Israeli Embassy boasts Peer's 'hit on Dubai target'
Hagit Klaiman
Published: 19.02.10, 11:45
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Chaiya ,   Bat Yam   (02.19.10)
A very stupid thing to have done!
2. Thank God she is out, gone too far this time
Al ,   America   (02.19.10)
3. tennis
colin   (02.19.10)
Israel embassy has no rights to be proud of Shacher. Israel does not care or give a damn for any sports but soccer and basketball. All her life in tennis was paid at great cost to her farther and the tennis assosiation. From the Israel education department NIL From the mafal apis NIL From the sports deptments in the government NIL These HYPICRATES CANNOT NOW SAY ANYTHING TO SUPPORT SHACHER Only the small minority of Israel enjoy the pride with Shacher.
4. At the same time that our Ambassador was summoned ....
Roby Buzaglo   (02.19.10)
the Cinese Foreign Office Minister summoned the American Ambassador because the meeting with the Dalai Lama. So? What's the big deal? That the British have lost their humor? We know that. They lost that together with their Empire! And by the way, The Israeli Minister Uzi Landau was also a member of the hitting Squad together with Schachar Peer!
5. she shouldnt have gone
Mohammad ,   Jeruslem   (02.19.10)
i didnt support her tour there, not because she's an israeli in Dubai, but because i just think it was not suitable to go, after the assassination. and now she's putting herself in danger for whatever reason forced her too much to go there. she did play good. and i hope she get back to the country safe, but she shouldnt go there next year
6. proud
Ilana   (02.19.10)
Many of us are very proud of her and we are VERY interested. Stop generalizing-it sounds infantile -"all" of anything is a rare occurance. Using Israel as one unit of homogeny is silly.
7. I'm sure the editors of Ha'aretz believe it
steve from raleigh   (02.19.10)
Don't worry there are enough insane Israelis who want to believe it's true.
8. embass... embass.... embarassment
er der   (02.19.10)
9. I'm proud of her and the mossad.
mati ,   jerusalem   (02.19.10)
Not only are Israelis talented, but they should be feared by war criminals.
10. Stupid and provocative
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (02.19.10)
This is really aragant, stupid and provocative.
11. Sheer arrgonce!
Eric ,   Toronto   (02.19.10)
This message on twitter as well as the blatantly and purposefully negligent style of the operation corroborates that Mossad is indeed behind this "successful" operation. Israel is simply but arrogantly saying to the world: "We can do anything we want, anywhere we want, and boast about it as much as we want, while the world can't do anything to stop us". I am sorry that Israel's leaders have reached such a low point.
12. Ynetnews censored my talkback of the same hit but now
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.19.10)
published it under an official headline It was obviously during Peer airing her miniskirts to Dubai public and killers were doing their job Dubai is number one accomplice in crime How long should I wait to see Sheikh Makhtoum and his government was hanged by Dubai people?
13. I dont see how this is an "embarassment"
ibn yehoudi ,   yerushalayim   (02.19.10)
Of course they were going to be seen--it's a hotel. They were successful also. What does a tennis player have to do with this? why can't she compete? Israel has a right to act like other countries (i.e. defend itself) and yes, even travel to "Arab lands"
14. Sounds Like Old TV Series
emanon ,   USA   (02.19.10)
Remember Robert Culp and Bill Cosby on "I Spy"?
15. To those holier than thou Talkbackers
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.19.10)
According to you in the USA, Canada (particularly holier than than thou), the UK (renowned for their whining and winging abilities) and others Israel is guilty of every disaster that has happened on this planet from the Great Flood to the Haiti earthquake. You have accused, tried and convicted Israel for this "assassination" without any proof and only on the word of the Dubai Police. You might remember that Dubai is a country technically at war with Israel and certainly assists the Muslims and Arabs of this world in their endeavors to destroy Israel and continue with Hitlers plans for the "Final solution of the Jewish problem"! You should remember who killed your people on 9/11, killed your people in Madrid, London, Bali, Kenya and Tanzania and who is killing the British and US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan! Time for you to remember that we here in Israel are constantly under attack and have been in this situation for decades and before the so-called "Occupation". So, whatever happened in Dubai will always be our fault and you know what, we couldn't care a damn. Another terrorist boss is dead and those who did it should get medals from your countries! I hope the Editor doesn't censor this one!
16. Humour!
Anna ,   Sweden   (02.19.10)
LOL Good sense of humour!! :)
17. Undiplomatic, yes. Wrong, no.
Adam ,   UK   (02.19.10)
18. Mossad twit to terrorists: We are coming to a town near you.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.19.10)
19. It wasn't the embassy it was an employee
jason ,   haifa israel   (02.19.10)
An employee put it up as tweets are supposed to be creative and was told by the ambassador to take it off. This story makes it like it was official statement of the embassy.
20. Never Never Admit It, We (US) Dont
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (02.19.10)
This is all ridiculous. Every nation has covert spy operations abroad. Like the US doesn't have spies in Israel, Iran and the Arab world. Oh lets not be so naive. The US never admits to foreigners it's operations..sometimes however, they do get caught. Israel MUST play the same game. If they authorized this assassination, don't admit it. Just say nothing. Also, if the orders orginated a lower levels..just dont' say anything. Let Hamastan and it's population rant and rave. They need no excuses anyway. The bad part: they got caught in the cookie jar. The assassination was a good idea however. Will show the Islamic-thugs that Israelis have a long reach.
21. Go Shahar Peer!! We're so PROUD of YOU!!!
Truth   (02.19.10)
the rest is stupid...who the hell cares? A murderer is dead as he should be...whether Mossad did it or his own gang of Hamas murderers, that he ticked off, is is he...
22. Prosser was NOT summoned -he was INVITED -Not the same thing
Alan ,   SA   (02.19.10)
23. Israeli dark humor - I LOVE IT
William ,   Israel   (02.20.10)
Even when the world is coming down on us, we find a moment to laugh. Absolutely love it!!
24. Perhaps the other way around: Britain
Vardina   (02.20.10)
should explain sheltering Muslim terrorists, permitting them to openly plot and incite against Israel and Jews in every Mosque throughout Britian by consent of Her Majesty's government...
25. I am sick and tired of those who wish
Vardina   (02.20.10)
to force us apologize for every word we say. My answer would be: Screw yourself!
26. israeli dark humor --YOU LOVE IT@ 23
James ,   ISRAEL   (02.20.10)
It is in our genes William. When we cry,we also laugh within our inner selves. I too absolutely love it..
27. To Dav Lev @ 220...let us remind of the USA 's crimes??
James ,   ISRAEL   (02.20.10)
Having read the CIA records a few days ago, the number of people the Americans killed has reached to 6 million without exaggeration. To tink we have to aplogize(even without proof)that it was the Mossad a carried this latest is not only ludicrous but difficult to accept. Even if they did? as you say,and I pointed above all countries have the same system going back for generations. One must remember the British spies working for the russians: i.eHAR (Kim) Philby, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and Anthony Blunt, all of whom betrayed their country to spy for Moscow.
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