Ancient Arabic inscription found in Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 22.02.10, 08:15
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1. pffffffff so you find writting from Saladin
ghostq   (02.22.10)
conquests, hahaha no ancient just old. go look for the facts he conquered the land around those years. exactly 1100 years ago, and he wasn't arab he was Kurd. so you see this article isn't about ancient discovery just publicity stunt.
2. you said Arab's conquer and Egypt, interesting
ghostq   (02.22.10)
3. where are ours
sa ,   israel   (02.22.10)
i dont understand why cant we found ruins related to us in jeulem??
4. Abbassids are shiites
Nimrod ,   Baghdad, Iraq   (02.22.10)
be careful you are giving Mahmood Nejad of Iran a signal he will interpret it as Jerusalem being a shiite holy shrine and he will want to own it. so I would have destroyed that evidence that it was once under Abbasid rule if i were you.
5. It's a no brainer
Nimrod ,   Baghdad, Iraq   (02.22.10)
Shiite Abbassids used the methods of swords and terror to maintain rule, be careful the Abbassids were shiites the Ummayads were sunni, who killed the relatives of Mohammed, yeah the prophet whatever so thats why shiites hate us, well the Ummayads used persians to kill the relatives so technically speaking shiites did it, anyway Now Iran hasnt forgiven us so they destroy anything that has to do with the Ummayad dynasty in Iraq, if your names are Ummaya, (girls) and for guys( Yezeid, Omar, Moawiya) you can get shot for that. Democracy anyone?
6. yes they did
Nimrod ,   Baghdad, Iraq   (02.22.10)
Arabs come from yemen and the Arabian peninsula, so yes they invaded mesopotamia, the fertile crescent , jerusalem, and into North Africa from Egypt. and yes Salahhuddin was a Kurd, so please Israel stop helping Kurds and dont support anyone who grants them Kirkuk. Kirkuk is better off remaining in Iraq or should I say sunni Iraq after we gain our independence soon from Shiites and Kurds, hopefully we will get a leader that has a brain and we should strengthen military ties with Israel and Turkey, share oil and stand as one against Shiite terror / IRAN.
7. to #6 thank you for the info, Iran is major problem
ghostq   (02.22.10)
and caused far too many problems even to her neighbors.
8. TO #3 History does not lie
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.22.10)
If you do not know the answer to this time that a disaster:(
9. Nimrod needs a history lesson
Librarian ,   USA   (02.22.10)
The Abbassids were shias?!?! Where the hell did you learn history from, stupidstan?!?! The Abbassids were more brutal to the shias and to the household of the prophet than were the Umayyads!! Almansur killed Alsadeq, Harun Rashid jailed Musa kazim for decades then killed him, his son Calipha Al Maamun killed Ali Rida, etc... Anyway, since you wanna fight along the Israeli's side against "shiite terror", then may God gather you with them on the day of judgement...
10. to #8 it proff arabs conquer Israel :)
ghostq   (02.22.10)
they weren't 1100 years ago in the area. :)
11. Not "ancient" !!!
AJ - Raalte   (02.22.10)
This inscription is NOT ancient, but medieval which fits perfectly with Islam. It also reveals how the Arab conquerors stole the land from the indigenous Jews.
12. Arab Occupation of Israel, North Africa and the Levant: the
jae ,   Lynn US   (02.22.10)
untold story. Instead of roadblocks, its was a sward to your neck. End the Arab occupation of Judea.
13. #1 since when Muslims were race?; ignorant!
observer   (02.22.10)
for your information; neither are Christians race.
14. #13 You Are Example Of The Pot Calling The Kettle Black..LOL
better observer   (02.22.10)
and insane too
15. # 1 -960 C.E.
Richard ,   USA   (02.22.10)
Saladin fought King Richard ['the lionheart"] of England in 12'th Century NOT 960. William the Conqueror [Richard's great grandfather ] & Battle of Hasting taking control of England occurred in 1066.
16.  aksa mosque and rock dom was built
maha ,   jerusalem   (02.22.10)
200 years before abbassi rule and both are full of arabic writing with beutiful hand writing from kuran and there is the name of alkhalifa and the history .. i think the anciant is the paper between the patriarck and omar bin khattab it is the moslem araby .. but before islam there are arabic anciant building
17. Palestinians are not Arabs
SAM ,   ME   (02.22.10)
They speak Arabic
18. to # 3
Mohammed ,   Al Quds   (02.22.10)
This is another proof that you don't belong to Jerusalem, it's pure arabic & islamic 100%.
19. to #13 Muslim r not race, cause Turks r Muslims
ghostq   (02.23.10)
and they r not semetic, Persians rMuslims and not semetic, afganis r Muslims and not semetic, Maleyzians r Muslims and not semetic, Kurds r Muslims and not semetic :) go back and do your homework.
20. to #16 yeah on top of the ruins of the jewish temple
ghostq   (02.23.10)
wonder y Muslim chose that place(cynical) anyway the hebrew inscription under the mosque, the Mufti of jerusalem know it cause it tryed to destroy it in pretence of improving the mosque, he knows underneeth lay the jewish past, even in the tunnels underneeth you can see the roman relics coins and what left of the fire they set on the temple, the Mufti know it and cant do nothing. I saw interview with him he basicaly avoided it, he kept quiet, pluse there is the Tituse arch to varify it, Titus the roman army leader who burned it, wrote "in the year... I burnd the jews temple that located in Jerusalem..." he even order to carve the artifacts he plunder from ther including the Menora).
