false information based on your ignorance let me recap on what the Arab nations sent in the first week of the disaster. Breakdown: Turkey: $1m, search & rescue teams, medical personnel, 50 tons food/aid/medicine/etc and a field hospital. Jordan: Military field hospital/6 tons of food. Lebanon: 35 tons food/aid/medicine/etc. Bahrain: $1m. Morocco: $1m, 24 tons aid/medicine/etc. Qatar: 50 tons of food/aid/medicine, rescue team etc and a field hospital. UAE: Over 100 tons of food/aid/medicine, medical staff/etc. Kuwait: $1m, 90 tons of food/aid/medicine/etc. These Arab nations may well have sent additional aid since I gathered this information.
26. Where there is smoke, there is fire.
Marco ,   Spain   (02.12.10)
All these accusaions must have merit in them somewhere. An independent investigation is the only way out.
27. if the Palestinians said Israel stole the sun
michael   (02.12.10)
would Tonge call for a special session or just wait for a regular meeting? Moral people of the world need to defend morality not for Israel ' s sake but for societies' sake. If these anarchists & hate mongers continue to abuse and to pervert morality. If verbal irresponsiblity continues the ( glue) morality will become undone and societies will unravel. Morality is to society as the ozone is to the earth. We need to protect both from self centered people.
28. what will haiti survivors say about this modern day blood li
zionist forever   (02.12.10)
Organ harvesting is the 21st century blood libel the way the 19th century blood libel about jews killing christian & muslim children to use their blood in matzah. This comment by this woman, supposedly a respected a British Baroness that an enquiry should be set up is disgusting and unacceptable. Even the arabs & Swedish journalists have accepted that Israels actions in Haiti deserve praise not condemnation. Telling Israel to set up an inquiry to prove innocence is diplomatic language to say Israel did carry out organ harvesting. Israel should demand an official apology. Israel in House of Lords and in the media I also call on all British jews not to vote Liberal Democrat at the next election to make them understand that in the 21st century there is a price to be paid for blood libels.
29. UK Govt should investigate Tonge for ...
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (02.12.10)
Incitement to Racial Hatred.
30. Maybe, when Tonge dies, we could harvest her brain
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (02.12.10)
To see if there are any neurological reasons for a person being a raging anti-semite.
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