Claws bared in fight over shelter for Auschwitz cat
Published: 14.02.10, 07:55
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1. Auschwitz Cat
NYC Girl   (02.14.10)
The Polish government should allow the animal rights people to build a shelter for this poor animal. That way the focus of attention will remain where it belongs...on all of those innocent souls who perished at the hands of the most evil regime in the history of the world. Without the shelter, the cat could end up becoming an object of curiosity in a place where that would be highly inappropriate.
2. wild thing...
mietz ,   europe   (02.14.10)
the cat wouldnt stay there, if she hadnt already found a convenient place to sleep. imo, they can build her a castle, but she wont go there anyways...
3. Too bad survivors don't get the same respect. as a cat.
Mea   (02.14.10)
4. Cat
Moshe ,   NY, EUA   (02.15.10)
Human beings are not better than other animals.
5. how arrogant they want to build on a cemetery
rachel ,   usa   (02.15.10)
how insensitive to the memory of the millions who were savagely murdered ....disgusting people
6. Reincarnation?
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (02.15.10)
It could be that there is a reincarnated soul in the cat, and the person may have been killed in Aushwitz. It is not a good idea to ignore signs from animals. So much cruelty was perpetrated at Aushwitz. Here is a chance to at least do something positive in this accursed place.
7. aliya
rafi ,   israel   (02.15.10)
let her make aliya!
8. Cat Shelter
Bruria   (02.15.10)
Cats are very independent. Chances are this cat would not use a built shelter anyway. Why doesn't someone arrange to place a small cat kennel by the gate for her. Note: it should be placed "higher up". According to SPCA cat experts, they feel more secure when they are on a raised bed (usually eye level or slightly higher).
9. Maybe the cat was the lookout for the thieves?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.15.10)
10. cat at Auschwitz
beruriah ,   cananda   (02.16.10)
Honor the survivors by treating a marginalized creature with respect.
11. I can't believe this aricle is still on your headline news!
Essie Hakohane ,   Plantation, Fl   (02.16.10)
12. would be more in order than leaving her in the cold
a litter box & food ,   inside with staff   (02.16.10)
if they cannot bring themselves to do this then its not hard to see how some things never change ?
13. cat at auschwitz
ghostoflectricity ,   evanston, il, usa   (02.17.10)
She is a silent and stalwart witness to the evil, and a guard against it repeating. She is not in league with the thieves. As a Jew and ailurophile, I say, let For Animals build her a shelter!
14. Let them find a home
Miransky ,   USA   (02.17.10)
What an idiotic controversy. Let the animal rights advocates take the cat and find a home, inside or outside, for it. If they don't want to do that, they should go away and leave the cat, which seems to be content, alone.
15. hard for me to believe this to be possible
can we love others ,   if pets mean nothing   (02.18.10)
crime investigation has shown a direct connection between animal abuse graduating up to human abuse. i for 1 would not desire to have for a friend someone that abuses animals both for the anger it would stress me out with and also realizing that i could be next if nothing was done to stop the offender.
16. Cat shelter
Marilyn ,   USA   (02.18.10)
Maybe it takes a cat to show what's wrong. Sometimes it's possible to become so focused on death that people forget about ideas of life and how to nuture it.
17. domestication is the real abuse
eporue ,   europe   (02.18.10)
if the cat wanted to live with a family, she would have gone to one. she did choose this place to stay. btw, the cat is fat (see youtube).
18. Is the cat anti Semtic?
Jacob ,   Tel Aviv   (02.18.10)
Is the cat anti Semtic? So why they don't want him to live there? What's the problem here.
19. Is the little fellow Jewish?
Shlomo ,   Haifa   (02.19.10)
Is the cat Jewish? Can he claim right of return? There, problem solved. Then the animal rights people don't have to worry about make a little hut for the fellow.
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