21. to #18 jerusalem isn't mention in the koran
ghostq   (02.23.10)
22. We Preserve Their History, They DESTROY Ours ! ! !
Eduardo Chacon ,   Ponce, P.R.   (02.23.10)
muslims destroy precious remnants of ancient Jewish history {which predates theirs by thousands of years} in many lands, not just in Israel - while Israeli / Jewish archeologists work hard to preserve theirs. Where is the justice? A recently reported story about 5,000 year old Jewish community history in Iraq displayed the evidence of how muslims there preserve ancient Jewish Torah scrolls, prayer books & other ephemera recently discovered - COVERED UP IN HUMAN FECAL, URINE & OTHER SEWAGE WASTE - ON PURPOSE - IN A BASEMENT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE ! ! ! Does anyone REALLY believe it was just happenstance & was not STAGED that way - FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE HOW MUCH THEY 'RESPECT' US ? ? ?
23. #3, #8, #14, #16, #18. Occupation, Arabs, and Islam.
Jae ,   Lynn USA   (02.23.10)
The largest occupations in modern history includes the areas of the Berber people, black african people, Kurds, Copts, Druze, Assyrian, Jews. The movements responsible for this largestof occupations are the Arabs, and Islam. Aggression and violence was the trademark style of the "religion of piece". You guys need a long look in the mirror. The jewish peoples historical homeland is directly and soley in the land of israel and no other. It is the land promised by Musah, whom you allegedly venerate, to the Jews. You are going against the Koran, which recognizes the truth of history and the jewish people's homeland. Do you prefer a hadith from someone years lafter Mohammed, or Mohammed himself who recognizes the Temple in Jerusalem. Do yu know why its called Makdushe (holy)? Because the 2 jewish temples were built there. Stop eatig the lies of arab nationalism. You have 22 countries already, you have 90% of the oil. yet you still blow each other up, prevent women from looking out of their black sheets and prevent Jewish synagogues and Christian churches from being built. It is all so much hypocrisy coming from your direction. have you no honesty inside of you?
24. #21Jerusalem isn't mentioned in the Torah of Moses even once
observer   (02.23.10)
while there are thousands of Muslim stories about Jerusalem. Have you ever made electronic search for the word in text of the Five Books? The Jews conquered the land in 168 BC and ruled it for 100 years until Palestine was liberated by the Roman general Pompey the Great for they killed and pillaged the natives overmuch. Another 100 years later, there was not a single Jew in Jerusalem. King Herod was as full-blooded Arab as Omar ibn Hattab and as the Mayor of united Jerusalem, Ragheb Nashashibi in 20th century. Jerusalem was the capital of Jews for 100 years (2nd – 1st century BC), and it was the capital of Christian Kingdom for 100 years, and a capital of a Muslim and Christian province for 1900 years, while it was the holy place of pilgrimage for all its history.
25. #23 have YOU no honesty inside of you?
Sultan ,   Jeddah   (02.23.10)
21 out of 22 Arab countries have churches and synagogues. Countries with a large Christian population like Lebanon have hundreds of thousands of churches, while countries with significant Jewish populations like Morocco have hundreds of Synagogues. Your blind reiteration of stereotypes shows your utter ignorance. Only Saudi Arabia has no churches nor synagogues simply because all Saudi Arabians are Muslim.
26. NO:3..Nimrod go back to school
secular beast   (02.23.10)
the Abbasid empire were SUNNI muslims the Fatimid empire of egypt were SHIAT muslims,,,followers of ALI the cousin of prophet!!! muhamad and the third caliph,,,Ali was ordered to be murdered by muhammad third wife AISHA at the well known islamic civil war between SUNNI,S and shiat AT THE BATTLE OF THE CAMEL,and since then the sunni,s and shiat,s hate each other,been like that for 1400 years. jerusalem was conqured by the second caliph OMAR a sunni muslims,,the shiat never been in palestine
27. #19 useful fool!, thank you, you've just stressed my point
observer   (02.23.10)
of course, not all Muslims are Semitic, only Arabs are. By the way more than half of Israel's population are Arab Jews (Mizrahim).
28. #3 because Jerusalem has been always Arab, new world is NEW
29. #18 Mohammed-Arabs OCCUPIED Jerusalem
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.23.10)
There is a whole lot of history before 910CE. Jews have been in Jerusalem for 3000 years. Islam only exists from maybe 650 CE. Glad we finally ousted the ARAB OCCUPIERS WHO STOLE OUR LAND.
30. #25 sultan
SECULAR BEAST   (02.23.10)
man,oh man,,,yathreb,,,al-madina in todays saudi arabia was a jewish strong hold,,,KAAB BEN AL-ASHRAF was one of their leaders,prophet of peace muhamad had him murdered,then he had 900 jewish people murdered from the tribe of BANI QURITHA,then the muslims took their city and enslaved their women,what happened to the other jewish tribes of al-jazeera,like bani nuthayer,al-mustalaq and khaybar,some were killed and the rest were forced out to iraq and yamen,the christians of MECCA,their leader was WARAQA BIN NOFAL the first cousin of khadija ,khadija was the first wife of prophet muhamad,so muhamad married a christian woman,muhamad was 25 years old man at that time and worshipind the idols of mecca,he became a prophet at the age of 40,yes there was churches and jewish tempels in al-jazeera{saudi} at that time ,but muslims burned them to ashes,,,the muslims began to destroy the church of the ressurection,jesus burriel place in jerusalem,so the pope of rome called for the crusade to stop the muslims,from doing so,you are dishonest sultan and not JAE@23
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