UK probes fake passports in Hamas killing
Published: 17.02.10, 17:17
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1. He should be proud
carlos   (02.17.10)
He should be thanking whoever killed this despicable murderer instead of sucking up to the Arabs.
2. The Brits can't be trusted
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (02.17.10)
If the Brits blame the Israelis this will be it I say break diplomatic relations with the UK. Arrest some of the UK spies in Israel. The UK is the last country that can lecture the Israelis on Spying they spy all over the world and use other countries passports. Have the British ever seen the any spy movies. I am beginning to believe this was a setup by MI6 against Israel
3. For arguments sake....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.17.10)
Would the Mossad risk using false British passports with names traceable to Israel knowing that a random check by Dubai Immigration with the Home Office could blow the whole operation? Hmmm...I'm still not convinced it's the Mossad
4. dubhai
Ray stuart ,   Switzerland   (02.17.10)
Congratulations to Israel if it was them.. Leave no stone unturned to follow and eliminate these murders Congatulations to head of the Mossad quiet man not in the headlines but restoring Israel intelligence to a level once again to put fear into wrongdoers Christian father of a Jewish family Long live Israel Hope peace will come to all those who wish for ir Arabs and Israels Shaliom Ray
5. Calm it talkbackers. 6 passports is concern for any country
Esther Kellog ,   London   (02.17.10)
Obamastan would also be upset and also want an investigation. Just because the British want to investigate more about how/why/what reason fraudelent illegal passports were obtained is not anti Israel/anti semetic incident as some of you loons are implying. Change the record, its always American talkbackers with this tired old argument if anyone says anything about Israel. PS/ I am Israeli living to my Brit husband. I am glad the terrorist has been taken care of and admire how slick the operation was, but any country would react if their national passports are used at crime scenes, because it raises fear of how many more are out there. It questions all the money used on the new ultra hi-tech biometric passports issued by the UK to help defend immigration concerns. Maybe it was MI6, Mossad, CIA, we will never know, but the second someone says it is Mossad, when it SMELLS and SWEATS of Mossad is NOT anti semetic.
6. Cowardice, distrust and racism
Kal ,   US   (02.17.10)
More than anything this a matter of cowardice and distrust. Why would you use the passports of other nations and put their innocent and peaceful citizens in the media's spectacle and in danger of retaliation? Both of these extreme radical brutal untrusted racist coward faction and entity - Hamas and Israel - should keep their animal behaviours within themselves and their "Isratine" land and leave the rest of us in peace.
7. This was a VALID assination of a murderer who would NEVER
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.17.10)
have been brought to any court. I'm sad I was not in on this, I would have loved to help.
8. Let Them Fear For Their Lives
Moshe ,   Quatorze   (02.17.10)
Assassination with publicity, planned by the Mossad to let every Hamas leader shake in his shoes. This is my take on the situation.
9. Britain give it a rest already. He was a bloody terrorist!
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.17.10)
Although I can understand Britain's concerns with forging its passports, I think they are overreacting, considering the fact that it all this was done for a good cause. A quiet slap on the Israeli ambassador's wrist would have been sufficient. Besides, why haven't we seen the same "full investigation" from the British government, into how a British national evaded the MIA5 and managed to set up a terror cell which ended up blowing Mike's Place in Tel Aviv? How come it is always the terrorists' interests which top Britain's priorities list?
10. UK and the Eurabian intoxication
Brod ,   USA   (02.17.10)
The UK should be focusing its eyes on the Ayatollahs' nuke threat and not be distracted by this Islamist-Jihadist Taqiyya called Dubai Crap. In fact, the West should be hunting for Islamist-Jihadist terrorists wherever they are. Dubai is no exception. Hamas is not a paragon of virtue.
11. Hamas should just retaliate overseas as well...........
Rock/Paper/Scissors ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.17.10)
its only fair. Dubai should arrest the female tennis player currently playing in a tournament there and question her forcefully.
12. #2
Ralph take it the Khaled Meshal affair was a CSIS plot against Israel, and the agents arrested in New Zealand was a New Zealand plot as well, right? The Israeli gov't needs to say something as 11 of it's dual citizens have had their passports stolen, and should be stating something to protect their citizenry...their silence is deafening.
13. This whole thing stinks of a setup against Israel
Jake   (02.17.10)
to high heaven. I'm sorry, I just don't buy this story. Why would the Mossad need to steal the identies of Israeli citizens who are alive and living in Israel to carry out such a hit, when so many people would gladly offer their services and identity to the Mossad of their own free will? Who says that fraudulent information was not given to the Dubai police in order to disgrace and threaten British olim in Israel? Has anyone been to Heathrow Airport and seen how many of their immigration officials are in fact Moslems? The hatred of Israel has reached fever pitch in Britain, and an act of treachery like this is highly feasible.
14. #6, You only have motive. You got no proof.
