Israeli 'assassin': I was never in Mossad
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 16.02.10, 19:09
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1. Melvyn... you can send a "thank you"
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (02.16.10)
card to the Mossad... I'm sure that they will forward it to the appropriate individual(s)/department/agency/bureau.
2. lines blurred
larry starr ,   brockton usa   (02.16.10)
Israeli and usa military fork at the executive levels are so co-mingled that they are virtually indistinguishable and any assets are also Israeli assets. Any expressed critical thoughts about Israeli agression will result in no further career advancement, demotion or removal from service. Maybe the yankees did it, in a rare moment of capability...
3. I do so LOVE a good
Gideon Reader   (02.16.10)
4. told u
the pictures are just conglomerated and have nothing to do with any of those people really behind the case. the arabs just want to appear like they "have everything under control". instead they sit in the darf without a single clue about who the eff is behind the assissination. all they got is bad quality pictures from the video footage... i could easily see all of my friends in those pictures :D haha, too fuuny
5. Good Job dubai police
Rami abu Ghalyion ,   Palestine   (02.16.10)
6. sooner rather than later
m ,   u.k   (02.16.10)
In 1993 a man found 10 forged British Passports in a phone booth in London. Very soon British police traced them back to a Mossad agent who forgot them after making a call.The identity of the guys who used these fake passports will be known sooner rather than later. Now every Intl service in Europe is looking for these guys. No country wants his citizens image tarnished as assassins.
7. It is not me? "victim of identity theft"
Butter   (02.16.10)
Israeli hit squads have used non-Israeli passports in the past, notably in 1997 when agents who bungled an attempt to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Meshal in Jordan entered the country on Canadian passports. One of the agents had a passport bearing the name of a Canadian living in Israel, who later said he was the victim of identity theft. In 2005, Israel apologized to New Zealand after two suspected Mossad agents were sentenced to six months in jail by a court in Auckland that found they had sought to obtain a New Zealand passport illegally.
8. faked passports
Israeli grandmother   (02.16.10)
The UK people are the ones who should be worried. Clearly the assassins or their aides got into computerized data and cherry-picked information. Mr. Mildiner says that his name and passport number are correct but not other details. In fact of all this fascinating Arabian Nights story which has made world media - only Mr. Mildiner's words sound like verifiable facts! And for what its worth, I dont think this IS one of Mossad's jobs. Evil men like Al Mabouh always have a whole club of personal foes looking to do them in.
9. worse than shoa situation
observer   (02.16.10)
he is going to be scalded every time he travels abroad, for at the age of 31 he has a capacious life time that can accept numerous scaldings.
10. Larry Starr #2: Do you have evidence
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.16.10)
for your statements about the comingling of resources at the upper echelons of defence, USA and Israel? Do you have personal knowledge? I'm not saying you're wrong but I'd like to know more about this if it's true.
11. #2 - Blurred in your own mind?
William ,   Israel   (02.16.10)
You wouldn't be from the violent suburb of Boston with the same name of Brockton would you? You certainly have an internal bone to pick for whatever reason, but it doesn't seem like it based on more than conspiracy theories. My guess is you just retired and need to vent. Keep in mind, the US co-mingle their capabilities with many armies world wide, including NATO as a group, and Germany, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, UK and others individually. So what?
12. #7, Evidence? Evidence???
Jake   (02.16.10)
Looks like you watch too many movies. If Mossad has the ability to hit its enemies anywhere it wants, it also wouldn't be a problem to invent a ficticious identity for its operatives, without having to resort to some commonplace "identity theft", as though this were some internet scam. Truth is, you haven't a shred of evidence to back up your claims.
13. Meir Dagan is ... the man of the year
thanks   (02.16.10)
14. Next time aught to consider the video tapping
Sami ,   Lebanon   (02.16.10)
The name appearing on the passport is mine and so is the number, but it's not my picture and the birth date is incorrect as well."He also added that at the beginning he thought the picture on the suspect's passport slightly resembles his own, however his wife rejected the idea. Funny……………… All the involved are Israeli with double- citizenship is that a coincidence??Yeah another failure for Mossad . Not good to barrow passports from closets and return hem back without the owner permission. No good no
15. it shows
Khalil ,   Jerusalem   (02.16.10)
that the Mossad is very weak and their operations can be disclosed in less that 24 hours .. what Dubai has is Pictures and this is the most damaging for those real terrorists . Mylvin can cry foul all he wants ,but he is in trouble . wait until Dubai issues a warrant to stop you PM very soon .
16. #6, Do you think James Bond is based on pure fiction?
Jake   (02.16.10)
Why did James Bond take on the identity of Peter Franks in 'Diamonds are Forever'? There is a kernel of truth of truth behind this celebrated British hero, James Bond. He goes where he pleases, strikes where he pleases, kills with inpunity, and is lauded as a savior of humanity...and that's the British way. Don't be a hypocrite.
