Israeli envoys in London, Dublin: No information on Mabhouh hit
Hagit Klaiman
Published: 18.02.10, 14:56
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1. Without hard evidence, why accuse Israel? Why even...
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.18.10)
...insinuating that either Israel or its intelligence agencies have been involved. Is the fact that Israel is the nation-state of a singled out people, the Jewish people, a factor, I wonder...??
2. why
jeff   (02.18.10)
why is no one asking how the dubai goverment allows arms trade and terorsts to roam dubai without lifting a finger? this tells me that they have a hand in teror. this killing will do good to send a message to dubai goverment that it will no longer be tolertated. who needs frends like these if the can allow terorists to roam freely. look this terorist felt so secure in dubai that he didnt even have a body guard. what does this tell us?
3. well of course 'two suits had to meet'
er der   (02.18.10)
protocol, n all that...
4. america gave hit ok
bri ,   phil usa   (02.18.10)
america gave ok so why be concerned?
5. mabhouh's fake passport
Anna ,   Sweden   (02.18.10)
In passing in some media it has been reported that al-mabhouh was travelling with a fake passport. Which country? Why is/has that not been an issue? Not important for Syria/Iran or whoever issued it? Whoever did it, congratulations on a job well done!! Next time you can use my passport.
6. look how much the idiot
ghostq   (02.18.10)
sigh, we all know y USA mark incoming British filghts, cause security got majore holes seriously the Americans knows not to count on them they double check flights from the UK, cause many Muslims come from there, and that is from very reliable source, if they think this is bad, than they r sinking very fast instead of blaming pointlessly Israel in quicksand, fix your security problem, you try to divert your failiur on other country. who killed a terrorist, well they r British, kinda expected.
7. To Britain and Ireland IMAGINE IF!
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.18.10)
What if Iranians use fake American passports to kill someone somewhere and then escaped, What will happen?Perhaps a third world war:(
8. Hypocrit people.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.18.10)
In the first place,I don't believe Israel is involved in that,because that would be not the first time Israel is envolved in tricks and traps used to accuse us. Arabs are cunning people,bent on heavilly hurt Israel and that's not news. Besides,some people are loosing sight in this matter becauseTHAT MAN WAS A DECLARED KILLER,A DECLARED TERRORIST!So,what’s the fuss about his death if a man that had been threating the whole western world was killed?What’s the fuss,specially for a country as UK that has declared WAR TO TERRORISM?? Are these people schysophrenics? If they want an end to terrorism,what are they complaining about??? Anyone who did that ,did a favor to them.Is that so difficult to realize? In another thought,as somebody has already pointed out,only babies would believe in British fairy tales of goodness.People like them,who have their squatting hands in virtually the whole world,provoquing wars and destruction everywhere, for centuries,people like them do not falsify passaports? No,never!(ummm..)
9. No hard evidence
Ken ,   Johannesburg   (02.18.10)
Who ever did the hit could have made it to look like Mossad was behind it. Hamas have rivalry & many enemies.
10. UK's shame
DT ,   TA Israel   (02.18.10)
I am on a shortest as possible visit to the UK because I hate the place . I have a UK passport and am an Israeli. I have utter contempt for the UK in every wayand anytime Israel wants to use my UK passport they are more than welcome !
11. Why are the eurabians worried about a dead terrorist?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.18.10)
Or is he one of their proxies in the eurabian two thousand years of killing Jews? How much help did and do they give the terrorists? How many fake passports did the limey spies use? This was a job that had to be done and we could not count on 007 to do it.
12. Milliband
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.18.10)
Take care, David, Lieberman knows how to bounce
13. to #7 they already do that when they go through
ghostq   (02.18.10)
14. Gordon Brown, you have to be brave like Margaret Thatcher
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.18.10)
In the hope that you know the story of the Palestinian cartoonist( naji al ali) who was assassinated by the Mossad in London:( TO "DAGAN" : IRELAND AND UK AWAITS YOUR APOLOGY AND CONFESSION
15. hypocrites
The UK is gearing up for a new war to steal Argentinian oil to prop-up their failed economy. The UK is involved in a war in Afghanistan where they are massacring freedom fighters who do not threaten any British interest.
16. # 14 Salma from non-existent "Palestine"
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.18.10)
Why would Israel assassinate a cartoonist? What a waste of time, money and other resources. If so he was MUCH more than a cartoonist. You Arabs are the ones who want to assassinate Danish cartoonists and they really ARE just cartoonists.