Jake   (02.17.10)
Innocent till proven guilty. Isn't that what they say in the US? Why not apply it here, hypocrite!
15. Cry Me A River This Arch Terrorist is Dead....
Jae ,   Lynn US   (02.17.10)
Why Mourn This Bastard? Why Resource Investigations on Him? Good Riddance, Job Well Done to Whoever Did This. Maybe The UK Should put Attention to Investigate Terrorists instead of Defenders of Freedom. UK has Become Logically- and Morally- Backward.
16. FYI-Menzies Campbell is ex-Leader of Jenny Tonges LIB DEM
Alan ,   SA   (02.17.10)
Party....So you see all in same "anti"stable. Im NOT sure but I think he reused to fire her after her last "anti" outburst. His Party got rid of him because he is a doddering old Scottish Gentleman.... rambled on till they got rid of him. Lib Dems now have a leader who assures us in the media that he hasnt slept with more than 30 Women... Their other leader Kennedy is an admitted alcoholic.Also Scots man So theres Tonge, Clegg, Campbell for you THEY ALL PROTEST THEY NOT ANYISEMITES . Their modus opperandi is to scoop up disaffected voters from Labour Party -so UK voting Muslims rank high on their target list.
17. BBC News says Taliban inAfgh firing from behind Women&Childr
Alan ,   SA   (02.17.10)
Lets hear what Menzies Campbell says about that
18. Israel must demand inquiry into two MIKES PLACE KILLERS
Just Askin ,   Magadan Oblast   (02.17.10)
19. not a fiction story they get by fraudulence
observer   (02.17.10)
the aim of the Entebbe hijacking was to prevent the development of relations between Arafat and the West. The Entebbe was staged to counter the, then, US-Palestinians approach. By themselves, they have set the stage for the US approaching Hamas. In the released document, the British diplomat went further in his analysis of the event, saying that Israel wanted to poison French opinion with regard to the Palestinian cause, for which the French had traditionally held a certain amount of sympathy. According to his analysis of the situation, Israel wished to make the threat implicit but nevertheless clear that terrorism is something that can happen in Europe just as easily as it happens in the Middle East:
20. Observer -And man never walked on moon.It was filmed in Ariz
21. #20 Bibi!, those who murdered Yoni are Mossad
observer   (02.17.10)
22. #20 filmed in Ariz? Algorithm of Inventive Problems Solving?
observer   (02.17.10)
was the problem really solved?
23. #19 the more I read your laughable pathetic lies
Jake   (02.17.10)
the more I believe this was a false flag operation designed to incriminate Israel. Many Eurabians would jump at the opportunity.
24. #11
Len ,   Florida, USA   (02.17.10)
You are a despicable dangerous dumbass. You should go live in Hamastan. You do not understand the privilege and obligations of living in a free society. You should wish for peace for your children's sake.
25. #12
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (02.17.10)
I will believe it when the UK comes clean about it's defense department funding of Israeli Leftist groups. Believe me The New Zealand Plot was a tactical mistake by the Mossad agents for not getting the New Zealand passport before going there. This situation in Dubai was a setup to embarrass Israel, not that I don't support the assassination I do. I only am saying is Israel would never use her own citizens passports to trace their steps back to Israel. Someone wanted to finger Israel. If Israel did this which I don't think they did they should have either real Briton Identities in Britain or use fake British passports. Both are done by all spy agencies. Britain is creaming the loudest and is very anti Israel this is a real suspect.
nero ,   nyc   (02.17.10)
It would be foohardy of the mossad to use Israeli citizens names on passport, since it will be easily traced to Israel , and expose its citizens. I also cant believe that Mossad will send 19 people to assasinate one unprotected Hamas man.
27. #25
Ralph, The Israeli gov't used a Canadian Jewish passport in their attempt to assassinate Khaled Meshal. They have done this before. The UK gov't is not set out to embarass Israel...get real.
28. Why not take them at their word?
Israeli 2   (02.17.10)
Perhaps it is indeed NOT a Mosad job but a BRITISH intelligence job. Most of the passports are British!!!
29. Everyone should get a fair trial.
SAM ,   ME   (02.17.10)
30. While Hamas has repeatedly accused Mossad-
Norway   (02.17.10)
of masterminding the assassination, rumours are swirling around the Middle East that the operation may have been carried out by a rival Palestinian group. One other theory yesterday was that the attack was carried out by Mr al-Mabhouh's enemies within the Palestinian movement. Dubai police have arrested two Palestinians whom they claim are linked to the case. (Terror of innocent Britons named as assassins: Why choose us, ask men whose identities were stolen by 'Mossad' hit squad, Videos & pics., 17th Feb. 2010). The pal-Arabic Islamic terrororganization Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, has accused Israel of killing Mabhuh, and vowed revenge. Its members have said Mabhuh, who was based in Damascus, was on a visit to Dubai to buy weapons for Hamas's armed wing Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, of which he was a founder.
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