17. All this because a murdering terrorist got what he deserved!
Gideon   (02.16.10)
18. Oh Sami boy
dan ,   london   (02.16.10)
Failure??? Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is a dead man and the assasins are home dry... probably congratulating themselves and drinking pina coladas by the pool... On a seperate note I would like to commend you for your moderate use of language. Whilst ywholely innacurate you seem to be a reasonable chap. Not what we have come to expect of our cousins Sami boy. Well done. Keep up the good work.
19. Stupid Mistake
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (02.16.10)
Using real Olim's passport details ruins the chance to deny the operation in the future, and puts Olim in danger if they ever travel abroad.
20. Sami and Khalil: You give Arabs a bad
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.16.10)
name because your posts are so factually ignorant. It's not that the Mossad is always perfect but it does have a certain elegance about it in terms of its operational functioning. In other words, it's not a clumsy organization. So why persist in demeaning it? If you had more respect for the power of the Mossad, and, in turn, the state of Israel, your leaders would make better decisions vis a vis the nature of its foreign relations. Your own wishful thinking about the identity of the assassins has really clouded your judgement. I'm not saying that you should "like" the Mossad, the state of Israel or Israeli Jews but it would be wise to respect power. If all the Arab people would do that, as the governments of Jordan and Egypt have done, we wouldn't have to spend so much time and dreadful energy battling with one another. The Mossad is not going to topple and neither will Israel.
21. Mossad, Melvyn, who cares?
Steve ,   Atlanta USA   (02.16.10)
Melvyn, get with it. The important thing is that the terrorist is dead! Melvyn, don't sweat it. Every Jew has to contribute something to Israel. You should be happy to make a contribution to Israel despite the risk. Not being able to travel is a small price to pay for assisting in the survival of the Jewish people. If you look at it as an honor instead of whining, you'll feel a lot better.
22. #6 - And how many UK passports traced back to...
William ,   Israel   (02.16.10)
Russian mafia, Intl criminal syndicates in Central Asia, Chinese criminals, Western govt intelligence agencies, etc? You make it seem like only Israel has an intelligence agency when the entire world is involved in clandestine practices, namely Russia and China!
23. #14 - Why not consider it from a different perspective
William ,   Israel   (02.16.10)
that the passport holders were chosen because of their dual citizenship, in order to frame Israel. Contries are going out of their way to vilify Israel, even on the basis of no proof. You said so yourself a while back when you claimed "the world is against Israel". Surely they must be to go this far.
24. #15 - What Dubai has is fuzzy photos of people in costumes
William ,   Israel   (02.16.10)
Dubai's photos are fuzzy and of people wearing wigs and gloves (hence no fingerprints). Besides the Arab wild imagination, what exactly is here to support an arrest warrant for Netanyahu? Since the Dubai police are quiet about the Hamas/"palestinian" involvement - it seems the real culprits are from your own tribe.
25. #20 , we do respect power.
Sami ,   Lebanon   (02.16.10)
#20 I agree with you for instance. Yes Mossad is an effective organization, but, don’t forget its strength is from outside Israel rather from within. It is from the Jewish diaspora, minorities, alya - called the way you want - that are living abroad almost in every country in the world ,who are for generations ,know well the country, language culture , and occupy well advanced post in many area including government and sensitive jobs with top security clearance .All of them are ready to offer their service for the Mossad when” Israel in need” the cases of America ,Russian Iranian etc …… Jews spies working for Israel are well known. I won’t list. Just I want tell you, Jew never were and will be loyal to any country they live in. This is a Jewish history. They are loyal for Israel and die only for Israel ,although the time will come they will l realize that the whole Israeli story from the beginning is a fiction story, idea , state that will never serve the aim or the Jewish cause that was created for .Yes we do respect power and will make you respect us as well.
26. #14; How is that a failure?
Terrorist is dead, the identities of the agents weren't compromised. Next mission the ones with beard will shave, grow hair, remove glasses, etc... and you won't be able to tell who they are.
27. ownership
Where's is the gov't's ownership in all of this...Just a coincidence that three Israeli citizens have the same names on those passports, if the Israeli gov't isnt guilty of this murder then why arent they protecting these three civilians? They've done this before, and they don't seem to get the hint. These people will forever be tarnished by this internationally, and their gov't will do nothing for them...just like Gilad Shalit they're leaving to rot in Gaza.
28. Well Vacationing In Beatiful Dubai Is Down The Drain
David H ,   Marietta GA   (02.16.10)
Aw, come on, you're among friends! Tell us how you did it! And like the other guy said, the terrorist is dead. Such a tragedy!
29. #21
Sami ,   Lebanon   (02.16.10)
#21 thanks for the advice you giving to Melvyn, my heart is with him , you really calm him down . Maybe you insight us about your contribution to Israel from America.!.
30. Mossad
Ihab ,   Lebanon   (02.16.10)
The assassination is simply the best of achievement for the arab resistant: 1. we understood the barbaric cold blooded Israelis. 2. the revelation of the whole setup which means a failure in secrecy.
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