17. If Brown were as brave as Thacher he would help Israel ..
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (02.18.10)
flatten the terrorist viper nest of Gaza like Thacher did to Argentina in the Falklands
18. Such Hypocrisy
David Masada ,   Orlando, USA   (02.18.10)
So, a terrorist with blood on his hand is in Dubai on a fake passport, the same Dubai is known for facilitating terrorists' passage and funding and the entire world is all bent out of shape about his death? I mean we all know that the UK and Ireland never did anything dirty, right? The MI6 has never used "questionable" techniques, right? Come on!!!!
19. Brits & Irish complaints
RayS ,   USA   (02.18.10)
The Brits & Irish continue to protect Islamic Terrorists. They long have been Arabists and anti-Zionist. Their present attitudes are almost automatic.
20. Irish Pass holders live in IRELAND-Will Ireland be accused?
21. #11 Jason White
Chris   (02.18.10)
Can you name one member of a European Palriament who have waxed lyrical about the death of this individual? The issue is about using forged passports belonging to the United Kingdon, France, Ireland and Germany and the obvious damage that does to the validity of those countries passports and the risk of the citizens using those passports on legitimate business are now placed. Governments spend a lot of money on their passport systems and the need to protect them is self evident. I bet you wouldn't be quite so not bothered if a foreign government used Israeli passports to assassinate someone. They certainly wouldn't get a pat on the back and a well done.
22. another theory
it could have very easily been irish, french and british agents that did this since they ALSO HAD INFORMATION REGARDING THE JEWS HOLDING DUEL PASSPORTS FROM THEIR COUNTRIES, WHO LIVED IN ISRAEL TOO AND KEPT THESE FOREIGN PASSPORTS. ALL THREE COUNTRIES HAD INFORMATION AS TO THESE ISRAELIS LIVING IN ISRAEL. these countries' spymasters could have eliminated this terrorist and put the blame squarily on israeli mossad. it is not as if these three countries didn't have an interest in killing this useless terrorist themselves. this terrorist had in the past operated from within these threee countries to plan many terrorist attacks against their people and interests too. so, do not be so quick to judge the mossad. if mossad was involved it most certainly had help from these three countries spy agencies. or, these spy agencies acted alone without mossad and used their own passport holding citizens' identity living now in israel to cover their tracks nad put tghe blame squarily on israel. A GREAT POSSIBILITY AND THEORY HERE THAT SHOULD NOT BE DISCARDED. IT IS IN FASHION NOW TO BLAME ISRAEL FOR ANYTHING. WHY NOT THIS ACT AS WELL????? hameed aboughaze, iranian
23. Hamas should take its fight abroad as well............
Californication ,   City of Angels, USA   (02.18.10)
then Israel will see the dumbness of their ways. If Jews start showing up dead all around Europe all of the sudden, I bet the assisinations of Palestinians in foreign countries will end. Just my humble opinion.
24. Milliband employs Convicted anti-semites to make his policie
Jack ,   London   (02.18.10)
Mr Milliband did that convicted anti-semite Rowan Laxton,who is still in the employment of the foreign office, dictate your comments????
25. Gee, Chris #21
Sidney ,   USA   (02.18.10)
You mean that all those spy movies are wrong when they show spies who have passports from many countries?
26. dubai has no right to talk or accuse
it is from this country, with its financing of terror cells, terrorists and arms deals that many terrorists got support to carry heinous terror crimes all over the world and in all foreign countries and in israel proper. so, why accuse someone for retaliation???? you supported many terrorist activities in foreign lands and continue to support it and now you raise your eyebrows when terror comes to your country??? how many terrorists you send and financially supported that carried death and destruction through bombings in other foreign countries???? many, dubai. many!!!!! you should be the last one to talk or accuse others of conducting terror activity or assassinations on your soil. you, of all countries, deserve this treatment the most. hameed aboughaze, iranian
27. Maboo sed on Aljazera he disguised hmself as Religious Jew
Alan ,   SA   (02.18.10)
when killing those 2 Soldiers years ago So Tennis players also were in disguise-anyone for tennis?
28. #1Miliband is Jewish himself.
SAM ,   ME   (02.18.10)
So i don't think it is a factor. endangering the security of British citizens is a factor.
29. Is the Foreign Office.Playing to the Arab Audience Once Agai
Roland Seener ,   London England   (02.18.10)
NaieveTy at Foreign Office....The Assasin"s job is to assasinate.The Government concerned will always back him up deny any knoledge of the incident. A Passport is immaterial to carrying out the job.As long as those who wish to hurt members of Israeli Society,there must never be any cheek. turning.A pitty that these sort of people want to kill us.,and the Foreign Office wants to pillory Israel by fuming at a forged Passport (Which Israel might not have produced),If it was the Mosad,I hope he had the worst possibe, agonising death at their hands.But this cannot be confirmed.
30. Milliband is Jew, why are talkbackers calling him antisemite
Israeli in London ,   London   (02.18.10)
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